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Orion charter Township, MI, 48362
February 27, 2016

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Scott A. Kay, CPA, MBA


**** *********** ****, **** **********, MI 48324

Vice President of OEM and International Channels

Strategy ● Finance ● Operations ● Sales

Marketing ● Mergers & Acquisitions ● Risk Management ● International Accomplished and versatile business leader who provides vision, astute strategic planning and effective implementation using both financial and operations experience. Offers special expertise in business analytics, financial management, turn around management, and global manufacturing operations. Directly managed businesses ranging from $30M, 250 employees with single campus of 400K sqft, to $300M, 850 employees, with seven sites averaging 150K sqft each. Has had oversight of businesses ranging from startup $5M with 10 employees to a $1.5B mature business with 5K employees. Strong organizational agility with broad functional experience, including multi-levels of a Fortune 500 company. Works directly Corporate Executive staff to shop floor associates. Understands origin and reasoning behind key policies, practices, procedures and strategic positions because of hands-on experience. Clearly anticipates future consequences and trends. Develops competitive and break through strategies and wherewithal to capitalize on the strategies.

Trusted to make the hard decisions based on exceptionally strong ability to obtain full views of issues and provide strongly supported decisions. Willing to stand up for positions even if unpopular. Develops logical substantiated data to support positions and allow actions to be taken. Areas of Expertise

Strategy Development Long Range Planning Change Management Business Analytics Finance & Accounting Business Rationalization Information Technology Operations Management Continuous Improvement Career Highlights

Masco Corporation 1995 – Present

Manufactures, distributes and installs home improvement and building products in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. Fortune 500 Company BrassCraft Manufacturing Company, Masco Corporation subsidiary, Novi, MI Manufacturer and supplier of rough plumbing products in North America with $300M+ in sales. Six domestic and one Asian facility.

Vice President of OEM and International Channels 2015 – Present Responsible for focused effort on identifying, vetting and entry into new markets internationally and new channels domestically related to our core product categories. Managing revenues in excess of $50M. Staff of 4 directs reports with 8 salaried employees.

Developed road map for international expansion and team to execute.

In process of expansion of core product categories into Latin America. The first year of execution resulted in 16% growth year over year.

In process development of enhanced internal process for exportation to further secure premium position in market place to match product position.

In process negotiating joint venture with current limited partner to enhance product offering for further penetration in the Central America as stepping stone to South America. Scott A. Kay, CPA, MBA Page 2

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Vice President of Finance & Business Development 2010 – 2015 Responsible for strategy development, market intelligence, business development, product development, sales OEM & International, finance and risk management. Staff of 6 direct reports with 49 salaried employees.

Developed and managed organic growth strategy that has led to record profits in 2013 and 2014.

Key leader in Big Box Retail Hardware sales pipeline development with incremental business already awarded of $30m and opportunities of $40m to pursue in 2015.

Created business development program with standardized business assessment, due diligence and generic integration process. Developed vetted candidate list and continually building relationships with these targets while refining of business opportunity assessment.

Restructured the finance organization for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Built high performance team while turning around integrity in reporting & controls. Vice President of Operations 2007 – 2010

Manage operations including machining, assembly, packaging and distribution in a multi-facility environment. Oversee capital expenditures, budgeting and forecasting. Handle environmental sustainability initiatives and quality systems. Oversee health, safety and environmental programs. Staff of 7 direct reports with 70 salaried exempt, 20 salaried non-exempt, and 450 hourly employees. Represent 65% of the total company employment, and includes two unionized facilities (UAW and Teamsters).

Led the development and transition to a lead free product to meet water legislation in California ensuring continuity of $24m of revenue which ultimately led to national legislation in 2014.

Achieved $4M lift above historical cost savings run rate by implementing Lean strategy and enhanced tool set to manage labor.

Enhanced performance metric system at manufacturing sites standardized on eight key controllable performance metrics that directly drove variable compensation systems.

Established Green Initiative with first-year savings of $455K, ISO 14000 certification, and Bronze Clean Texas Certification.

Masco Headquarters, Taylor, MI 2005 – 2007

Group Controller

Provided expertise for group and business units on strategy development, decision making, and risk management. Monitored monthly performance and corporate compliance for internal and external audits. Assisted in hiring and development of key divisional managers. Adjunct Board member of Chinese joint venture. Dotted line reports 6 BU’s CFOs with 150 professional and admin staff to support.

Provided financial and accounting guidance to six business units with $3B in sales. Manufacturing locations are in the U.S., England and China. Sales are worldwide throughout Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

Developed business plan, financial reporting and operating structure for a stand-alone coatings technology company that included R&D and commercialization of that technology.

Developed standardized review process to ensure Sarbanes Oxley compliance. Decreased reporting from 90 days to 15 days from quarter end. Additional review time went from five days to one day.

Assessed organizational unmet needs with current financial management teams. Identified core requirements of revamped positions and placed new CFO’s in those BUs. Personally filled one of the roles on an interim basis during a key time of an ERP implementation. Scott A. Kay, CPA, MBA Page 3

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Computerized Security Systems, Masco Corporation subsidiary, Troy, MI 2002 – 2005 Fabricator of fully-integrated electronic locking systems including software, hardware, and services for the hospitality, multi-housing and container markets. Sales of $70M with seven locations worldwide. Vice President of Finance

Directed global Finance and Information Technology for four business units in U.S. and Belgium. Board member of Belgium subsidiary. Staff of 21 direct and indirect reports.

Co-led divestiture of company with President from parent through auction process for a multiple greater than 10 times EBITDA.

Improved EBITDA in two years from 8.9% to 13.5% after adjustments for non-reoccurring charges.

Reduced operating costs by $1M+ by restructuring company from four semi-centralized business units to three decentralized units, while improving customer service and management span of control.

Improved working capital by $3.9M in two years with increased sales of 12%.

Established accounting and managerial information systems, new budgeting and rolling forecasts. Created new Information Technology Steering Committee.

Led successful Sarbanes Oxley compliance initiative. The Marvel Group, Masco Corporation. subsidiary, Chicago, IL 2001 – 2002 Fabricator of office furniture, point of purchase display booth, special engineered parts for office equipment stands. Sales of $35M.

Chief Financial Officer – Vice President of Finance & Administration Directed departments handling accounting and financial reporting, customer service, purchasing and logistics. Negotiated sales and purchasing, and influenced both marketing and strategic planning processes. Total of 17 direct and indirect reports.

Developed and implemented strategic redirection of struggling business to focus on Special Engineered products and business structure rationalization raising profitably from a – 3.5% return on sales to a 10% return on sales in 2 year period.

Reorganized company for succession planning and downsizing involving two RIFs and the successful negotiation of a union contract.

Implemented cost cutting initiative of $1M+ to create lean organization at new sales levels.

Improved inventory from $7.8M to $3M.

Reduced receivables DSO from 110 days to 27 days.

Established comprehensive accounting and managerial information systems to support divestiture from parent company. Developed new budgeting (bottom up approach) and rolling forecasting processes. Masco Headquarters, Taylor, MI 1999 – 2001

Financial Analyst

Brass Craft Manufacturing Company, subsidiary of Masco Corporation, Novi, MI 1995 – 1999 Senior Financial Analyst

Deloitte & Touché LLP 1993 – 1995

Global professional service firm providing finance, auditing, tax, business transaction and consulting services. Senior Assistant Accountant

Education License Professional Training Affiliations Certified Public Accountant State of Michigan

Masters of Business Administration Eastern Michigan University / Masco Corp. Bachelor of Arts, Business (Accounting) Michigan State University Pricing: Strategy and Tactics University of Chicago Kaizen – Continuous Improvement Certification Masco Corporation Operational Services Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants American Association of Certified Public Accountants

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