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C++ developer

Markham, ON, Canada
April 10, 2016

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*.Name: Rama Laxmi Reddy Narikela

*.Work Experience Summary

** ***** ** ********** ** software development, integration and porting.

Worked extensively in C/C++ languages on windows, Linux and QNX platforms.

Hands on work experience on QNX embedded platform in Vehicle domain

Good Debugging, Analytical, Problem Solving and Communication skills.




Windows, Linux, QNX, MAC OSx



C, C++



Visual Studio, QDE, MAC OSx



CAN, RS232, RS485



Enterprise Architect, Bounds checker, Coverity, CANoe, Perforce, Exceed on Demand, SSH Tectia, Informatica DT/CDE, VSS, Code collaborator

4.Educational Qualification




Vasavi College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India


(Computer Science & Engineering)


5.Description of Major Projects Handled


Brief Description:

The project is about car infotainment Bluetooth application for Panasonic Company of America customer. PASA NTG has Diagnostics Userdata import/export module. This feature allows re-use of user data that was taken from another system due to ECU change or Vehicle Change. List includes On-Off Settings, Preset Lists, Address book, Connectivity, Internet Browser, System Settings, Bluetooth Device List, NTG5 audio settings, navigation data. Export option creates encrypted file based on the data sent by all the services. This includes MUDX.ud1, GARMIN.ud1, and Phonebook.ud1 files. Import option decrypts all the above mentioned files and sends the respective data/files to various services. Encryption/decryption is based on base64 encode/decode client algorithm using crypto library. The encrypted MUDX.xml file is parsed and data is read and formatted before passing to service.

Programming language/OS: C, C++, QNX

Tools: QNX IDE, Source Insight, Beyond Compare, Enterprise Architect, Coverity, Code Collaborator for code reviews

Role in Project:

I was involved in implementation of new features like base64 encode-decode using crypto lib, GPCS standalone import, navigation GARMIN import/export, networking map device list, abort scenarios like Ignition Off, power Off, device removal. I worked as an individual contributor to the module. The bugs reported in daily/weekly builds were analyzed, discussed with client and resolved. Client change requests and enhancements were discussed and implemented accordingly.


Brief Description:

The project is about Toshiba Multi-Function Printers that supports various functionality like COPY, SCAN, PRINT, FAX, EFILING, and JOBSTATUS. I am associated with JOBSTATUS and PRINT module. JOBSTATUS handles the status of all the copy, fax, scan and print jobs submitted for processing. Print job handles various types of jobs like proof, hold, private, network print.

Programming language/OS: C++ Language, XML, Linux

Tools: Altova XML

Role in Project:

My role is to fix fault reports and complete the release process for biweekly builds

Team lead for team size of 10 and work location is client site

Responsible for consolidation and sending weekly status report to customer

5.3.Communicator Porting on MAC

Brief Description:

The scope of the project is to port Communicator to Apple MAC environment for Microsoft customer. Steps involved are compilation, linking, adding new files, debugging and running the application.

The scope involves -

Fixing precompiler/compiler errors in various targets – It involves learning gcc compiler specific features, deviation from windows environment.

Fixing linker errors in various targets.

Debugging and running the application.

Fixing the bugs to achieve desired functionality.

Programming language/OS: C++ Language, MAC

Tools: Mac OSx, Source Depot, BpkReader

Role in Project:

My role is team member. My responsibility is to port the code to Mac environment to support the required functionality.

5.4.China Clearing

Brief Description:

The scope of the project is to automate the clearing of payment files at different branches in China for Bank of America customer. The scope involves -

Processing of local language text.

Processing of bulk files or payment messages.

Conversion of files into the format required by GBS.

Routing to external applications / clearing house.

The project follows agile methodology for project development.

Programming language/OS: C, C++ Language, Linux

Tools: Perforce, Exceed on Demand, SSH Tectia, Informatica DT/CDE

Role in Project:

My role is team member. My responsibility is to develop the code to support the required functionality.

5.5.Teamcenter MSFT

Brief Description:

Teamcenter enables us to digitally manage product and manufacturing data in the context of the product lifecycle. The project is executed for Siemens customer.

Using Teamcenter we can:

• Provide access to data in real time to all users in our global organization

• Manage product configuration

• Control design changes and approvals

• Provide information to downstream applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

The scope of the project is to fix Teamcenter 8.0 problem reports prior to release.

Programming language/OS: C++ Language

Tools: Data management system for source control

Role in Project:

My role is team member. My responsibility is fixing problem reports in application for Audit Manager module.

5.6Automatic Evaluation System

Brief Description:

Automatic Evaluation System is used for automatic evaluation of ECUs in car by NISSAN customer. Its purpose is to automate manual operations, visual inspection in order to facilitate the effectiveness of evaluation process. Its role is to send and receive Analog, Digital and CAN signals to/from real ECUs set-up. Signals received during test are logged in a log file in standard MDF format and is used by Judgment tool.

Programming language/OS: C++, Multithreading, Synchronization, STL, Win32 DLLs

Tools: National Instruments devices – NI-DAQ and NI-CAN boards, NI-CAN driver, NI-DAQmx driver, NI MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer)

Role in Project:

My role is leading the driver wrapper module. I am involved in complete SDLC.

My responsibilities are:

Requirement analysis

High level design

Detail Design


Testing and user acceptance

5.7Substation Control

Brief Description:

Substation Automation Equipment is SCADA equipment used in Electrical Substations for data acquisition and control by GE customer.

The scope of the project is to fix application software bugs and maintain compatibility with the existing software.

Programming language/OS: C language

Protocols: RS232, RS485, interrupt embedded programming

Role in Project:

My role is team member. My responsibility is fixing bugs in application for Combination I/O (Digital, Analog, Control) module to meet functional and performance requirements. The other responsibilities are:

Analysis and bug fixing

Professional Experience:

Wipro Technologies – 5.04.2010 to present

Tata Consultancy Services – 23.08.2004 to 19.03.2010

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