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Research Chemist

Chesterfield, MO
February 27, 2016

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Tammy G. Yasar


Background Summary

●Protein and polysaccharide purification for vaccine development at a pharmaceutical company

●Co-engineered an algal turf scrubber(ATS) system as a project chemist to grow algae, using wastewater, for renewable biofuel analysis. Monitored growth of aquatic plants water hyacinths at greenhouse on campus.

●Chemical analysis and formulation of raw material for agricultural purposes. Quantified lipid, protein & other metabolite levels/ method development.

● Performed maintenance and product efficiency testing of IV Pumps(Care Fusion).

● Experience in coal mining & reclamation, surface & underground water analysis.

● Bioinformatics for biological sequencing of DNA -currently learning new software.

● Data entry, technical writing, report preparations, following SOP procedures in lab.


Master of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2009- Jan. 2011

University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL)

GPA: 3.67

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry 2004- 2008

Bachelor of Liberal Arts 2004- 2007

University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC)

GPA: 3.80

Lab Experience and Skills

Wet Chemistry using GMP. Cell Culture techniques. Protein assays, purifications, DNA extraction & sequencing. Experimenting with cloning.

Preparation of Buffers. ELISA technique. Enzyme Assays. Pipetting, titration.

HPLC/UV, AKTA, DOE, UPLC, LC/MS, GC-MS & ion exchange chromatography. Electrophoresis. Membrane fabrication. Solid/Liquid IR Spectroscopy

NMR. Colorimeter, Denver pH meter, BOD & winkler method.

Western & southern Blots, PCR molecular technique, SDS-PAGE.

Plant genetics, physiology, and pathology.

Organic and Inorganic chemistry w/lab techniques. Quality assurance and control(QC).

Four semesters calculus, physics and labs including scanning electron microscope.

Analytical Chemistry, Biotechnology, Human & Physical Biochemistry courses w/ Labs

Biosciences in handling blood, Aspirin Synthesis, Improving solubility of drugs

Microbiology labs/ projects: Sterile technique. Virology and diseases, histology.

Bioinformatics computer lab. used SigmaPlot 12 in biochemistry. Arc GIS & CAD.

Work Experience

Pfizer, Inc. with Integrated Resources Chesterfield, MO- August 2015-Current

Research Associate

●Optimizing protein purification and recovery for vaccines. Scalable strategies to improve the process for biological macromolecules.

●Analytical research and development of biological therapeutics for early and late stage products.

●Characterizing proteins, antibodies, conjugates using HPLC analysis.

●Method development, data verification, qualification, validation, and troubleshooting skills. Akta, Chromatography, Filtration, SOP, cGMP experience.

CareFusion with Adecco, St. Mary’s Health Center-Jefferson city, MO- Mar 2015.

Service Technician

●Worked (twice) with CareFusion medical products; software/hardware updates, assembled IV poles. Performed electrical & verification safety tests.

Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), Portales, NM, 88130, Aug 2013-Jun 2014

Research Lab Scientist

●R &D in using algae for producing sustainable, renewable biofuels and to treat wastewater using Algal Turf Scrubber (ATS) system.

●Took a key role with the construction and design of ATS.

●Monitoring the ATS site for algae growth, trips to the dairy farms to collect manure. Tracking progress of project and writing weekly reports.

●Extracting and maximizing lipid from algae, analyzing fatty acid (FA) content, and examining the effects of different conditions such as CO2 supplementation.

●Analyzing specimens for nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, nitrites, nitrates, ammonia, and other material).

●Culture count verification and bacterial identification in water samples.

●Created monitoring plans for measuring the amount of algal biomass, alkalinity, pH levels, temperature, dissolved oxygen.

Southwest Conservation Corps, Dept. of Natural Resources Oct. 2011-Nov. 2012

One year Internship. Springfield, IL

●Water level testing & analysis. Well fields- permit evaluations & issuance. ●Research in mining/ reclamation, and future outlooks.

●Data collecting & entry from different mines across IL and Charleston, WV.

●Attended many training sessions, to check on surface and underground sites.

●Worked with community and schools for education purposes on coal. Technology: Paradox, ArcIMS

CareFusion with Adecco, Mt. Vernon, MO June 2011

Laboratory Technician: Working for a contractor to research and manufacture.

●Troubleshooting of Intravenous Pumps (IV) and entered results into proprietary program for verification tests. Graphing simulations for best fit.

● Parameters that were tested on the pumps include volumetric flow, temperature, pH, calibrate sensors, beeping tests.

Alumni Caller Center, St. Louis, MO Aug. 2010-Jan. 2011

●Work study:Top fund raising member.

West Agro, Inc., Delaval Corp, Kansas City, MO July 2008-Apr.2009

QC Research Scientist

● Performed efficiency, stability tests & QC on sanitizers used for agriculture in dairy farms. Developed formulations for perfecting sanitizers .

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