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Engineer Manager

Wyoming, MI
February 27, 2016

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Brian Lee Rabourn

**** ******** *** **

Wyoming, MI 49548-4237


Work History / Chronology:

BMC Bil-Mac Corporation 2995 44th Street SW Grandville, MI

May 2014 – Present Quality Engineer

Supervisor: Nick Bowen, Vice President & Owner

Assigned to promote and develop all aspects of the BMC Quality Management System. This assignment includes writing PFMEAs and Control Plans, Operator Work Instructions, Inspection Instructions, Quality Polies and Procedures, Metrology Development, Gage R&R strategy, Statistical Quality Procedures and Analyses, Internal Corrective Action Reports, Customer Complaint 8D, ISO Audit Corrective Actions, Report to Management, Daily Quality Report, Cost of Quality, Customer Audits, Staffing and Supervision of QC Inspectors.

Achievements: Guided multiple successful launches of Tier One Automotive components worth 20% increase of company revenue, removed aging metrology and replaced with technologically superior equipment saving at least $150,000 by stopping misguided plans for unnecessary equipment and improving inspection efficiency by est. 20%. Re-organized Plant Auditor function, eliminating at least $50,000 annual wasted wage assignments for outdated quality department activities such as redundant final inspection. Re-established customer confidence in a crisis over a $1.5M/year job which has been shipping to Mexico for seven years through rational corrective actions and close communication with the customer representatives, leading to current consideration for additional work worth over $1.0M/year in 2017. Wrote BMC Statistical Quality Manual, BMC GD&T Reference Manual, BMC APQP System File and Manual.

Grand Rapids Plastics 4220 Roger B. Chaffee Memorial Boulevard Wyoming, MI

July 2013 – May 2014 Quality Engineer

Supervisor: Lynn Brooks, Quality Manager

Assigned to write PFMEA and Control plans for new launches, serve as Automotive Tier One Customer Liaison, Led Corrective Actions related to Customer Complaints, Directed on-site sorting and repair in Detroit/Toledo area, as well as Grand Haven. Wrote Operator Work Instructions and directed QC Auditors across three shifts and two manufacturing facilities.

Achievements: Achieved full approval status for Tier One Automotive engine support component after a six month crisis by directing GP-12 through 100,000 Zero Defects in four weeks. Sustained non-automotive 2.1 million annual unit job during quality crisis with vital input to major cross functional corrective action. Successfully negotiated a settlement with a difficult painting source in a costly Tier Three situation by patiently proving conformance versus non-conformance to painting standards while directing related process improvement in the molding operation.

Aquinas College 1607 Robinson Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

September 2009 – May 2013 Earned (3x) Bachelor’s Degree, GPA 3.65

B.S. Mathematics, B.A. English, B.A. Theology

Royal Technologies Corporation 3765 Quincy Street Hudsonville, MI

August 2007 – September 2009 Production / Assembly

Supervisor: Paul Truax, Assembly Supervisor

During the high point of the economic crisis, I took a production job to avoid moving out of the city, after floating resumes to over six hundred companies. During this time I enrolled full time at Aquinas College, completing three bachelor degrees in four years. During my time at Royal Technologies, I set assembly rate records and was promoted to a Production Coordinator Job on merit. It would have been logical to move up into a Quality Engineer position, but as the economy worsened, Royal Technologies was forced to impose its first ever layoff, affecting 150 personnel, myself included.

Laser Dynamics Incorporated 4881 Allen Park Drive Allendale, MI

April 2004 – April 2006 Quality Manager

Supervisor: Bill Herberg, President, Owner

Between 2002 and 2006, Siemens pumped enough work into Laser Dynamics to increase the company sales by over 2000%. Laser Dynamics started out as a tiny operation with a single flat-bed laser, owned and operated by two adventurous college buddies. I was hired to create a quality department by order of Siemens, as Laser Dynamics was struggling and made the Siemens Worst 25 Supplier List. I was given a free hand to get Laser Dynamics out of trouble.

Achievements: I customized an efficient quality system, first for the tiny company with less than ten employees, then through modifications to the system during expansion into an impressive $2M facility with multiple shifts, three flat-bed lasers, two tube lasers, five brake presses, specialized welding, and professional CAD design services. I brought Laser Dynamics from having no quality department to ISO 9001 registration in less than ten months. The following year, Laser Dynamics was awarded Siemens Preferred Supplier status. Unfortunately, when Siemens unexpectedly moved 90% of Grand Rapids operations to Dallas, Texas, Laser Dynamics lost 70% of its work. To cut costs, the management staff was laid off and the two owners resumed all related duties personally.

Self-Employment 98 Shaftlarnstrasse Munich, Germany

December 1998 – December 2003 Consultant / Trainer

Supervisor: (Berlitz) Suzanne Vomwalde, Manager; (Henschel/Edelman) Silvia Henschel, Owner

Although I did not successfully gain an engineering position in Germany, due to European Restrictions on employment, I was able to consult Manufacturing Practices indirectly through my official status as English Trainer. I worked both as a Berlitz Language Trainer and independently, freelancing companies in and around Munich, Germany. My clients through Berlitz included Arabella/Sheraton Hotels, Deutsche Bank, Audi, BMW, Force Computers, Siemens-Bosch. My clients through freelancing included The Software Factory, Henschel/Edelman, Deloitte&Touche. Before the world-wide economic crash, which was compounded by events on 9/11, my services we worth up to €250/hour. By 2002, approximately 60% of the technologically oriented city of Munich was on full or partial lay-off. I returned to the United States with my family by the close of 2003.

Berlitz Corporation Gosposvetska Cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

May 1997 – December 1998 English Trainer

Supervisor: Gregor Sergan, Managing Director

I moved my family of five to Ljubljana, Slovenia with the intentions of assisting a small missionary church, whose pastor was sent out by my home church. This experience expanded into a seven year stay in Europe, a second career as an English Trainer alongside my wife, who went on into higher education while I returned to Automotive Quality Assurance upon our return to the United States. During my time as an English Trainer, I was generally the preferred teacher for companies, lawyers, and government officials, including the Slovenian Minister of Finance, Executive Vice President of Slovenia’s largest construction company, and a doctor who wrote research articles for the Boston Medical Journal.

Center Manufacturing Incorporated 990 84th St SW Byron Center, MI

March 1995 – November 1995 Quality Engineer / Plant Engineer

Supervisor: Phil Jasperse, Quality Manager

I was hired specifically as a member of a three-engineer team assigned to move our consumer electronics related components to Williamsport, Pennsylvania. By September of that year, my two engineering associates returned to Grand Rapids, while I stayed on as interim Plant Engineer. I eventually declined the company offer to become the permanent Plant Engineer, and moved back to Grand Rapids with my family

Achievements: Establishment of all aspects of consumer electronics related components production, meeting deadlines for full production shipments, with zero defects. Successful establishment of revised parameters for high voltage, semi-automatic production welding equipment.

United Technologies Automotive 13401 New Holland Street Holland, MI

March 1993 – March 1995 Quality Engineer

Supervisor: Todd Heavin, Quality Manager

I was assigned PPAP responsibility over two plants for all GM and Chrysler components, amounting to $200M in annual sales. Within three months, I was given authority over all Statistical Quality for three plants, which included components for GM, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi. I declined positions in Georgia and Detroit when United Technologies Automotive announced imminent plant closings in Holland.

Achievements: Approximately two hundred successful PPAP submissions with zero rejections over two years. Re-organization and development of Operator and QC in-line inspection standards “Blueprints for Quality”. Critical statistical input for major overhaul of primary material production lines, leading to reversal of false improvement project which cut output of primary material production by 25% without valid justification.

BMC Bil-Mac Corporation 2995 44th Street SW Grandville, MI

July 1986 – March 1993 Quality Manager

Nick Bowen, Vice President, Owner

I was hired to create a quality department, by order of Keiper Recaro, USA, a major manufacturer of automotive seating located in Battle Creek, MI. At that time, Bil-Mac had been solely under its present ownership for only seven years and had no quality manager, no inspection, gage control, SPC, or quality manual. Specifically, I was assigned to fulfill these five requirements. In seven years, I tripled my wage, as the company doubled by sales and physical size twice. I left in good standing to join United Technologies Automotive, then the premier Tier One supplier of automotive components and assemblies worldwide, division of the eighteenth largest corporation in the United States, United Technologies Corporation (UTC), headquartered in Hartford Connecticut.

Achievements: Creation and development of a quality department, quality assurance manual, statistical quality control including SPC control charting, gage control, QC inspection, internal corrective actions, customer complaint resolution by 8D. During my first year, rejections by total sales dropped from over three percent to less than one percent. By the end of my term, customer rejections were less than one tenth of one percent by sales, and defective product was less than one tenth of one percent in any typical customer rejection. During my term, BMC supplied more than twenty-four million critical seat pivots (three part numbers), which were installed in every Chrysler Caravan captain’s seat. In that time there were zero rejections due to critical dimensions being controlled by my statistical quality system. When a rejection involving an average of one part per ten million threatened Recaro assembly robotics, it was my solution which cost less than $500 dollars to implement that eliminated the defectives, returning Bil-Mac to Zero Defect status, resulting in yearly quality awards from the customer.

Arrow Door Company 4200 Roger B. Chaffee Memorial Boulevard Wyoming, MI

July 1978 – November 1984 Master Production Scheduler / Production Line

Scott Stancliff, Plant Manager

I took a production job during the summer in order to pay for my college studies at the Grand Rapids Junior College. By January 1980, I was promoted to Master Production Scheduler, with corresponding increase in wages. When Arrow Door began working with major hotel developers, who brought high volume orders with high risk requirements, I was appointed technical liaison to the developers. Major hotel projects include the LAX Hilton Airport Hotel in Los Angeles and the Peachtree High-rise Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

Achievements: Establishment and development of Quality Circles, an employee improvement program. One of our successes was to develop cold weather barriers for the plant fans, thereby reducing winter heating costs by approximately 10%. Input critical information in a cross functional effort to improve efficiency by eliminating less cost effective, small volume, labor-intensive specialty customers.


Kelloggsville Public Schools Kindergarten through Graduation

September 1964 – June 1977 23 Jean Street Wyoming, MI

Diploma: Emphasis Mathematics, Science, English

United States Naval Academy Midshipman Fourth Class

July 1977 – August 1978 121 Blake Rd, Annapolis, MD 21402

No Degree: U.S. Navy Honorable Discharge after resignation.

Grand Rapids Junior College Freshman - sophomore

September 1980 – May 1984 143 Bostwick Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

No Degree: Est. 40 credits GPA: 3.5

Aquinas College Sophomore – Senior

September 2009 – May 2013 1607 Robinson Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Bachelor’s Degrees: B.S. Mathematics, B.A. English, B.A. Theology

Specialized Training:

Quality Circles Leader 1980 International Association of Quality Circles

Master Production Scheduling 1981 American Society for Production and Inventory Control

Statistical Process Control I & II 1986 Grand Rapids Junior College

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing 1987 Keiper Recaro USA

Dimensioning & Tolerancing Y14.5 1991 Shepherd Industries, Dr. D. Shepherd, ANSI Committee

GM 5 Why Root Cause Analysis 1993 General Motors Truck Division, Detroit

8D Corrective Action Process 1993 Prince Corporation, Holland

Internal Auditing 1993 United Technologies Automotive Detroit

Professional References:

Mike Pierce

Quality Manager, BMC Bil-Mac Corporation

Working associate 1978 – 1993; 2013 – Present

Work: 616-***-****

Dale Ratcliffe

Quality Technician, CAD Technician, BMC Bil-Mac Corporation

Working Associate 1992 – 1993; 2013 – Present

Work: 616-***-****

Joe Capriglione

Engineer, Trainer, CXS Transportation

Friend 1985 – Present

Cell: 616-***-****

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