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Software Engineer Engineering

Waterloo, ON, Canada
April 12, 2016

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Riyad Parvez

Personal Data

Phone: +1-519-***-****



Address: *** ********** **., ********, *******, Canada Summary

• 3+ years experiences in C++, Java, C#, Python

• Research expertise in system virtualization, program analysis for detecting security vulnerabilities, application binary analysis, compilers, constraint solvers.

• Expertise in building tools to automatically finding security vulnerabilities in applica- tion binary.

• Research experience in developing algorithms for distributed graph processing systems. Skills

Research Areas: Static Program Analysis, Dynamic Program Analysis, Binary Analysis, Symbolic Execution based Testing, Concolic Testing, Whitebox Fuzzing, Theorem Provers, Constraint Solvers

Language: C++, Java, Scala (Learning), C#, C, Python, SQL Framework: LLVM, Clang, Java Standard Edition; Akka, Apache Spark (Learning) Technology: KLEE, S2E, QEMU, Google Pregel like distributed graph processing sys- tems

Work Experience

Current Graduate Student at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Expected Graduation Date: April 2016.

Jan 2014

• Researching on software reliability to find bugs automatically in programs using static program analysis guided symbolic execu- tion [C++, Python, x86 Assembly, QEmu hypervisor, LLVM, Clang].

• Research on distributed constraint solver based on distributed graph processing systems [C++, Python, MPI, GraphLab, Apache Giraph, GraphX (Apache Spark)]

August 2015 Security Research Student at BlackBerry, Ontario, Canada May 2015

Worked on technology transfer for symbolic execution based hypervi- sor to find security vulnerabilities in program binary [C, C++, x86 As- sembly, Python, Java, Linux, QEmu hypervisor].

April 2015 Teaching Assistant at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada May 2014

• ECE 356 - Database Systems [SQL, MySQL]

• ECE 650 - Methods and Tools for Software Engineering [C, Python, Bash]

• ECE 351 - Compilers [Java, JUnit, git].

December 2013 Software Engineer at App Dragon, Dhaka, Bangladesh July 2013

Developed HTTP, REST, SOAP, SMPP API for SMS marketing back-endweb service (bulk SMS sending, receiving) [Python, Tornado, SQLAlchemy, MySQL].

December 2012 Software Engineer at Jantrik Technologies Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh April 2012

Lead developer of Trace [C#, ArcGIS, WinForm].


Current Masters in Applied Science in Software Engineering University of Waterloo, Ontario

Research: “Scalable Bug Detection in System Softwares” Advisers: Prof. Paul Ward, Prof. Vijay Ganesh

Gpa: 88.20/100

June 2007 - March 2012 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh Thesis: “Adaptive Survivor Selection Scheme for Evolutionary Algorithms” Advisor: Prof. Md. Monirul Islam

GPA: 3.70/4


• Data Structures (C#) In this open source project, I’ve developed different advanced open source data structures in C#.

• Comparison of Performance of Distributed Graph Processing Systems on Community Detection Algorithms In this course project, we’ve compared the performance (scala- bility) of Google Pregel like distributed graph processing systems on different real life graphs aka networks. We’ve experimented with GraphLab, GraphX (Apache Spark) and Apache Giraph on implementations of different community detection algorithms with the baseline of sequential algorithm.

• Automated Exploit Generation In this project, we’ve developed technique for auto- matically exploiting vulnerabilities in remote network server in the presence of buffer overflow and information leakage (format-string) vulnerabilities.

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