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Engineer Software Developer

Montreal, QC, Canada
April 12, 2016

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Omar El Ferkouss

Network/Telecom enginner

**** ** ******* *** *** 6

Montreal, QC Canada H1X 1V6

H 514-***-****



2010–2012 Master, University of Quebec At Montreal, Montreal Canada, Master in telecommunications.

2007–2010 Engineer, National Institute of posts and telecommunication, Rabat Morocco, Telecom Engineer in network and telecommunication. Masters Thesis

Title Game theory based Resource al location for cognitive radio networks Experience

2012–Present Software Developer, NoviFlow Inc, Montreal. I have worked for almost 3 years with the team who developed fully compliant and High performance OpenFlow 1.3 and OpenFlow 1.4 switches. I worked mainly on design and software development of various parts of the switch (data plane and control plane). Detailed achievements:

{ Packet processing on EZchip NP-4 and NP-5 network processors.

{ Control plane development and switch configuration.

{ Tra c management using tra c manager of EZchip NP-4/NP-5.

{ Broadcom trident configuration for basic switching and QoS applications.

{ Performance optimization and troubleshooting for NP-4 and NP-5 dataplane applica- tions.

{ TCAM applications using Broadcom NL11k/NL12k SDK. 2010–2012 Netvirt project member, Ericsson Research Canada and University of Quebec at Montreal, Montreal Canada.

I was part of the netvirt (Network Virtualization) project team in UQAM university, in collaboration with Ericsson Research Canada.

Detailed achievements:

{ First Implementation of the version 1.1 of the OpenFlow switch over EZchip NP-4 network processor: design, implementation and testing of the hardware part.

{ Implementation of the version 1.0 of the OpenFlow switch over EZchip NP-4 network processor: design, implementation and testing of the hardware part.

{ Demo in GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovations) conference 2011: A 100 Gig OpenFlow 1.1 switch (Implementation of the hardware and the host parts). Scholarship

2010-2012 Exemption scholarship for international students o ered by UQAM. 1/2

2010-2012 Scholarship of excellence o ered by the department of computer science of UQAM.

Computer skills



TCP/IP, OSI, routing/switching protocols, tunneling protocols, OpenFlow, ... Network


Network administration, Network security, Network programming, ... Platforms EZchip NP-4/NP-5, Broadcom NetLogic NL11k/NL12k SDK, Broadcom trident SDK, ...

Tra c


IXIA, Argon blaster, ...

Telecom GSM, Optical networks, Cognitive radio networks, ... Programming C, C++, C#, java, python, assembler, SQL, J2EE, .Net, ... Database Oracle, MySQL

Editor Netbeans, Eclipse, EZchip EZdesign, ...

OS Windows, Linux/Unix

Script shell, DOS

Typography Microsoft o ce, Latex

Communication Skills

2015 Demo Presentation at the 2015 internet 2 conference in Washington DC, US Languages

English good spoken and good written

French very good spoken and very good written

Arab very good spoken and very good written

Berber mother language


{ Sport: soccer, swimming, Ping Pong

{ Video games

{ Music

{ Programming competitions


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