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Design Engineering

Farmington, MI
February 27, 2016

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Jiameng (Kelly) ZHOU

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Cell: 323-***-**** Address: 47710 Hickory St, Wixom, MI, 48393


•Well-trained product design engineer with experience of DFMEA, DVP&R and BOM.

•Comprehensive knowledge in combustion analysis for engine and in turbine design.

•Excellent HVAC experience based on device design and CFD development using AutoCAD P&ID.

•Strong background in CFD analysis using STAR-CCM+, SolidWorks and MATLAB programming.

•5+ years of lab and industrial CAD modeling experience with SolidWorks, UGNX and CATIA.


Mechanical Engineering (M.S.)

University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA Sep, 2013 - May, 2015

Thermal Energy and Power Engineering (BSME)

Donghua University Shanghai, China Sep, 2009 - Jun, 2013

French (B.A.)

Shanghai International Studies University Shanghai, China Sep, 2010 - Jun, 2013


Racecar Designer USC Racing - Formula SAE Team Oct, 2013 - Apr, 2015

•Conducted the model designs for front wings of racecar in SolidWorks based on factors like speed, manufacturing feasibility, structure durability and cost.

•Performed the front wing tests on mainplane angles by running three trials with initial angle, 20 to acquire speed, pressure and air resistance data. Generate the best configuration with displaying L/D trend using SolidWorks based on data processing.

•Analyzed the test results on mainplane camber in STAR-CCM+, modified the models based on the data of flap angle of attack, flap overlap and flap gap using SolidWorks.

•Summarized L/D trend and performed further trials on each part to detect their yielding max L/D.

•Led the discussions of manufacturing plans and manufactured high density foam negative molds for the aerodynamic and bodywork components.

•Developed DVP&R for the whole design process and improved our speed by about 20%, increase the running life by about 30% and save budget by 25%.

Engineering Intern Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment, Ltd. Jul, 2013 - Aug, 2013

•Conducted the manufacture process of the evaporators for the power plant and performed design work for stamping structure and sealing parts.

•Revised drawings of the parts through the communication with drafters and workers on site using AutoCAD, and applied GD&T to the new drawings.

•Managed BOM for the manufacturing process, improved the manufacturing and assembling speed by reducing the time gaps between steps and optimizing the manufacturing procedures.

•Performed metal forming process like operating the lathe, making cast die models and developing CAM milling tools to help the design modifications due to manufacturing feasibility.

HVAC Designer Donghua University, Shanghai Jan, 2012 - May, 2013

•Determined the type and size for the equipments of refrigeration unit and chilled water system (compressor, condenser, expansion valve, ducts, etc.) according to the analysis on data from customer needs.

•Developed the layouts of the refrigeration room and generated engineering drawings in AutoCAD.

•Designed the circulatory system for cooling liquid based on the simulation result in STAR-CCM+, analyzed the thermal distribution and calculated the cooling efficiency of HVAC system.

•Conducted DVP&R and DFMEA with suppliers on design proposals in refrigerant material chosen, heat transfer efficiency, thermal effect and manufacturing/assembly issues to optimize it in cost and green building standards.

Co-op Engineer Donghua University, Shanghai Dec, 2012 - Jan,2013

•Calculated the total heat transfer coefficient and the pressure drop for tube-side and shell-side by measuring total heat transfer area, selecting the type of the heat exchanger and evaluating the heat transfer efficiency.

•Preceded the structure design of heat exchanger and generated CAD models for the shell, tube and cover with CATIA. Determined the flange and gasket material and size based on the information from the Heat Exchanger Handbook and calculations for pressure, external/internal loads and other mechanical effects.

•Generate the engineering drawing views for the shell body and cover using AutoCAD and applied GD&T for manufacturing and assembly process.


Turbine Designer University of Southern California Oct, 2014 - Dec, 2014

•Determined the turbine size and fluid angle to the mean part of stator and rotor separately based on thermodynamic calculation using mathematical and iterative MATLAB program.

•Modeled the airfoil to obtain better flow lines by varying the parameters like Leading Edge Radius, Trailing Edge Radius and number of blades with MATLAB program.

•Performed the aerodynamics analysis with Star-CCM+ for the external flow field of the airfoil and plotted the CFD analysis graphs on force, pressure, mach, velocity to the airfoil.

•Compared the CFD parameters of the angles of inlet and outlet with the MATLAB ones and minimized the difference by changing the shape of the airfoil through MATLAB programming

•Continued the hub and tip part of the airfoil with the same steps as the mean one and obtained the optimized shape of the airfoil.

Analysis of the Lid-driven Cavity Flow, University of Southern California Apr, 2014 - May, 2014

•Derived the pseudo-transient continuation solution (time-splitting method) as the numerical algorithm from the 2-D non-dimensional Navier-Stokes equation and the equation of continuity (analytical algorithm).

•Created the MATLAB program to simulate the cavity fluid flow field.

•Executed the MATLAB program to obtain the right results of the streamline and plotted the velocity graph.

Thermal System Design of a Lumber Kiln, University of Southern California Oct, 2013 Dec, 2013

•Estimated the dimension and pre-selected the equipments like fan, blower, heater through the calculation on the heat and mass balance of the system.

•Simulated the condition of the flow in the kiln with MATLAB programming and modified the dimension of the equipments based on the calculation and manual.

•Determined the suppliers of equipment on cost accounting.

•Made individual data sheet of the equipments and plotted the PFD and P&ID for the final system using AutoCAD P&ID.


•Software Skills: CATIA, UGNX, SolidWorks, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Star-CCM, CATIA, C++, Eclipse.

•Languages: Native Chinese( Mandarin ), Fluent English, French.

•Core Courses: Design of Refrigeration System, Thermal System Design, Turbine System and Design, Design of Heat Exchanger, Design of Boiler Room, Descriptive Geometry & Engineering Graphing, Mechanical Design, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Pump and Fan, Principles of Combustion, Applications of Combustion and Reacting Flows.

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