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Manager Management

Montgomery, AL
April 12, 2016

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Nelson “Maurice” Rollins

*** ***** ****, **** ****, Alabama 36064

' 334-***-**** (cell) – 334-***-**** (home)

How I can Add Value

Foresight that helps people envision the optimum end-state,

Passion to use critical thinking to find and fix the right problems the first time,

Leadership that guides everyone from entry-level to senior leadership to value me as their “success partner,”

Skill to mine new capability from the most established systems,

Communications ability that lets others think my suggestions are their own good ideas, and

Dedication to help entire teams deliver quality by aligning personal goals with corporate objectives.

Recent work history with contribtions to the bottom line

Consultant,A3Excel/QualityOutcomes, Montgomery, Alabama

May 2015 – Present

Outcomes: Lead the steering committee through the strategic planning and developing operational polices for governmental funding.

Outcomes: Developed emergency and safety polices according to federal and state guidelines which provides opportunity for funding.

Outcomes: Created organizational chart and operation policies for the success of the Family Life Center.

Senior Data/Statistical Lean Analysis, Baptist Medical Center Montgomery, Alabama

Oct 2011 – Apr 2015

Outcomes: Used principles of Lean and Six Sigma to reduce fragmentation and variability associated with Silo operations. Worked with directors and frontline staff to significantly reduce poor coordination and patient handoff.

Outcomes: Introduced a logistical mindset & execution focus plan that emphasized patient’s first, compassionate care, and pursuing perfection. This plan introduced performance priorities, performance priority classification and identified the ideal process, structure and resources.

Outcomes: Lead the implementation of leadership huddles which focused on transparency, increased visibility, review of real-time performance and improved from manual to electronic processes.

Outcomes: Rolled out the A3 Methodology to all VP’s, Directors, Physicians, Nurses and frontline leaders. Trained over 100 employees on visual management, process mapping and using process metrics to drive out waist. This teaching reduced average patient discharge time from 11 hours to 2 hours per patient. Which resulted in excess of 15 million dollar cost savings directly to the financial statement.

Quality Manager, Alabama Primary Health Care Association, Montgomery, Alabama

May 2008 – May 2011

This non-profit is dedicated to strengthening and expanding Alabama’s community health center network.

Outcomes: Rolled out the best cancer screening program we’d seen in years; increased early diagnoses 30 percent. Worked with the state legislature to win a $100K grant its first for this purpose in 40 years. In six months, we screened 3,000 at-risk men.

Outcomes: Used LEAN principles to reduce accounts receivable 37 percent. Trained 15 organizations serving more than 100K patients to raise quality standards across the board. Accreditation ratings up significantly. From start to finish in just one year.

Outcomes: Played major role in winning a competitive $14M healthcare grant. Supporting agency approved the key metrics I designed without change. Dug deep to get all the data from Federal, State, and non-profit organizations. My concise guidance helped translate 50 pages of material into a compelling, successful grant application.

Outcomes: Reduced patient cycle time 15 percent in a busy pediatric clinic. Went beyond learning their business to fold in complex compliance requirements. Got outstanding reviews from the 15 sophisticated healthcare practitioners I trained. My work became their corporate standard.

Outcomes: Guided the transition of a critical data base management system from legacy to state-of-the-art. Senior leadership approved my plan unchanged. Big payoff for a small investment. Done in just 30 days.

Quality Manager/ Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Albany International, Montgomery, Alabama

Apr 2000 – May 2008

Global advance textile and material processing company. Provided paper machine clothing

for paper mills and corrugated manufacturers.

Our 110 employees supported 24/7 operations in a 175K ft2 plant producing paper manufacturing components. Albany has multi-million dollar annual sales.

Outcomes: Helper promoted faster than 40 others, all with years’ more experience, to Supervisor, then sought out by our Plant Manager to be Total Quality Coordinator and Global Process Trainer, the promoted over five others to be Quality Manager, Albany International, and Montgomery, Alabama

Outcomes: Transformed team members into LEAN champions. Expensive inventory reduced. Efficiency and morale soared quickly. Chosen by our Director of Quality, over 15 tough competitors, to implement LEAN production in an aerospace company. Quickly built trust among professionals proud of their long experience in a field completely new to me.

Outcomes: In a few months, saved $109K in annual labor costs alone. Partnered with customers to solve time-wasting, non-standardized shipping system they had struggled with for years. Sold off unused shipping material to help recoup our investment. My solution became their preferred method.

Outcomes: Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by cutting defect rate. Our plant rose to best of three. Met with, and helped educate, four production managers to rationalize standards. Won over workers with 30 years’ experience to buy into my proposed changes.

Outcomes: Saved more than $100K by lowering raw material costs. Found a critical failure point using root cause analyses. Designed, produced, and delivered a training program for a department of 20. Adjusted my work schedule to accommodate every shift.

Outcomes: Cut accident rate from one every 20 days to 800 days without an incident. Workmen’s comp claims fell several thousand dollars. Reignited a stalled safety program. Replaced lectures with active workshops. Trained beyond industrial safety to include CPR many found valuable. By inviting vendor reps to help with this program, built a stronger relationship with suppliers.

Product Shift Supervisor/ Production Manager, Albany International, Montgomery, Alabama April 1994 – April 2000

Outcomes: Sped up production by eight hours. Sold my ideas as far away as our plant in Sweden. Aligned machine set up specs to a better standard, then optimized materiel flow.

Outcomes: Improved product flow. Safety write-ups fell significantly and stayed low. Optimized production floor. Removed clutter, aligned inventory practices, and eliminated safety hazards. Broadened every department’s outlook, getting all involved in our entire production system. Kept momentum by winning quick results every one could be proud of.

Outcomes: Supervised, directly, three quality technicians and four shipping and receiving workers; supervised 40 production workers indirectly.

State Auditor, Examiners of Public Accounts, Montgomery, Alabama

July 1993 – April 1994

Outcomes: Coordinated and conducted risk management assessments in anticipation and enhancement of annual internal audit schedules.

Outcomes: Executed all federal and state mandated financial audits, based on GAAP standards.

Outcomes: Developed a set of measures that document, evaluate and test the effectiveness and efficiency of manual and automated systems and controls, within the operations framework. This metric board and standards was used by all senior auditors and adopted as Standard Operational Procedures (SOP).

Outcomes: Compile data in a concise format of reports to senior management of the Alabama State Audit Committee, which effectively communicated resource consumption throughout state -wide departments. Enhance proper resource allocation using detailed audit/assignment reports.

Outcomes: Maintain and update audit of programs, and monitor the status of audit recommendations for adequate follow-up on action items, deficiencies and cost improvements.

Education and recent professional development

Pursuing MBA, North Central University, Prescott Valley, Az

Expect completion Spring 2016

Selected by senior management to be one of few (from 2,000 eligibles) to attend Project Management Training, three days, Cornell University June 04

BS, Resource Management, Troy University, Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama Jul 03

Earned this degree while working more than 40 hours a week and attending class nights and weekends. Employer funded.

Langston University, Langston Ok, June 1993

Completed 20 hours of Accounting course work.

AA, Accounting, Kemper Military College, Booneville, Missouri Aug 91

Worked 20 hours a week while carrying a full academic load. GPA 3.2. Dean’s List every semester.


Certified Training with Industry (TWI) Instructor, Albany International Nov 07

Certified Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt, Lockheed Martin and Albany International Feb 07

Certified Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt, Lockheed Martin and Albany International Jan 07

IT capabilities

ISO 9001 Certified Trainer with Albany International

Comfortable with QuickBooks, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and advanced Internet searches.

Working knowledge of Minitab, SPC XL (both project management), DOE Pro (project optimization), QAD (scheduling), PhotoShop, Access, and MS Project.

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