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Data Customer

New York, NY
April 11, 2016

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Project History

Employer: Accenture, US */**** – Present

Vodafone EVO Development (Vodafone) – Redwood City, CA 1/2015 – Present

Preparation & documentation of report’s Functional and technical specification.

Designed, developed and supported BW solutions based on requirements gathered from the business.

Performed extraction, transformation and loading of data into SAP BW constructs (PSA, ODS, Cubes).

Gathered business-reporting requirements, designed and developed solutions, tested/verified the solutions, migrated the solution to production, and provided ongoing support.

Designed and created new BW objects (Info packages, ODSs, Cubes, Info objects, Transfer structures, Data sources).

Designed and created BW Queries using Business Explorer (BEx).

Supported at Onsite for the Go-Live Activities and for UAT Support.

Updated Data through PSA for Info Cube, ODS using Delta, Full update.

Created custom queries and defined Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Text Variables, etc. For customized reporting using Bex Analyzer, Designed and developed several workbooks and global Views.

Creation of Reports such that the execution time is evenly distributed throughout the Report using Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions and RRI concept.

Employer: Cognizant Technology Solutions, US 01/2013 – 12/2014

BW Support Pack Upgrade (ExxonMobil) – Houston, TX 6/2014-12/2014

Involved in Pre & Post upgrade activity such as report comparison results.

Checking inactive objects (Info cube, DSO, Info Objects, Info Sets,DTPs,Transformations,Update rules)

Comparing Pre & Post values in all targets by using SQL statements.

Extract the data from all source system to target after upgrade.

Involved in fixing the load failure after upgrade.

Update data from Initial layer to reporting layer and compare performance of each load.

Worked on housekeeping activities & Repartitioning.

Involved in the plug in upgrade activities like clearing the LBWQ/SM13 and RSA7 queues on R/3 and support pack upgrade activities on BI.

Extensively involved in monitoring the process chains and info package groups and resolving the post upgrade production issues.

Worked with Basis team for BI system configuration. Raise OSS note with SAP and implement the notes. Also as per the client requirement, I have implemented various OSS note along with its prerequisite correction instructions.

Clorox Apps Service (The Clorox Company) – Oakland, CA 7/2013-6/2014

Daily monitoring of the process chains. Resolving frequent failures on data loads. Escalation according to the business process (Communication Channel & Execution Channel).

Worked on Reconciliation issues and resolve the data issues in BW system.

Given better suggestions on existing process chains to avoid the maximum time consuming on data loads.

Expertise in Debugging, Troubleshooting, and fixing issues to deliver user requirements

Expertise in creation of BW Objects – DSOs, Info cubes and Open Hubs and also Process chain maintenance.

Co-ordination with Onsite Team for timely deliverables and closure of incidents and the clarification.

Involved in high-level discussion with the customer to understand the requirement of the Change Request.

Co-ordinated with the team and taken care of all SEM Tasks & Batch Monitoring Activities.

Managed and monitored data loads with Full, Init, Repair-Full and delta mechanism in Production System post transports of enhancements/changes.

Uploading data from PSA manually in to the data targets during the data load issues and performing repair full request.

Implemented various Performance Tuning activities to increase the performance of Queries by Creating secondary indexes, Aggregates, Partitioning and Compression.

Created respective update rules and transformations with necessary update routines. Created the info sources and scheduled several data uploads like initialization with delta updates. Monitored the scheduled background jobs.

Involved in activating the Master Data sources and loaded the master data in FICO and MM areas.

Involved in extraction from flat-files both transaction data and master data and did reporting using BEx Analyzer.

Used LO – Cockpit extract structures and data sources to extract data in SD and MM to facilitate the data to BW.

Created Variables, conditions, calculated key figures, restricted key figures, and ranking lists to make the reports user friendly.

Created restricted key figures, filter values, query variants, and exceptions for the effective query management.

Developed several queries and the workbooks using BEx Analyzer according to end users requirement for SD (billing document, deliveries, planned sales/ actual sales).

Technical discussion with BI Architects on the solutions proposed. Fit gap analysis to harmonize the backend model and Queries and Process Chains.

Creation of Detailed Design, Functional Specification and technical Test Scripts for BI. Developed and managed execution of unit, cycle, integration and regression testing plans

Involved in the plug in upgrade activities like clearing the LBWQ/SM13 and RSA7 queues on R/3 and support pack upgrade activities on BI.

Variable Sales Force (Forest Laboratories), Jersey City, NJ 1/2013-7/2013

Developed and maintained BW project plan, using ASAP methodology for the remodeling of the existing architecture. Assisted with the development and execution of integration testing and cut-over plans.

Designed and developed custom Data Sources, Info Sources, Extractors, Info Cubes and DSO'S to fulfill user requirements.

Implemented the routine logic to populate the value as per the customer requirement for the additional enhanced fields of Transaction and Master Data Loads.

Technical discussion with BI Architects on the solutions proposed. Fit gap analysis to harmonize the backend model and Queries and Process Chains.

Creation of Detailed Design, Functional Specification and technical Test Scripts for BI. Developed and managed execution of unit, cycle, integration and regression testing plans

Daily tracking of the deliverables and communicate to project management and involved in KT and Sign-Off meetings.

Created custom extractors using function modules to extract data for material characteristics, vendor contacts and batch master.

Involved in preparing the Design document, mapping sheet and cutover document based on user requirements.

Developing Transformations and wrote Start/End/DTP routine & Expert Routines in ABAP to incorporate Business logic and perform data manipulation.

Co-ordination with both Offshore and Onsite Team for timely deliverables.

Employer: Cognizant Technology Solutions, India 04/2011 – 12/2012

Aggregate Spend Solutions (Forest Laboratories), Jersey City, NJ 12/2012-1/2013

Designed and Enhanced the Master Data Attributes with additional fields.

Implemented the routine logic to populate the value as per the customer requirement for the additional enhanced fields of Master data attributes.

Enhanced the BEx Queries and BOBJ reports to cater to custom requirements for the enhanced master data attributes fields.

MI Analytics (Forest Laboratories), Jersey City, NJ 5/2012-12/2012

Designed BW Info cubes factoring periodic (Monthly/Biannual) restatement of data.

Implemented Metrics pertaining to Moving Average Total in the back end design.

Developed BEx Queries to cater to custom requirements such as displaying latest ‘X’ month/weeks of data, Growth % over past data etc.

Loaded Market Specific hierarchies and designed Process Chains for the automation of data loads

Performed Unit Testing, System Testing for Info Cube dataflow and BEx queries.

Prepared/reviewed System Design Specification documents, Unit Testing and System Testing Documents for Back end and Front end objects.

Reviewed Transport requests and mediated/coordinated their movement across the System landscape.

Formulated Cut-Over Plan for production go-live.

Created a tool for Data Release Management as per the customer requirement to trigger a mail on each and every process chain failures.

Involved in writing customer exits for all the BEx Queries as per the customers requirement and also to address the BOBJ reports design requirement.

ASR Contingency Solution (Forest Laboratories), New Jersey, USA 1/2012-5/2012

Involved in Creating DSO, Cubes and Multiproviders with the flows as per the design suggested by the customer.

Extensively involved in data extraction from SAP and Non-SAP Sources. Worked extensively in Flat File Extractions.

Involved in loading Master and Transaction Data. Managed and Monitored several data loads.

Analyzed Info cubes, maintained Aggregates to improve the performance and for efficient utilization of data.

Data loading was monitored and the failed data packets were analyzed and if possible manually edited in PSA (mostly for invalid characters) and re-loaded.

Created a tool to post the file to an application server in the customer required formats.

FI BOBJ Migration (Forest Laboratories), Jersey City, NJ 4/2011-1/2012

Extensively involved in Backend migration and Frontend migration. Worked extensively in the FI modules (CCA/WBS/FI-AP/PO) Extractions.

Involved in Technical migration. BW 3.5 Flow to be migrated to BI 7.0 Dataflow

Involved as a single point of contact for all ABAP related issues. Conversion of Field level, start routines into transformation start routines for increasing the performance of the Data Loading.

Involved in code review, unit test and SIT documentation and comparing the result between 3.5 flows & 7.0 flows.

Involved in the System Testing to improve the performance and for efficient utilization of data.

Involved in loading Master and Transaction Data after migration.

Frontend migration – Query harmonization, compression of query by using Meridian Tool.

Conversion of harmonized query into BI 7.0 query and also helped the team in writing the customer exit for the queries.

Migrated the process chain for automating the data loading process and monitored the same.

Expertise in resolving problems, troubleshoot, and performance tuning on BI systems during the time of migration and go-live.

Actively involved in GO-LIVE Activities by preparing the cut-over plan and helped the team members

Employer: Wipro Technologies, India 06/2010 – 4/2011

Kellogg’s Support (Kellogg’s), New York, NY 6/2010- 4/2011

Interact with business to gather requirements, prioritize work, develop enhancements to the existing system, coordinate testing, and perform change management/training for BW Reporting and applications.

Perform analysis and design; write technical specifications; configuration and programming in the SAP/BI environment, including testing and implementation. Monitor, communicate and troubleshoot issues with data integrity, data design, and functional and technical software issues.

Develop and drive the implementation of BW best practices and standards for the team. Perform routine program modifications, performance tuning, problem solving, debugging, and unit testing.

Responsible for developing BW data models and designs, configuring custom and delivered content BW objects, analyzing BW reporting requirements, developing detailed reporting specifications.

Managed and monitored several data loads, captured the errors and corrected the bugs and applied several OSS notes for the errors encountered while loading the data.

Involved in Touchstone and Walmart Developments in creation of all BW objects.

Recommended solutions to business needs and Performed Unit testing and Integration testing.

Involved actively in fixing all data load and job failures.

Developed numerous custom data sources using database views and custom function modules.

Developed process chains to automate the initialization and delta updating of all data.

Extracted data from non-SAP source system using DB connect and flat files interface.

Created Transformation Routines, Start Routines and End Routines as per the requirement and for the lookups from one DSO to other. Testing and Debugging of routines.

Involved in Performance enhancement features such as Cube Indexing, maintaining Aggregates, Rollups and cube Compression.

Handled Various Post Production Support Issues related to Short Dumps, Data Loading, Monitoring, Database Space.

Involved in verifying and approving all the roles needed for the users.

Involved mainly in coding part and review part of the developments.

Build and enhance BI objects such as Info objects, Info cubes, Info sources/Data Sources, Master Data, Transformations, and Update Rules, ODS, Extractors, Info sets, Aggregates, Process Chains, User Exits, BADI.

Configured and implemented BW reporting using BEx Analyzer/Browser. Good Knowledge on BW security and authorizations.

Experience in designing/creating/ configuring Info Objects, Info Source, Transfer Structure, Transfer & Update Rules, Info cube, Communication Structure, ODS, Info packages, Scheduling and Job Monitoring.

Employer: HCL Technologies, India 07/2006 – 6/2010

Managed Service & Support (Moduslink), Singapore 1/2008-6/2010

Accountable for managing the entire domain of SAP including implementation and documentation.

Involved in modifying & building new functionalities in reports and modifying Scripts and Smart forms as per the Client’s requirement.

Expertise in Reports (Classical, Interactive and ALV), Module Pool Programming, and Data dictionary objects, BADI, BAPI, User exit, SAP Scripts and Smart forms.

Involved in full life cycle of the project in Technical design. Carried out the requirement analysis with users.

Involved in Debugging and Code fixing.

Performance tuning activity done on the Function modules extractors and also focused on the routine analysis and fine tuning the code.

Created Start routines and End routine in transformations to update characteristics and key figures in the Info Cubes.

Modifying Scripts and Smart forms. Led efforts across Performance Testing, Maintenance and Ticket solving.

Involved in Enhancements and RICEF’s and Involved mainly in Performance Tuning.

Understood the Client requirement, prepared the technical specification of the report requirements.

Contract Management for 21st Century (RTA), Australia 7/2006-1/2008

Environment: Java, J2ee, Struts, JSP, Servlet, Java Script, Oracle and SQL Server

Database: Oracle 8i/9i

Involved in Coding for new requirement and ticket solving.

Prepared the requirement and functional specifications and Test cases.

Involved in modifying existing functionalities in various screens.

Involved in Maintenance & Production support of the project.

Involved in Unit, Integration and Regression testing for various modules of project.

Involved in Quality Work, Auditing and increased the PQI score for my project to around 85%.


Master of Computer Applications 2006

SRM University, Chennai

Bachelor of Mathematics 2003

University of Madras, Chennai

PG diploma in Computer Applications 2004

SISI University, Chennai


Sun Certified in Web Component Developer 5.0 v

Sun Certified in Java Professional 5.0 v

Oracle Certified Associate from Brain bench

SAP certified Netweaver Consultant (ABAP Version 6.7)

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