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Management, CFO, Internal Audit Eecutive.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
April 09, 2016

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Anthony F. Holbrooke

**** ******** **** * *******, Florida 33319 Ú Telephone: 954-***-****


Internal Audit Director/Controller/CFO & Risk Management Specialist

Specialty Areas Include

Instituting Cost Reduction Initiatives Ú Ensuring GAAP & IFRS Compliance Ú Conducting Valuation Analysis

Increasing Shareholder Value Ú SEC/Tax Reporting Ú Capital Acquisition-Cap Expenditures Ú P&L Improvements

BBA (Hons)(Accounting/Business Management), BA (Economics), Internal Audit Director/CFO/Controller & Risk Management Specialist, with more than 30 years of hands-on financial management experience that consistently converted corporate intent and strategic plans into action.

Experience encompasses, serving as Executive Managing Director for Rodl Middle East INJTERNATIONAL,CPA firm, charged with managing 24 FTE’s and 60 contract employees with responsibility for overseeing internal audit compliance and reporting for the Emirates Securities Commodity Authority, Abu Dhabi and Dubi Securities markets. Additional executive management senior-level experience as CFO/CEO for HACI with responsibility for managing $2.5 billion in portfolio assets and $6 billion in collateral assets.

Career Highlights

ØTrained 24 staff members in varying degrees of qualifications and job titles to perform compliance work for the Emirates Security Commodity Authority. Subsequently, expanding training scope from the Emirates Security Commodity Authority to half of the 110 brokerage firms that were under the licensing arm of the Authority.

ØReduced average collection time from 120 days to less than 30 days turn around by implementing the following 3 items: 1) Established a mail courier service between the dealership and banks; 2) Setup a daily follow-up at banks that significantly improved cash flow and avoided default by the customer; and 3) Bank now held the paperwork not the dealership.

ØEntrusted by Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc. with implementing a service invoicing system over a 6 month period that tied inventory to specific jobs and held the service man responsible for inventory placed on drill rigs/power systems all over the world. Subsequently, recovered in the range of $2 million in parts not previously applied to the service invoice and charged to the client, and on a continued basis generated approximately $5 million in additional revenues per year.

Benefit Statement

Demonstrated 30+ year track record of accomplishments in increasing shareholder value, ensuring GAAP and Sarbanes Oxley compliance, maximizing cash flow, and evaluation of global financial statements that consistently reduced operational costs while increasing bottom-line benefits through efficiency in application of accounting information on a timely basis.

Key Areas of Expertise

Regulatory Compliance Ú Client Relationship Management (CRM) Ú Identifying Areas Requiring Focus for Controls Over Assets Ú Analysis of Inventories & Their Turnover Ratios Ú Strong Analytical Skills Ú Utilizing Benchmarks & Best Practices Techniques Ú Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis Ú Allocation of Resources Ú Management Reporting for Operations Efficiency & Financial Internal Controls Ú Board of Director Reporting and Training on Internal Audit Process.

Professional Experience & Accomplishments

Crichton Mullings & Associates, CPA’s, Miramar, Florida


(A CPA firm specializing in small to medium size business for profit enterprises)

Anthony F. Holbrooke Page Two

Manager – Scope of duties consist of managing a 5-member professional staff providing valuation analysis, risk management, analytical reviews and assisting owners in setting up cash management and operational budget objectives. Personal tax and Corporate returns.

ØEstablished ‘Trusted Advisor’ status with a wide-array of clients, which proved instrumental in growing a steady stream of engagements that significantly increased bottom-line for the firm's revenue.

Rodl Middle East International, CPA, Abu Dhab, UAE

(Reason for leaving: 4-years maximum time work permit is issued) 2006 to 2010 & political unrest in surrounding countries with political tension & wars.

(A public accounting audit and businessmanagement consulting firm)

Executive Managing Director – Primary duties focused on managing a staff of 25 professional accountants charged with performing internal and compliance audits for multi-international-corporation. Conducted comprehensive risk analysis and scoring of various departments for appropriate risk assessments and internal controls over assets.

ØEstablished a system to utilize market software for transitions to manage and analyze suspicious transactions and reporting same to the regulator. Consequently, revenues grew from $50,000 first year to more than $3 million over the 4 years of employment.

ØImplemented an internal audit program for Emirates Securities Commodity Authority (ESCA) the national regulatory authority for Stock Exchanges in the United Arab Emirates, as well as implementing audit plans for the Abu Securities Exchange and the Dubai Stock Exchange. Subsequently, structured regulations in the form of an Internal Audit Questionnaire (ICQ). Example, T-2 rule was number 41 in the regulations but needed to be at number 6 because of the transaction flow and requirements for settlements at day 2.

HACI Consultants, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

(Reason for leaving: closing due to downturn in banking) 1990 to 2005

(A financial management, internal auditing, accounting and business consulting firm)

President – Performed CFO and CEO duties as well as directing all financial management, internal auditing, accounting and business consultancy functions, for clients including ILD operations, telecomm service providers, real estate development companies and government banking regulators.

ØManaged assets with an investment value of $3 billion and a market value of $5 to $6 billion in cash flow value generated over time. Increased within 1 year, revenues 3-fold from $12 million by: 1) Creating additional services; 2) and 3) Providing loan servicing fees in-house.

Prior 1990 Professional Experience

Warren Henry Motors, Inc., N. Miami, Florida Corporate Financial Controller

1987 to 1990

Mercury Savings & Loan of Texas, Ben Milam Savings

& Loan & Colwell Mortgage, Houston, Texas Internal Auditor

1986 to 1987

Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc., Houston, Texas Senior Internal Auditor/Controller

1982 to 1985

Capital Bank, Houston, Texas Senior Audit Officer

1980 to 1982

Price Waterhouse & Co., Mississauga, Canada Senior Auditor

1978 to 1979

Deloitte, Haskins & Sells, Toronto, Canada Staff Auditor

1975 to 1977

Education & Professional Development

BBA, (Hons). Accounting & Business Management, York University, Toronto, Ontario Canada

BA, Economics, York University, Toronto, Ontario Canada

AA, Business Administration, Compton College, Los Angeles, California


Certified in the UAE & Texas as a CPA, Abu Dhabi Ministry of Economy, Auditor and Accountant.

Computer Experience

Experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, and spread sheets

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“Former employee said that if it was not for me and the guidance given to the initial investors and to the training of staff to do an efficient job, the business would not have grown to a multi-million dollar business.”

Mark Sanfilippo, Director of IT

First Services Residential Management, Inc.

“If I ever needed the best CFO I know who to call, Tony.”

Pat Palmer Former COO

World Wide Web Systems, Inc.

“Tony is the best asset management contractor and SWAT business specialist in the USA. He is rated number 4 in the South Eastern USA and in the top 5 in the other 3 sections of the breakdown, Dallas, California and Atlanta regional offices.”

Fred Douglas former National Director

For single family housing at HUD, the FDIC and

Director at RTC and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac

“I cannot say enough for the assistance and guidance Tony offered at the CFO-level for the Company, as one of the many programmers hired through the H1B visa process to write code for the web systems in the early 2000.”

Ruth Katsouris-HR Director

World Wide Web Systems, Inc.

‘Tony, you are my best contractor to turn work around in a timely manner.”

Mary E. Bass, Contracting Officer

FDIC/RTC-Government Agency

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