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New York, NY
April 14, 2016

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Chas. Fristachi

Wiring Specialist, Integration Engineer, Consultant



Attention Human Resources Manager:

I attended Control Data Institute and studied computer science at Baruch College on a Regents Scholarship. I’ve been a freelance wiring engineer and integrator for 30 years

(see attached resume) which requires diverse knowledge of various equipment systems and programs. I always read the instructions first. I’ve instructed people, showing wirers what to do and clients what I have learned about equipment when testing it. Constant learning is a necessary requirement for work and life and broadens the wide range of skills I’ve mastered, from electronics, carpentry and guitar to web design. I’m adept at dozens of computer programs and programming languages with other aspects of web design and maintenance of computers on a network. I am considered a technical guru to many fellow professionals. My people skills instill confidence, instruct, and make smiles. I know making the customer feel well-served is as important as making the system operate perfectly.

My first job after Control Data was for DiAn Service Corporation working at the major airports with occasional trips cross country – I maintained hundreds of ticket and boarding pass printing machines and similar machines for the New York Stock Exchange and maintained the TWA bag belt computer. All of this was done in front of clients and passengers.

I have been a freelance wiring engineer and integrator since. I am a self starter, gifted at making technical things work, resourceful, tenacious, innovative and patient. I recognize problems quickly, repair and then instruct others how to repair. I am serious but fun, adaptable to ever-changing technological advances loving to solve issues. Doing things sweetly, neatly and completely.

I’ve connected over 160,000 ends of all types and can handle any new devices. I have wired vapor equipment and vapor rooms and wired on and off-site and have wired most jobs with zero downtime.

I’ve worked with large crews, coordinating efforts and building to minimize the human factor. I have worked without plans to complete vidcad plans. I’ve worked in the field as service technician, in construction, cabinet making and electrical fields giving me a valuable vision of the big picture. I have worked many different schedules including shift work. I live in Manhattan in the apartment I was born in. I am here and ready to go. I am competent to coordinate what it takes to complete the job.

Chas. Fristachi

Wiring Specialist, Integration Engineer, Consultant




2013-Present Integrator VIDEO CORPORATION of AMERICA (Somerset, NJ)

Fabricated pieces to create what was needed to actualize plans and build racks

Ran electricians for onsite installation of racks, cable and equipment, while maintaining inventory management, as well as parts order in chaotic environment

Expedited install of equipment by generating on site and in-shop design and production techniques and a resourceful use of items on hand to complete goal actualization

Installed Crestron and Extron equipment as well as many diverse AV brands in similar and unique applications to solve client AV needs 2008-Present Freelance Integrator BRENTWOOD CONSULTING (NYC)

Electrical install, low voltage install, finished cabinet carpentry, sound proofing, custom storage designed and built

Web design, search engine optimization, graphics, coding, print design 2008-2009 Lead Integrator CREWESTONE TECHNOLOGIES (NYC)

Integration and consulting for Manhattan Neighborhood Network upgrade

Taught crew, implemented “touch it once” philosophy,

Accuracy and consistency in the harnesses I built allowed for harness reuse when original design was found to be faulty, saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on wire

2006-2008 Freelance Integrator ASCENT MEDIA CONSULTING (NYC)

Trained crew, completed jobs for ABC, A&E, Discovery Network, ESPN, Fox, History Channel, LifeTime

Installed many brands of broadcast equipment from Omneon to Miranda, etc. 2003-2006 Lead Integrator CREATIVE BUBBLE (NYC)

Freelance integration and consulting on numerous projects

Ran all systems audio, video, control and data

Checked technical design for accuracy, correcting as needed and using resources to expedite and complete


Web design and consulting on numerous projects

Various integration, carpentry, installation, projects too numerous to list. 1986-2003 Integrator BROADWAY VIDEO

Freelance integration and consulting on numerous projects

This is where I designed jigs to build harnesses and created the production procedures to maximize efficiency and minimize disconnects 1983-1986 Service Engineer DI/AN SERVICE CORPORATION (NYC)

Maintained printers in JFK/LaGuardia/Newark airports and as fill-in for NY Stock Exchange

Maintained bag belt computer for TWA

Education: Control Data Institute, received Certificate of Electronic Training Baruch University, Computer Science

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