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Test Cases

Secunderabad, Telangana, India
April 11, 2016

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Pranay 469-***-**** Ext: ***

Over 8 years of extensive hands on experience in IT industry, specializing in Performance Engineering Process and Methodologies and Extensive experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle and Software testing Life Cycle.

Good experience with working in Agile, Scrum and Waterfall methodology.

Experience in testing of Web based, Client/Server and SOA applications.

Experience in Software testing life cycle including as Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing,performance/ Load Testing, System Testing, Smoke, Sanity and User Acceptance Testing.

Experience in applying Testing Methodologies, creating Test Plans, Executing & Automation of Test Cases, Bug Tracking and Report Generation.

Excellent skills and experience in performance and functional testing using HP Performance Center, JMeter, Load Runner.

Detailed working experience in LoadRunner, Jmeter components, including VuGen, Controller, Load Generators, Agents, Analysis.

Experience in Defect management, including Defect creation, modification and tracking, reporting using industry standard tools like JIRA, Rational Clear Quest, Test Director and Quality Center.

Performed tests and analysis such as load test, stress test, endurance test, Performance bottleneck test, benchmark test, baseline test etc. using HP Load Runner/QTP on web server, application server and database server at different levels and loads.

Experienced in Virtual User Generator (VuGen) scripting for Performance/load testing, using multiple protocols, Controller and Analyzer Tools, Report generation.

Expert knowledge of Bottlenecks in Performance, Web Performance Throughput, Server Response Time, Network Latency.

Experienceindevelopingloadandperformancetestscriptsusing different protocols likeweb(HTTP/HTML),Winsock,WebServices, Flex, DNS, Click and Script, TruClient-Mobile Web and Ajax True Client.

Used Performance Center to manage LoadRunner scripts and scenarios.

Analyzed Test Results using various Online Monitoring Graphs.

Expertise in Parameterization, manual Correlation and Run time Settings.

Experience in Performance monitoring tools like App Dynamics, Dynatrace, Wily Introscope, HP Site Scope and Perfmon.

CoordinatedwithtoolsteamtoInstallCAIntroScopeandDynaTraceonthePerformanceenvironmentsto identify the bottlenecks.

Experience with Commercial Monitoring tools like HP Site Scope, HP Diagnostics, DynaTrace, performance monitor and Inbuilt Monitoring Tools etc., to monitor the databases, application and web servers (at OS & Application level) for Performance bottlenecks while conducting Load, Stress, volume, and Memory tests.

Strong programming skills in UNIX, C, C++, Java and worked extensively on Java & J2EE Applications.

Hands on experience in writing SQL and PL/SQL for database testing, database connectivity, Oracle10g, configuring TNS file and connecting through TOAD.

Excellent communications and interpersonal skills, also a very good team player.

Ability to work independently and as a team member in challenging and cross platform environment.


Languages: SQL, C, C++, Java, Shell scripting, .NET, XML, HTML.

RDBMS:MS Access, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle10g, DB2.

Project Management Tools: MS-Project, MS – Visio

Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum.

Web/App servers:Websphere, Weblogic, Apache/Tomcat.

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux, XP, Windows NT/2000.

Testing Tools: LoadRunner(8.0/9.0/11.5/12.0/12.50), Performance

Center9.5/11.0, JMeter 2.8/2.9/2.10, SOAP UI.

Monitoring Tools:App Dynamics, SiteScope, WilyIntroScope, DynaTrace,

performance monitor, Citrix, HP Performance


Defect Tracking Tool: HP Mercury Quality Center/Test Director, Rational Functional


Professional Experience:

Covance.INC, Princeton, NJ

Role: Sr. Performance Engineer Oct 2014 – Till date


ResponsibleforentireperformancetestlifecycleforvariousApplicationsincludingrequirementgathering, test plan development, script development, test executions and test results report.

Responsibleforperformancemonitoringandanalysisofresponsetime&memoryleaksusingthroughput graphs.

Involved in Performance tuning of database Servers.

Involved in preparing status reports and performance testing milestones in project plan.


Involved in Load Testing of various modules and software application using LoadRunner.

Execute test and monitor system performance SiteScope, LoadRunner Controller.

DevelopedandenhancedscriptsusingLoadRunnerVuGenanddesignedscenariosusingPerformanceCenter to generate realistic load on application under test.

Used Rendezvous point, Start and End Transaction, Parameterization, Correlation features inVirtual User Generator of Load Runner.

Gatheredbusinessrequirementsafterstudyingtheapplicationandcollectingtheinformationfromdevelopers and business users.

AnalyzedresultsusingLoadRunnerAnalysistoolandanalyzedOracledatabaseconnections,sessions,WebLogic log files.

Extensively used DynaTraceandSitescope to diagnose and troubleshoot web/app server performance issues.

Strong knowledge on profiling front-end and back end of the applications using DynaTraceand Wily Introscope.

Executed all test types using JMeter including high volume tests with thousands of threads.

Used performance counters to assist in root cause analysis of performance defects.

ENVIRONMENT: LoadRunner(12.5/12.52), Performance Center, SiteScope, DynaTrace, CA IntroScope,Excel, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Web logic, Load Balancer, JMeter, Quality Center, Diagnostic Tool, Windows .

HealthPartners, Minneapolis, MN

Role: Sr. Performance Engineer Feb 2013 to Sep 2014


Conducted Walkthrough Meetings of the Test Artifacts with the SMEs for new functionality and changes\upgrade in the existing application.

Used load Runner versions to perform load, stress and duration test.

Created and executed scenarios in Performance Center and LR controller according to Test Plan.

Responsible for creation of Test Strategy, Test Procedure documents and managed the Test scripts, analyzed requirements, created Test Scenarios and Test Conditions.

Responsible for selecting Test scripts for load, stress and Performance Testing.

Working on Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol Created, maintained and enhanced Vusers scripts in VuGen according to the Test Scenarios.

Inserted the Transactions, Checkpoints like Image Checkpoint, Stress Points (Rendezvous points to load test specific transactions), and Parameterized the scripts.

Used Automatic and Manual Correlation to Parameterize Dynamic values like response key and Session IDs.

Managed Virtual Users across various servers (Web, App) to ensure Load balancing.

Analyzed the Response Time (Avg, Min, Max & 90th percentile) for critical Transactions like login, lookups, submissions and Inquiries.

Generated graphs (Running Vusers, Hits/sec, Throughput and Transaction summary) and analyzed the reports to monitor the application performance based on the different scenarios of performance testing.

Extensively usedApp Dynamics,DynatraceandIntroscope for monitoring during load tests.

Used HP Diagnostics & Wily Introscope to further monitor various graphs like VM Heap, GC, threads status, Java Process utilization, JVM exceptions, collection leaks and context switch\sec to pin-point issues.

The Average CPU usages, memory, hits\sec, throughput, response time, transaction per second are analyzed for each scenario.

Using Oracle SQL Developer to run SQL quires using Joins and Sub-Queries for data creation, validation, optimal performance and scalability under real-time workloads.

Communicated with developers and management to ensure delivery of a Quality product on time.

Environment: Windows XP, HP LoadRunner (11.0/11.5),Jmeter, HP Performance Center & ALM, HP Diagnostics,Sitescope, App Dynamics, Wily introscope, HP OVPM, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle 9i & 10g, WAS 6 & 7 etc.

American Express, Phoenix, AZ

Role: Sr. Performance Tester Jun 2011 – Jan 2013


Involved in the creation of detailed Test plan, Test Scenarios and Test cases according to the business requirements, and updated Requirement Traceability Matrix document to ensure complete coverage.

Used JMeter to test Webservices, SOA along with LoadRunner.

Designed SOA Test Frameworks using JMeter.

Performed Functionality, Security, Cross Browser, Backend, Integration and End to End testing by executing the test cases

Identified and reported defects to the development team by applying Priority and Severity concepts using Quality Center.

Performed Regression testing on the received build after defect fixes.

Extensively worked with mainframes, processing claims, adjudicating claims and EDI transactions.

Performed backend testing using SQL to check if the data mapping and data integrity of the application.

Used HP Quality Center and Rational tools for test management by creating test cases in test plan and executed from test lab.

Provide daily status reports during planning and execution using Quality Center.

Testing the application Structures and Functionality's for White Box, Grey Box & black box testing.

Assisted clients in the identification of business requirements to ensure that the design met needs and expectations.

Worked closely with client end users to ensure functionality and resolve problems.

Shared design with clients and worked with Design Architect to ensure changes in design with respect to client inputs.

Performed Regression testing on Java, .NET framework web based applications using selenium.

Extensively used Dynatrace, SiteScopeandIntroscope for monitoring during load tests.

Used SiteScope&App Dynamics to monitor the load test and to identify the bottlenecks.

Read and understand the Log files to verify the processes for debugging and/or test data verification purposes.

Documented and communicated test results. Coordinate development, testing and documentation activities with the offshore team.

Environment: Oracle 9i, Linux, Unix, HL7, JAVA, java script, web logic, HTML, CSS, NET, Quality Center,JMeter, HP-Load Runner(9.5/11.0), HP-Site Scope, App Dynamics,Dynatrace, RQM, Clear quest.

BestBuy, Minneapolis, MN

Role: Sr. Performance Tester Jan 2010 to Jun 2011


Responsible for designing scenarios for Performance Testing, generating scripts and handling Correlation as well as parameterization using LoadRunner.

Extensively used Web (html/http), Web Services, Siebel, SAP and Oracle_NCA protocol in LoadRunner.

Executed scenarios using Controller and analysis of results using LoadRunner Analyzer.

Identified bottlenecks in Network, Database and Application Servers using LoadRunner monitors.

Used Keynote for cloud based load testing.

Validated web services and made using SOAPUI.

Analyzed Throughput Graph, Hits/Second graph, Transactions per second graph and Rendezvous graphs using LR Analysis tool.

Enhanced Vusers scripts by correlation, parameterization, transaction points, rendezvous points and various LoadRunner functions.

Responsible for conducting performance benchmark tests.

Developing Vusers scripts and enhanced the basic script by Parameterizing the constant values using LoadRunner .

Identified critical process for testing by monitoring the business activity.

Extensively used SiteScope, App DynamicsandIntroscope for monitoring during load tests.

Prepared load Test analysis reports (%disk, CPU Utilization, Throughput, %page breakdowns, Response Times, Network Monitors, Web Server Monitor Counters, Captures, System Performance Counters and Database Performance Counters.

Configured SiteScope to monitor Siebel and Oracle Servers.

Extensively used DynaTrace to diagnose and troubleshoot web/app server performance issues.

Parameterized unique IDS and stored dynamic content in variables and pared the values to Web submits under Http protocols.

Performed load testing with 100/250/500/750/1050 Vusers and from various different locations using Keynote.

Designed the Manual and Goal oriented scenarios using LoadRunner Controller module to test.

Involved in analyzing Runtime, System Resources and Transactions Graphs

Responsible for generating reports using LoadRunner.

Environment: Load Runner 9.5, Performance Center, Windows2000/NT, Citrix 9.2 OEM, RUP, Test Director, Introscope, App Dynamics, Site Scope, Oracle10g, DB2, WebSphere, SOA, Oracle_NCA, EJB, IIS and XML/ SOAP

Yash Technologies, Hyderabad, IND

Role: Sr. Performance Tester July 2008 - Dec 2009


Integration and system testing of Web application of project timeline Application.

Created Test cases and Use cases In HP Quality Center.

Developed automation Scripts using QTP and leading automation effort.

Played a key role in understanding the Business requirements document and creating test plan and test cases for the web portal.

Was involved in regression testing of the application after every build.

Initiate, coordinate and implement the QA Process and Methodologies.

Involved in analyzing, interpreting and summarizing meaningful and relevant results in a completePerformance Test Report.

Performed the Back-End integration testing to ensure data consistency on front-end by writing and executing Oracle Queries on the database

Extensively involved with backend testing by writing complex database queries.

Used Quality Center for Defect tracking tool.

Played a key role in understanding the Business requirements document and creating test plan and test cases for the web portal.

Have done Performance testing on the timeline application and find the loop holes of memory leaks in the application.

Used various Protocols HTTP, Web, Web Services, Click and Script.

Used SiteScope& App Dynamics to monitor the load test and to identify the bottlenecks

Created LoadRunner scenarios to run the workload mix as defined in the Performance test plan (Load/Stress, Endurance, Scalability and Interference Performance test runs).

Created various Web Scripts for the Application using LoadRunner for Functional and Performance testing.

Responsible for Parameterization and correlation in Vuser Script by capturing the dynamic values using Auto correlation and Manual correlation for web application andtroubleshooting the existing Vugen scripts.

Performed the Back-End integration testing to ensure data consistency on front-end by writing and executing database Queries on the database.

Environment: Load Runner 8.1, Quality Centre, QTP 9.5, Oracle Database, SQL Server, Web Logic, Sitescope, App dynamics.

ICICI Bank – Hyderabad, Ind

Performance tester. Nov 2007 – Jul 2008


• Managing this assignment independently from proposals, landscape understanding, and Performance estimations to delivery of each phase.

• Understanding of Business requirements, flows and specifications.

• Preparing PerformanceTest Plan and setup Scenarios.

• Expertise experience in creating end to end Performance scripts and also involved in script reviews.

• Planning and Preparing Performance Test data before going to execution phase.

Set up scenarios and executing Load, Stress and Soak Tests.

• Monitoring & analyzing Garbage collection stats, CPU, Memory stats, Thread pool, Connection pool etc., using Wily Introscope tool and reporting to higher management.

• Involved in tuning, identified memory leak and improved transaction response times from worst by suggesting JVM parameters change and also coordinated with db team for tuning SQL queries.

• Preparing Performance Test Summary Reports and Final analysis report.

• Responsible for handling Weekly status call/meetings with customer.

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