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Chemical Engineering Engineer

Houston, TX
April 13, 2016

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Nghia Q. Vo

***** ******** **** *****

Houston, TX 77084

Primary (832) 788 – 7073 (recommend)

Secondary 832-***-****

Summary: Over 14 years of experience in the oil and gas fields of designing, trouble shooting, project management, expensive optimization, and technical service. Worked with a team and successfully started up the hydrate department that brought $5 million to Multi-Chem within 6 months.


Assured Flow Solution LLC. Katy, TX.USA October, 2015 to current.

Lab Specialist

Technology advisor: Discuss problems of flow assurance equipment and suggest new technologies. Advice and develop new technologies to apply for equipment.

Marketing: Help the new company find customers and estimate prices of equipment.

Oil-Gas Flow Assurance Test Equipment and Services. Pearland, TX.USA February 2015 to current.

Technology and Marketing Consultant

Flow assurance engineering: Discuss problems of flow assurance equipment and suggest new technologies. Advice and develop new technologies to apply for equipment.

Trouble shooting and maintenance: Help the new company find customers and estimate prices of equipment.

Multi-Chem A Halliburton Service. Houston, TX. USA February 2008 to February 2015

Flow Assurance Engineering Scientist

Research and development: researched chemicals and testing methods; Design and have a patent for a wax dispersant test devices and methods in lab and oil field that will create multi million dollars in services and sale the devices; PI&D and PDF for equipment systems; Designed and programmed the input-output control for the flow assurance lab testing equipment. Used computer, PLC, and data loggers to control chemical processes. Designed ASTM methods for chemical QC tests. Design umbilical injection test equipment to qualify chemicals;

Technical service and project management: Consulted, optimized, and suggested solutions for hydrate formation problems in off-shore drillings and the on-shore drillings. Managed and tested all hydrate tests, then wrote technical reports. Managed the product line hydrate, paraffin, and asphaltene inhibitors for the off-shore flow assurance regions that brought to Multi-Chem over $30M per year. Trained personnel to operate the lab instruments, analyze and process data, and safe operation. Wrote technical procedures for lab operation, quality control processes, and new product manufacture; Budget and procurement: purchase instruments, replacement parts, and testing materials for group of 14 employees;

Safety and EHS: inspected equipment and planed for maintenance to get safety processes later, and trained new employees safety operation processes, and suggested safety solutions. Member of Chemical Hygiene Committee, technical support and participate in PHA and HAZOP;

Flow assurance engineering: Used PIPESIM and Multiflash to calculate V-P-T, flow rate, pipe and tubing sizes, container’s dimensions, hydraulic forces, wax and asphaltene deposit rate, umbilical lines, and economics; Optimize costs;

Inspection and maintenance to improve chemical processes: scheduled, maintained, set up, and repaired lab instruments such as the high temperature vacuum devices, small scale reactors, synthesis processes, densitometer, pH meter, GC Agilent 8790, PSL hydrate autoclave, high pressure viscometer, FT-IR spectrometer, Brookfield DVIII and Haake SteroStress 6000 rheometers, cold finger test devices, hydrate rocking cell rigs, CAPSURE filter resistance rigs, wax flow loop, and solid paraffin sand package system…;

Data acquisition and analysis: Used PIPESIM and Multiflash for modeling the phases and status of oil and gas under harsh conditions to predict hydrate, wax, asphaltene, scale, and corrosion problems; Performed oil and chemical analysis: wax and asphaltene content, HTGC, density, rheology, and wet chemistry methods, GC-MS for wax content, and FTIR;

Worked with teams: start up hydrate department, solve and complete the oil and gas up-stream flow assurance projects, invention properties IPs and publications.

Trelleborg CRP Inc. Houston, TX, USA. November 2005 to February 2008.

Chemical Process Development Engineer

Solved production problems (over and underweight, hollow spot, and syntactic lake problems) that saved over $2M per year.

Recycled solvents such as Acetone and Methylene Chloride that saved $200,000 per year.

Waste management: Developed new ideas, calculated, designed, and found sources for using waste chemical by discovering and designing the Syntactic bead project. The project saved $2M per year.

Optimized production time, energy, and chemical process and usage: mixing time, cure time, chemical injection positions, vent and pressure relief holes. Inspection production processes to improve product quality and quantity.

Calculated V-P-T, hydraulic flow, energy and mass balance, flow and reaction rate, and economics.

Processed data acquisition and analysis. Designed PFD, P&ID, and started up methylene chloride and acetone recovery.

Was responsible for researching, calculating, managing, and testing new products, methods, and then designed work instructions; Performed and monitored cracking and hydraulic tests.

Operated test instruments such as hydraulic pressure test equipment, pycnometer ACCU Pyc II 1340, FLOWCAM, Agilent Data Logger…

Nalco Energy Services LP. Sugar Land, TX, USA. August 2001 to October 2005.

Temporary lab technician/ Chemical Engineering Co-op Intern

Designed, calculated, and processed the following test systems:

Low-shear Cold-Finger and High-shear Co-axial Cold-Finger to test the deposition of paraffin wax in high shear and high velocity.

Ansell Reid Inversion Kit which separates polymers and water.

Umbilical Injection System tests the quality of new chemical products.

Hydrate autoclave which tests hydrate formation.

Managed, tested, and formulated chemicals, applied demulsifying chemicals in oil, and analyzed samples. Some of my formulated chemicals worked on Vietnam and South America oils and brought multi million dollars to Nalco.

Operated the following instruments:

DMA 38 Densitometer which measures the density and specific gravity of chemicals.

MiniFlash CCA-FLP which measures the flash point of chemicals.

Rheometer AR1000 which tests and compares the viscosity, pressure, and shear stress of oils and chemicals.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC 2010) which measures the cloud point, melting point, and heat capacity of both oil and chemicals.

Turbiscan and Asphaltene Dispersion Test (ADT) that test for the presence of asphaltene in crude oil.

Education and Other Certificates

Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering, Minor-Chemistry, University of Houston. Houston, TX, USA. January 1998 to May 2005;

Associate of Science, Houston Community College. Houston, TX, USA. August 1992 to May 2003;

Subsea engineering certification, a graduated level – May 2015;

Multiflash PVT modeling certification, KBC Advanced Technology, February 2014;

Hydrate certification, Colorado School of Mine, Denver, CO, USA. May 2008;

Hydrogen Sulfide, Total Safety USA, Houston, TX, USA. Mar 2014;

Viscosity Measurement, Brookfield engineering, Houston, TX, USA. Aug 2011;

Professional Organization

AICHEE membership. University of Houston Alumina

USATT- United States Association of Table Tennis. Certified Umpire of USATT


Dean’s List – Spring 2000.

Maximum Value Performance (MVP) employee in 2014.

Other Skills

Experience in AutoCAD, PLC programming and hardware;

Experience user of PIPESIM, Multiflash, MatLab, ChemCad stimulate software;

Expert in Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Project, and Internet;

Programmed: Fortran, C-C++, Assembly, and Omega Si-Programming motion controlling language;

Familiar with API, CFR, ASTM codes

Expert in DasyLab Data Acquisition software, DAQ Pro software, DAQ Link software;

Use Chem-Station software for oil and wax analysis. Used and applied LabView software.

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