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Engineer Engineering

Corcoran, CA
April 14, 2016

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Project Management / Process Engineering

Experienced in Manufacturing Operations and the design of Complex Technology

Systems for Petrochemical, Chemical Specialty and Oil & Gas Facilities Offshore and Onshore

Twenty + years of increasing responsible experience in manufacturing operations and engineering design. Process engineering for chemical and oil technologies for design firms and chemical manufacturing operations. Project management for leading engineering and chemical manufacturing companies, combined excellent technical, analytical and engineering qualifications with demonstrated achievements in advanced technology system design and project management operations delivering significant dollars in revenue gains and cost savings through innovative process optimization initiatives.

Process Deliverables;Conceptual Studies, PFDs,H&MB,Steam Balance,Utility Balance,Equipment List,Equipment Estimates,Detailed Design; P&IDs, Equipment Data Sheets, equipment sizing, Line Lists, Instrument Data Sheets, instrument sizing, RV Comprehensive Report,Process Design Conditions,Gas Blowdown Summary, Process Design Basis, Process Plant Control Description,

Process Calculations;Hydraulics (Moody Chart) for gases, liquids, multiphases fluids for direct or distributive flows,Pump sizing both positive displacement and centrifugal, NPSH calcs, Compressor sizing both positive and centrifugal flow, fan sizing, Heat X sizing, Steam Trap sizing, RV sizing( API 521), CV sizing, Gas Hydrate analysis,,Gas scrubber sizing, Liquid Scrubber sizing,Distillation design,3-phase, 2- phase separator sizing,FlareDesign(API521), Combustion engineering(stoichiometric chemistry),Gas Equation of State(PV=nRT), Thermodynamics( Mollier Diagrams),Flash calcs,Thermosyphon x-calcs,slugging calcs( Brill equation).,liquid-liquid extraction calcs., Burner emissivity

Project Deliverables;Concept Initiation, ROI,RFA,AFE,RFQ,CAPEX,OEPEX,Project Scoping, Project Controls, docs contributed: API 14C Report, Flow Assurance Report,Hazop, Hazid,Risk Assessment, ESD diagrams, CEI diagrams,Equipment Safety Analysis,Project Execution Manual, Project Design Basis, Engineering Contractor and Vendor project deliverables specific to Process Engineering,control loop diagrams, one-line e-diagrams

Computer literate;MS works, MS Project Scheduling, Computer simulations with Aspen, Hysis, Flarenet, Pipephase, Olga Simulation Report Review, can utilize most in-house computer programs or program CPUs

B S Chemical Engineering 06/74

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California


Languages; English, Spanish, French


CONTRACT 01/99-2/14

Process Engineer

Worley Parsons, an E & C firm

Anchorage, Alaska

FEED Process engineering on a production pipeline and a utility Fuel Gas pipeline; computer simulations, PFDs, preliminary P&IDs, equipment sizing, line list, tieins,process descriptions,

process control philosophy, safety design, plant layout. Interfacing with the client for design and

project deliverable reviews.

Process Engineer

Toyo Engineering, an E & C firm

Chiba, Japan

FEED chemical process engineering for a new PetroChemical Plant, Alkane to Alkene gas processing plant ( Ethane to Ethylene, 1.6 MTPY and Propane to Propylene, 0.60 MTPY ) using the newest information from the licensor, Lummus Technology; using proprietary technology for SCU, IBU, BDU, PGU and BZU.areas of gas processing. Preliminary PFDs, HMBs, P&IDs, equipment design, process descriptions and process control strategy..

Senior Process Engineer

L-Con Engineering, an E & C firm

Houston, Tx

Process Engineering design for LPG processing in filtering, dehydrating, and chilling product LPG. Completing detail engineering; PFDs, equipment data sheets, Instrument data sheets, and reviewing compressor details with client and vendors. Reviewing P&IDs, control loop logics, vendor packages, H&MBs for the project.

Facilities Engineer

Chevron Oil, an oil company Operator, gathering oil and gas Bakersfield, Ca

Coordinating the design and construction activities for the PSM action item for PSV documentation. Redesigning and constructing approximately 20 wellsites gathering systems PSVs;sizing PSVs, lines calcs for press drop, PFD design, reviewing PSV calcs, reviewing line routing and checking construction as-builts. Designing Relief Tanks including instrumentation for construction.

Process Engineer

TOTAL, an oil company gathering Hydrocarbon gas for LNG feed

Houston, Tx

Process Engineering on the client side for the Cryogenic design of a NEW Plt. and and revamp an EXISTING Plt. Gas Plants to feed an LNG Plant;gas processing for Condensate Removal, Dehydration, CO2 and HS2 gas cleaning, and Hg gaurd bed . Reviewing, checking, and commenting on PFDs, P&IDs, HMBs, data sheets : ESD, C&E logic diagrams and other document transmittals from engineering contractors, equipment vendors, purchase requisitions and internal documents for completeness and accuracy to project design and contract basis. Participated in Safety Hazop, Hazid, Risk Analysis matrixes and other project reviews.

Engineering Consultant

Corcoran, Ca / Tripoli, Libya /Lagos, Nigeria

Consulting for agri-chemical plant, chemical tolling plant, an oil company in Process and Project Engineering; streamlined Sulfur operations for Britz Fertilizers, developed Engineering procedures, trouble-shooting plant operations, coordinated project construction for new process with client for Chem Group the USA.

Monitoring Oil, LPG processes ; oil -water production, unstablilized and stabilized pipeline gas for processing for Zueitina Oil Libya ; conceptual studies for processing Sour Gas Treating, SRU for sulfur removal, and TGCU for sulfur emissions control.

Process design engineering for Delta Afrik in Nigeria; Offshore Oil & Gas Technology for pipeline topsides design, hydraulics, API 14C safety design, Hydrates study, Blowdown thermal calculations, Instrument and Power Gas Scrubber detail design for offshore oil and gas gathering platforms; supervised group of Chemical Process Engineers.

Process Engineer

C & H TECHNICAL SERVICES/KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT, E & C firms located onsite to


Bakersfield, CA

Subcontracted to KBR for Oxy Petroleum, an exploration Oil & Gas company performing Process Engineering on PFDs, H&MBs, P&IDs for expansion and new Tank Settings of separation equipment;took process data from Reservoir Management to size separation equipment, separators, vessels, scrubbers, pumps, piping, and, control instrumentation for project costing, Detailed engineering after project approvals. Documenting plant PSVs for regulatory compliance for PSMs; completed several hundred PSVs, surveyed plant and P&IDs for piping and process data to complete 3 documents;PSV calcs, PSV data sheets, and, PSV scenario selections. Participated in HYSIS refresher course.

Engineering Consultant, for E&C firms located onsite for Operators

Bakersfield, CA

Consulting for Equilon Refinery, Proctor & Gamble Chemical Company, and, Chevron Oil & Gas operators in Process and Project Engineering. Equipment costing a water drainage project and detailed engineered a piping arrangement on a fugitive emission problem from a gas compressor for Equilon. Project Engineered 2 highly visible projects for Proctor & Gamble;a new storage tank and auxilliary equipment, and, replaced a high pressure ( 10,000 psi ) pump and its auxilliary piping. Performed process studies on using low NOx burners on steam boilers, configured optimal oil tank storage arrangements and downstream separation equipment for anticipated production increase, did hydraulics between equipment layouts on unit operations and costed the equipment for the different cases for Chevron. Client interfacing.

Mechanical / Process Engineer

CHEVRON OVERSEAS CO., an oil company Operator gathering crude oil and gas

Tengiz, Kazakhstan

Performing Mechanical and Process Engineering work in the Project Department for an operator;

writing mechanical job packs for piping, filters, pumps, MTO's for project materials listings, specifying gas compressor process data for purchase, surveying piping for layout in the plant, performing process studies by scoping out process requirements for production increase to 130,000 mty;streamling the crude gathering network using PIPEPHASE simulation, adding and increasing lines to the crude gathering network, and increasing process requirements to the equipment at the oil & gas separation facility.



Process Engineer

ABB LUMMUS, an E/C firm

Houston, TX 09/97-09/98

Process design engineering for a grassroots Ethylene plant for Saudi Yanbu Petrochem-

ical;P&IDs, line list generation; pump calculations, auxilliary piping P&IDs for pumps and compressors, process data entry for instrument data sheets, PSV calcs. Used Aspen for a heat exchanger loop simulation. Client interfacing.

Process Engineer 08/94-02/96 VECO ENGINEERING, an E & C firm

Bellingham, WA

Process expansion design for an oil & gas separation facility at Milne Pt. in Alaska, concurrently designing the PFD's and P&ID's for the front process equipment;sizing separators,process heaters, lines, pumps and PSV's, RD's calculations. Technical troubleshooting, investigating metallurgies and burst pressures for RDs for correct metal selection, completed the fuel gas control and safety lock system for the P&IDs and the table matrixes on ThermoFlux heaters. Completed the process descriptions and control strategies for the major equipment. Investigated and calculated the heaters' air emissions to compare with Alaska's state regulations using different burners. Client interfacing.

Process Engineer 01/91-03/93

PARSONS, an E & C firm

Pasadena, CA

Mechanical Process Engineering design for Exxon Chemical, Shell Refinery, and Texaco Refinery;developed the P&IDs, line sizing, instrument process data and pump calculations for a grassroots Polyolefins plant in Baton Rouge, assigned to scope and detail engineer Shell revamp work, studied Texaco selective solvent agents for proper application. Used Pro II on revamp work. Project Managment on a major product line for Schumacher Co.;scoped out, engineered, managed resources, selected for purchase equipment for expanding the TEOS (Tetraethylorthosilicate) product line. Executed engineering up to construction.

Process Engineer

FLUOR, an E & C firm 07/88-12/90

Irvine, CA

Process Engineering design for Unocal Refinery and DOE Radioactive Waste Plant( Hanford Waste Vetrification Plant); H&MB for tank storage offgas, equipment sizing, line sizing, heat loads, PFDs,and, P&ID's, equipment costing for DOE. P&ID generation for Unocal Hydrotreater.Used HYSIS to simulate a steam balance.

Process Engineer

PETROLITE CORP., an chemical Operator of oil additives 06/85-02/88

Brea, CA

Provided plant Chemical Engineering support in maintenance trouble-shooting seals and recommending pump seals, filling in production supervisory role, project management in adding new batch equipment and controls and environmental coordinating of air permitting, waste disposal manifesting, water discharge compliance . Technical support in process optimization of batch manufacturing.

Process/Production Engineer

MONSANTO, a chemical Operator of commodity chemicals 03/80-03/85

Texas City, TX

Operations Supervisor in a chemical plant manufacturing Styrene; trained operators in a new plant addition, a Waste Heat Boiler and its auxilliary equipment, P&ID review of new equipment for the plant, troubleshooting electrical and instrument loops with support groups and wrote the investigation reports with the recommendations, project coordination between the plant & construction, supervised lab technicians and computer simulation for process optimization.

Process/Project Engineer

NALCO, a specialty chemical Operator of Organometallic compounds 10/75-03/80

Freeport, TX

Chemical process engineering in a specialty plant manufacturing TEL, TML compounds; performing process studies in liquid/liquid solvent extraction, azeotropic distillations, product hydrolysis, and oxidation-reduction of lead and iron metals in exchange towers, trouble-shooting of Propane Refrigeration and electrical shortings of Electrochemical Cells, project engineering of sampling of hot Grignard reagents, and, vapor control of a highly volatile blending compound.


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