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RF Engineer

United States
April 09, 2016

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More than *+ years of experience in Wireless industry including Scoping, Planning, Design, Pre and Post Launch Optimization of LTE and UMTS technologies.

Strong knowledge in LTE Network architecture, OFDMA, SCFDMA, MIMO, Pre launch tuning, post- launch, L3 messaging, parameters, call flows

Expertise in Design prep work which includes CIQ creation, Plumbing diagram & RFDS design and IBwave design, 3-D modeling, Antenna propagation.

Expertise in iDAS/oDAS, small cell design and optimization, Event monitoring for COW sites, ANOVA process and Strong knowledge in VoLTE Optimization

Good experience in ASG PH3 optimization projects and Alarm clearing for UMTS/LTE

Good understating of WIPS/WMS/SAM work orders for ALU optimization, report generation through NPO


Tools: MapInfo Professional, RMAP, Arieso DTS, Secure CRT, Actix Spotlight, Xceed, NIMS optimization tool,

IBwave (Level 2 training in MYCOM), TEMS Investigation, NEMO Analyzer, Microsoft Visio, WinFIOL.

Applications: MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Photoshop, Visual Studio 2008, Illustrator.

Operating systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows XP/NT/2000, Windows 7, 8


MYCOM North America– RF ENGINEER Feb 2011 – Till Date


UMTS, LTE Optimization and Analysis:

Markets worked: North and South Carolina, West Virginia, Arizona and North Texas

Description: Pre Launch and Post Launch Optimization.


Worked on MapInfo to create drive route, upon approval from the client managed the operations of Drive testing for UMTS carrier add, LTE 1C/2C/3C and NSB’s for all the markets.

Communicate (both Verbal/email) independently with customer for approvals, changes Launch and Closing Package.

Worked on post processing tools like Actix, Xceed to analyze UMTS and LTE log files and preparation of SSV, SSD, GNG, ANOVA and cluster reports for multiple markets including Timing advance, L3 event analysis (DL Latency, RRC failure, HO Failure).

Pre-Launch Activities include parameter Audit, regularly monitoring RSSI, VSWR, alarms and KPIs of sites that are already on air to ensure optimum performance of the cell sites, monitoring and resolving alarms like threshold diversity imbalance, X2 access alarms, equipment down and PCI confusion alarms.

Ran WNCS Reports to check for missing neighbors.

Analyzed neighbor database relation from WNCS report and correlate in order to improve HO statistics.

Worked on Drive less tuning process in NTX market using Arieso tool.

Post Launch Activities include Daily monitoring of newly Integrated/carrier added UMTS and LTE Sites for Throughput, traffic on UL/DL accordingly to improve the performance to meet the target KPI’s.

Performed Device testing which includes testing a new prelaunch device in 158 different scenarios to detect flaws before releasing it into the market.

Worked on NIMS optimization tool for creating reports, work spaces and formulae to pull the live KPI readings of both UMTS and LTE.


DAS and Small cell Design and Optimization

Markets worked: California, Arizona, Atlanta, New Mexico, and Utah.

Description: Design Prep work and Implementation and Optimization.


Prepared Preliminary Design for the venue based on customer inputs using IBwave.

Involved in Site Survey and was responsible for Survey reports which includes analyzing the existing Headend location, existing network equipment and cables and other Network Vendors.

Created 3D modeling of the venue and Antenna layout plan based on survey report and preliminary assumptions in IBwave design tool.

Managed the operations of walk testing for Indoor DAS and Small Cell which includes preliminary bench mark testing, CW testing before installation.

Processed the walk test data collected through Actix/Xceed processing tools to analyze UMTS and LTE coverage in and around the building, providing the bench mark test report.

Provided coverage prediction plots for UMTS RSCP, EcNo plots and LTE RSRP and RSRQ plots based on survey and bench mark reports using iBwave design tool.

Provided RF exposure plots and based on the plots providing any down tilts if needed in the neighboring Macro sites.

Once approved and the system is Installed, coordinated the final walk test.

Analyzed detailed UMTS and LTE L3 event analysis, checked DL Latency, RRC failure, HO Failure.

Regularly monitored RSSI, VSWR, alarms and KPIs of sites for optimum performance and sent the KPI reports of UMTS and LTE to AT&T on daily basis until closed.


ALU LTE Optimization

Markets worked: Arizona

Description: LTE Pre/Post Launch Optimization


Worked on LTE Carrier additions for 100+ Sites in Phoenix market.

Proposed Neighbor additions and implemented them in the ALU OSS using WPS/WMS.

Created work orders in WPS and implemented them in WMS for changes in the site.

Involved in post processing and quality analysis of Drive data and Scanner data using ACTIX.

Analyzed the drive test data to do fine-tuning of antenna tilt, azimuth, Pilot pollution, Interference Analysis, optimize neighbor list for network enhancement.

Worked on NPO reports during Optimization phase and worked on close out packages.

Regularly monitored RSSI, VSWR, alarms and KPIs of site in NPO and provided the KPI readings to AT&T on daily basis.

Responsible for analyzing the worst CQI offenders; providing mid-term and long term solution.

Analyzed issues on cluster-level like high DCR%, Accessibility%, TNOL% and IRAT% using Optima, Quantum and NPO.

Analyzed Layer 3 & Event messages to optimize network and improve KPIs.

Tested KPIs such as CS & PS, IRAT, SHO, RRC setup, RAB drop, RAB success, CS drop, PS drop, RSSI.


RF Design of UMTS/LTE Network

Markets worked: North and South Carolina, California

Description: Design Prep work and Implementation


Created/Modified Plumbing diagrams for NSB’s and Carrier add based on customer inputs using Microsoft Visio.

Created/ Modified RFDS and RNDCIQ’s based on the inputs from customer and ATOLL for NSB’s and Carrier add Sites.

Performed Site visits, involved in weekly meetings with client for status updates on the new sites.

Worked closely with the NSS team, scheduling integration and installation.


ASG Phase 3 Optimization and Analysis

Markets worked: Arizona

Description: Walk Test and Optimization


Managed the operations of walk testing for Indoor DAS which includes RF Validation testing before going on air and final RF optimization testing after going on air in Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain, Tucson AZ.

RF Validation walk included Multi-RAB call tests for UMTS 850, UMTS 1900 and FTP test for LTE technologies.

RF optimization walk included Short call test, Long call test, PS upload test, PS download test for UMTS and iperf DL, iperf UL, FTP DL and CSFB testing for LTE

Processed the Walk test data and generated CA reports using Actix DAS package.


Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Missouri Kansas City .

Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad.


References are available on request.

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