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Mental Health Management

Lumberton, NC
February 26, 2016

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**** ******* ****, *******, ***** Carolina 29574

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To obtain a position in a pharmaceutical, nuclear, or industrial manufacturing environment which will fully utilize my education and extensive experience.


Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Wilmington, North Carolina

Graduated 1995

Associate in Science

Southeastern Community College

Whiteville, North Carolina

Graduated 1993


Office Manager

G & G Healthcare 01/14-present

Office Manager for the Whiteville and Bladen East offices for G & G Healthcare, PC. Supervise and ensure that all the receptionists, LPN’s, Medical Assistants, PA’s, and NP’s are providing efficient and quality care to all patients seen, responds to any employee and patient complaints, and overseers the day to day operations of both the Whiteville and Bladen East offices. Involved in the interview and hire process for the Whiteville and Bladen East locations, facilitates daily huddles with staff informing them of the office expectations for that day, completes a monthly goal projection to the Director of Operations each month, completes annual performance and evaluations on all employees in the Whiteville and Bladen East locations.

IIH Qualified Professional 01/12-06/15

Step By Step Care

Conduct new consumer intakes, complete Person Centered Plans, ITR’s, NC Topps, and individual progress notes on all consumers on Intensive In-home team, ensure that medical records for all consumers are properly documented and maintained, first responder for consumers on team if there is a crisis situation, participate in monthly treatment teams with consumers and other IIH team members to discuss consumers’ progress, participate in weekly IIH team meetings with other two team members to discuss all progression that consumers are making toward achieving the treatment goals in their individual Person Centered Plans, maintain current training requirements mandated by North Carolina Medicaid and LME in order to effectively provide IIH services to the consumers on my team.

Technical Data Reviewer (CQ Laboratory) 01/12 – 03/13

Hospira, Inc.

Review data from wet chemical techniques including visual evaluation, titrations and pH as well as from instrumental techniques including AA, HPLC, GC, UV/Vis, IR, Karl Fischer, etc.

Perform timely data review with a high focus on data quality to ensure accuracy, completeness, cGMP compliance, and neatness of analytical documentation

Verify that all analysis performed were as per methodology and/or compendial methods, and were in compliance with GMP requirements.

Verify calculations and documented information such as reagent expiry, instrument calibration, logbook entries, control charts, etc. are present, complete and accurate.

Highly experienced in the use of Empower chromatographic data acquisition system and reviewed results using LIMS applications.

Recording and processing all data in accordance with DEA, FDA, and ICH regulations and guidelines

Site Supervisor/ (Qualified Mental Health Professional) 04/09 – 10/11

Evergreen Behavioral Management

Supervisor for services being rendered to individuals suffering from various mental health conditions. Supervised all Qualified Mental Health Professionals ensuring that they were maintaining and providing supervision for their assigned consumers, Associate-Professionals, and Para-Professionals, responded to any employee and consumer complaints, and was the overseer of the day to day operations of the office.

Determine the various courses of treatment for each consumer served, paired technicians and consumers based on consumers’ needs and technician’s skills/training, interview and hire qualified associate professionals and technicians to support consumers, facilitate monthly treatment team meeting between the staff and consumers, review documentation in service records for accuracy, complete Person Centered Plans, ITR’s, NCTopps, and case management notes on all consumers on caseload.

Communicate professionally, on a regular basis, with administration, clinical staff, other agency staff, consumers and their families’, MH/DD/SAS LME staff for staffing of consumers, program developments, services planning, and coordination of services to consumers.

Qualified Mental Health Professional Supervisor 12/08 – 03/09

Associate Behavioral Services, Inc.

Supervised all of the Qualified Professionals, Associate Professionals, and Para Professionals that provided mental health services to various individuals suffering from different mental health conditions. Overseer of the day to day operations of the company, reviewed PCP’s, ITR’s, NCTopps, case management notes from the Qualified Professionals and service notes from the Associate and Para Professionals, as well as all other medical records before they were sent for authorization for approval and officially filed in medical records. Responsible for handling any consumer and employee complaints.

Clinical Director/Qualified Professional 03/07 – 06/08

Triangle Medical Services, Inc.

Supervisor for services being rendered to individuals suffering from various mental health conditions. Conducted new consumer intakes, completed Person Centered Plans, ITR’s, NCTopps, and case management notes on all consumers on caseload, ensured that medical records for all consumers were properly maintained, supervised Qualified Professionals ensuring that they are maintaining and providing supervision for their assigned consumers, Associate-Professionals, and Para-Professionals, ensured that all medical records were properly maintained, responded to any employee and consumer complaints, and was the overseer of the day to day operations of the company in the absence of the CEO.

Analytical Chemist 09/03 –03/07

DEL Laboratories – Rocky Point, NC

QC Chemistry Laboratory

Conduct analyses and experiments on pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, and chemical raw materials to determine their acceptability for shipment to customers and/or further processing in the manufacturing operation.

Chemist 08/00 – 08/03

Bayer Corporation – Clayton, NC

QC Chemistry Raw Materials Laboratory

Perform testing on raw materials, process intermediates, bi-products, and final products according to USP, EP and JP standards while operating under cGMP requirements.

Assist in internal laboratory investigations of testing discrepancies and out-of-specification test results.

Perform routine maintenance and calibrations of instruments as required.

Perform water testing daily.

HRMS Team Leader/ GC/MS Chemist II 12/99 – 03/00

Triangle Laboratories Inc. – Durham, NC

High Resolution/Mass Spectophotometry Laboratory

Maintain continuous contact with upper management and team members concerning projects, instrument(s) status, and other issues.

Coordinate projects, personnel and resources in the lab to meet the laboratory’s goals, clients’ holding times and due dates.

Promote team building, safety, quality, and productivity throughout the laboratory.

Participate in method development and special projects as needed.

Enforce written procedures, training plans, and production plans to meet company targets.

Perform all duties of a GC/MS Chemist I.

GC/MS Chemist I 05/99 – 12/99

Triangle Laboratories Inc. – Durham, NC

High Resolution/Mass Spectophotometry Laboratory

Perform HRGC/HRMS analysis on environmental samples according to specific reference methods and/or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Perform routine maintenance on specific instruments in assigned work area.

Assess, process, and interpret data generated by instruments.

Perform review on project folders, such as reading and following special instructions to ensure that sample processing is performed properly.

Provide technical training for technicians and other chemists.

Write, follow, and revise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Area Guidelines (WAGs).

Special Formulation/IV Admixture Technician Specialist 12/96 – 05/99

UNC Hospitals - Chapel Hill, N.C.

Department of Pharmacy

Identify appropriate master formula to prepare ordered product on demand in order to replenish stock.

Measure and use appropriate geometric dilution to mix and prepare ingredients for the formulation.

Meet with auditors from the FDA, DEA, and/or pharmaceutical company to review drug accountability records.

Responsible for submitting all sterile products prepared to the Department of Epidemiology for testing.

Prepare all oral, topical, sterile, and selected chemotherapy products for inpatient and outpatient services.

Prepare special sterile, intravenous, intranasal, and optical formulations needed for specialized medical procedures and surgeries.

Responsible for maintaining all MSDS information for areas, within the pharmacy, with chemical interaction.

Meet quarterly with SBI agents to verify the accuracy of all records and to ensure that narcotics are destroyed properly according to DEA regulations.

Assist in and outside pharmacists with the preparation of all oral extemporaneous formulations.

Responsible for filing and retrieving all narcotic paperwork with a high degree of accuracy.

Prepare blood products, chemotherapy, and investigational drugs, the entire IV batch for the hospital, TPN’s, missing IV doses, and all new IV orders with a high degree of accuracy.

Inspect and perform equipment maintenance.

Fill prescriptions with accurate drug, dosage form, quantities, packaging, and auxiliary labels.

Organize and monitor workflow to enhance pharmacist productivity.


Specialized training and knowledge in Formulations, Controlled Substances Management, IV Admixture and Investigational Drug Services.

Proficient in using computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Lotus 1-2-3, Word Perfect 6.0, SAPR/3, and Lotus Notes R5. Experienced working with Chemstation, AS400, Empower, Nugenesis, and Millennium laboratory applications.

Highly skilled with 10+ years of experience with the following laboratory equipment: Hewlett Packard 5890A and 6890 Series II GC, Hewlett Packard 5971 GC-MS, Mattson Polaris Gow-Mac 550P GC, Hewlett Packard 79855A HPLC-1050 Series, Perkin-Elmer 2000-FTIR Spectrometer, Perkin-Elmer AA5100, AA400, and AA800 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, Milton Roy Spectronic 1201 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, Beckman DU 650 and DU 800 UV/VIS Spectrophotometers, Micro Osmometer Model 3300, Optical Emission Spectrometer Optima 2100 DV, Instrumentation Laboratory 943, TLC, the Brinkman Metrohm 720 and 795 Karl Fischer Titrino, and Shimadzu TOC 5000/5000A Series total organic carbon analyzers.

Exceptional talent for innovative problem solving.


Dr. Merlin Theodore

Bayer Corporation

Clayton, NC


Chandra Graham

Evergreen Behavioral Management

Lumberton, NC


Sher-lene Dickson

Hospira, Inc.

Rocky Mount, NC


Pandora Carroll

G & G Healthcare, PC

Whiteville, NC


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