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Nurse Practitioner Registered

East Riverdale, MD, 20737
February 26, 2016

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Elizabeth E. Ndika, CRNP,FNP-C, MSN, BSN, RN

**** **** ******

Hyattsville MD, 20784



Mountain State University, Martinsburg, WV; Masters of Science in Nursing / Family Nurse Practitioner specialty

Mountain State University, Martinsburg, WV; Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Marymount University, Arlington, VA; Associate Degree in Nursing

Murray Margaret Washington and Health Management International Institutes; Practical Nursing program.

Licensures & Certifications:

oRN, BSN, MSN in Maryland

o FNP-C # F0513450

oDEA # MN on request

oNPI # available on demand

oAmerican Heart Association ACLS,PALS, CPR/BLS

oThomson Prometric, Food service manager

oPrince George’s Hospital center certification: Certification in preceptor ship, Crisis Prevention Intervention, Bioterrorism certification.

oIntravenous perfusion certification; Doctors Community Hospital

oGirls Scouts of America, Washington DC: Troop 6244, outstanding community service, award.


More than 17 years’ experience of the medical profession in the following areas and role in Nursing:

Family Nurse Practitioner (clinician): Family and Internal medicine Outpatient

Capital Healthcare Services Inc, 5/11/2015 to Present.

oAct as the single point of contact for all my patients making independent decisions about their care.

oPerform head to toe assessment,diagnoses,planning,intervention/treatment, and evaluation

oPerform clinical operations and being an integral part of the clinical team in community care.

oPerforms comprehensive physical assessments of patients/residents, and take care of the patients from check-in to payment.

oEstablishes medical diagnosis for chronic and stable health problems such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension,and asthma

oOrder, perform, and interpret diagnostic testing including laboratory tests, EKG’s and imaging studies.

oPrescribe/e-prescribe medications, monitor therapeutic levels, and follow safety guidelines as authorized by the Nurse Practice Act.

o Refer patients/residents to appropriate licensed physicians such as medical/surgical specialists and other health care providers including rehabilitation therapist, hospice services, home health services, psychotherapists, oncologist, and cardiologist.

oSeek consultation with the collaborating physician or other attending physicians as appropriate to ensure sound medical management of the patient/residents.

oProvides emergency care such as CPR, management of hypoglycemia or management of minor trauma such as splinting nose bleeding, dressing change, and treatments based on established protocol.

oAssess and order transfers to the hospitals based on clinical knowledge

oConfer with families and other care givers of residents whose care is being provided, in part, by the Nurse Practitioner.

oDocuments care provided in the Electronic Medical Records (EHR) based on national documentation standards that support the quality of services provided and the various billing strategies.

oPrecept physician assistant students from Towson University and University of Maryland.

oCollaborate and consults with other physicains,disciplines, and other nursing staff to ensure appropriate care given

oPerform and order laboratory tests such as venipuncture, glucose check/A1C,HCG,rapid strep swab, urine dip stick, vitamin D levels,drug screening, vitamin B12 levels,STDs screening(HIV,RPR,Genital herpes/wet mount, urethral swab, Pap smear for HPV,gonorrhea &chlamydia(NAAT test and endocervical swab),and occult blood testing

oSpecialty roles include family planning /advice /depo Provera injections /STI counseling and referral,24 hours B/P monitoring/holter monitor, Ankle brachial index, EKG readings, ear irrigation, emergency walk-in, school physicals,PPD/TB test, on-call and tele-prescribing/e-prescribing, weight lose counseling, breast examination, incentive spirometry monitoring, weight lose counseling, preventive care, immunization for all ages: MMR,varicella,IPV,DTP/DTap,Tatanus,HPV,Hepatitis B, Hib,influenza,shingles vaccination/zostavax,meningiococcal and pneumonia vaccinations.

Register Nurse, (Charge Nurse) Prince George’s Hospital Center MD (2005 to present)

oIntensive experience working in human service environment; ranging from medical surgical, cardiac, intensive care units to Behavioral health/psychiatry. These clinical areas involve pediatric and adult populations that are admitted with mood disorders; both depressed and manic phases, schizoaffective, schizophrenia, personality disorders, psychotic, and substance abusers disorders in locked-up units.

oWork with Advanced Practice Committee as a research member/Internal Review Board member to improve quality of patients’ care

oPrecept and orient new employees on the unit on hospital policies, use of medical equipment, and on milieu assessment, and Electronic Health Records (Cerner).

oCoordinate staffing issues by replacing call-out staff members. Consult and coordinate with interdisciplinary health care team members to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate patients care plans

oMaintain tranquility / stability on the unit by making quick decisions prior to occurrence of crisis; identifying the source of problem, closing down the unit for a few minutes, and initiating security presence.

oManage first shift by supervising 3-5 registered nurses and other subsidiary staff members. Modify patient treatment plans as indicated by patient’s responses and condition in conjunction with interdisciplinary treatment.

oConduct joint commission readiness activities during my shift as indicated by my job description: do chart audits on appropriate restraints protocols pain management. Ensure appropriate use of restraints during my shift by appropriate handling of cases of crisis intervention; sexual and physical and substance abuses, chronic or acute distress, and working with physically challenged individuals.

oCommunicate with my superiors by clarifying, updating, and suggesting changes in-patient care plans by attending treatment meetings .Distribute assignments to other nurses and subsidiary staff according to acuity levels and needs of the unit.

oSet time for community meetings, stress management, and resource information meetings to educate patients on their health issues and resources available to them.

Registered Nurse (Charge Nurse/ Weekend supervisor), Potomac Ridge School Behavioral Health and Residential Treatment Center, Crownsville, MD (from 2003 to 2005).

oDirect patient care for both male and female adolescents by acting as first contact in cases of emergency.

oMaintain accurate, detailed reports, and records of care.

oRecord patient’s medical information, do immunization, and follow-up appointments for vaccination, hospitals visits, families’ visits, and for abnormal laboratory results.

oDraw and train other staff members on how to draw blood for laboratory work.

oComplete assignments for 26 residential inpatient clients while supervising 15-25 group home staff at the same time.

oCoordinate patients’ immunization information with the Department of Health.

oAllocate patients for further evaluation, working with patients’ guardians and family.

oDo medication administration by considering allergies, dietary, and drugs interactions

oPerform charts’ audit and medication review by making sure all orders are currents and followed

oAct as an advocate for inpatient clients by attending interdisciplinary staff meetings and contacting guardians, parents, and order staff members to address issues concerning patients’ treatment.

oMultitasked by coordinating work activities between the residential treatment center and the group home: supervises and train aides/ CNAs on how to pass medications.

Registered Nurse:Doctors Community Hospital, Lanham, MD (2001 to 2003).

oInitiate appropriate patient care as ordered by the physicians to facilitate care.

oIntervene as a “rapid- responder team member during a code to improve chance of survival.

oDo admission and discharges on a critical, medical surgical, and oncology units.

oStart intravenous infusion, TPN administration, IV fluids, blood transfusion.

oApply and monitor patients on telemetry; Update physicians on changes in rhythms and in patients’ status.

oPrecept new nurses on the unit to ease their transition/socialization into the nursing field.

oDo quality assurance checks on central lines and other IV sites to prevent central infection

oCollaborate with physicians, psychologists, social workers, and patients ‘family members to make sure that they get appropriate care needed.

oDo respiratory treatment (on patient receiving nebulizer treatment), and also perform tracheotomy care

Licensed Practical Nurse (Team Leader): Carroll Manor Rehabilitation & Nursing Home-Providence Hospital (1996-2001)

oWorks as a team leader on acute care nursing

oDo in and out /indwelling catherization for patient urinary retention

oHang and monitor gastrointestinal tube feeding

oRespiratory care which includes cleaning /dressing of tracheostomy sites, intubation, suctioning, and nebulizer treatments.

oWound treatment and pain management

oDo specimens collections and follow calls for laboratory pick-up

April 1995 to September 1996: LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE: Sibley Memorial Hospital 5255 Lougbhoro Road, NW, Washington D.C 20016.

oAdmission & discharge

oAssessment, Care planning, Implementation,and evaluation

oSurgical sites: Monitor surgical site, charge dressing, staples /sutures from incision/surgical sites

oDraw blood for laboratory analysis call physician with abnormal result.

Professional Affiliations and memberships

oAmerican Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)

oAmerican Nurses Association (ANA)

oMember in Advance Practice Community & Internal Review Board (IRB) for Research and EBP Prince Georges Hospital Center

o A member of SEIU999 East Healthcare Worker’s Union

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