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Engineer Electrical

Black Mountain, NC, 28711
April 13, 2016

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Jeffery J. Mize

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I am an experienced Electrical Engineer seeking an Electronics Design engineering position. I have over

15 years of hands on experience, and demonstrated strength in the areas of electrical design. I am a highly knowledgeable engineer in R&D; Analog/Digital Circuit Design; Drive Circuits; Sensors; Solenoids Electro-Mechanical Valves; Regulators; Power Management; Switching Power Supplies; Power Electronics, MOSFET, IGBT’s, Gate Drive Circuits; OrCad Schematic Capture, Pspice Circuit Simulation, Allegro PCB layout. Proficient in diverse backgrounds focusing on project management; failure analysis; reliability; system efficiency; testing; prototyping and troubleshooting to component level. I have a proven track record of achievements that had positively impacted companies. Achievements ranging from safety hazards and mitigating them to increasing system reliability, material management, decreasing Mean Time Between Failures and increasing productivity. My contributions significantly saved the company the cost of stocking excessive parts due to high failure rates, costly down time for repair. I would like to put my talents to work for your company.

Technical Highlights

Experienced Electronics Engineer design-new product development-electronic sensor circuits, solenoids, electro-mechanical devices, regulators-develop and support PLC code for Allen Bradley-logic-tech5500-Design fast switching regulators-buck converters-boost converters-DC-DC converters-DC Power Supplies-H-bridge drive circuits-H-bridge circuit topologies power distribution- OrCad schematic capture-Allegro PCB-Spice model simulations- troubleshoot PC boards to the component level- Prototyped PC boards-extensive experience using electronic lab equipment for test and repair-failure analysis- Microsoft Office Project. High Voltage Converter Modulator material manager.

Personal Profile

Effectively analyzed electrical systems finding innovative and practical solutions to increase efficiency and reliability.

Effectively analyzed system performance identified inefficiencies and mitigating them increasing productivity, reducing

Mean Time Between Failures

Electrical designs of analog/digital circuits, low voltage controllers, high voltage pulsars. Use logic analyzers;

Oscilloscopes; DMM; DVM and other electronic lab equipment for test and repair

Quickly learning new products thru research and development staying abreast of new cutting edge technologies in order

to remain relevant

Quickly adapts to changes within the organization completing my objectives despite increased workloads or critical path

changes that effect deadlines

Mitigated hazards and safety concerns by redesigning safety interlocks boxes and writing troubleshooting procedures to

ensure the safety of employees, promoting a healthy work environment in accordance Department of Energy (DOE)

policies and procedures

Created test procedures that increased efficiencies in troubleshooting formulated plans to reduce down time and increased

system availability


Electronics Design Engineer 12/2012 to 12/2015

T&S Brass and Bronze Works Greenville, SC.

Responsibilities include the development and the design of new electronic sensor products, development of drive circuits for solenoids and electromechanical valves from concept through product life cycle meeting all applicable codes and standards. Implement product improvements in cost, function, and quality. Responsible for the component selection of sensors, solenoids and mechanical valves was well as the overall layout.

Responsible for analog/digital design of electronic sensor circuits, special products and modification.

Responsible for OrCad schematic capture, Allegro PCB for board layout, setting up Spice models for simulations.

Determine design cost effectiveness and justification, meet quality and reliability standards set by the new product development teams. Design experiments and coordinate test set-ups. Develop designs in products as well as process improvements. Create drawings by revise engineering. Manage projects and coordinate with Product Marketing Managers, arrange meetings with suppliers, vendors and all applicable departments.

Electrical Engineer/Project Manager 01/2006 to 03/2012

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Spallation Neutron Source Oak Ridge, TN

Design and fabricate dc magnet power supplies, pulsed magnet power supplies, pulsed Klystron modulator systems, and AC

Power distribution systems. Specify and validate acceptance test plans for dc magnet power supplies, pulsed magnet power

supplies, pulsed Klystron modulator systems, and AC power distribution systems. Write installation, repair and maintenance procedures for SNS electrical systems. Performs safety analysis, designs/specifies safety circuits and interlocks. Design analog and digital circuit for low level controllers, develop and support existing PLC code to control modulator systems air control valve interlocks and High Voltage Converter Modulators pressure regulators. I was a Project Manager over several Accelerator improvement projects (AIP’s). For this particular project I was the principal design Engineer that managed the entire project from conception to final installation, I defined the scope; I put together all cost associated with software, installation, test, procurement, fabrication, integration as well as labor cost necessary for the software control engineer, technicians, research mechanics, and vendors. Microsoft Office Project was the program I used to create the schedule; I collaborated with department heads once all data was compiled. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) was created, as well as the WBS activity resources units and cost. Once the AIP package was complete, I presented it by Power Point presentation to Department Of Energy (DOE) committee for approval. The DOE approved the AIP and released the funds. The project was completed on time and under budget.

Communication Technician 6/2000 to 1/2006

Pacific Bell Fremont, CA

Telecom technician, Provisioning and Maintenance on DSO, HI-CAP, T1, T3, SONET, Fiber Optics, DSX cross connects, DSL, PBX, and ADSL.

Associate Engineer 3/1992 to 5/2000

Integrated Motions Inc. Berkeley, CA

Assist engineers in designing analog and digital circuits, for motion control devices. The analog circuits designed were circuits that used PWM for inputs to H-bridges, to drive current and voltages to the motor. Fast switching power supplies were used, Buck converters to regulate the voltage from +48 volts down to + 5 volts, boost converters were used to increase the voltage to +12 volts to supply voltage to the DAC’s. The Zero Force Robot used H-bridges which consisted of FET’s. A failure analysis was performed by me which led me to conclude that component matching was critical when using PWM. Half bridge and full bridge DC- DC converters were used to design and manufacture a five- stage amplifier controller for a five-axis DNA micro array spotter table. I prototyped the PWM board and, fabricated the layout. Prototyped PC boards, and designed PCB' using schematic capture software and tango software. Troubleshoot to the component level.


Motorola Assembly Language, ORCAD Design Software, DC Power Supplies, Tango PCB Design, Microsoft Project,

Microsoft Office, Borland C/C++, MATLAB, Lab View.


DeVry University - Fremont, CA.

Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering Technology

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