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Engineer Quality Control

AP, 520001, India
February 25, 2016

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CellNo: 879*******,



Door no: 20/463,

Ramdas Shamiyana company,



Qualification: Graduate in Civil Engineer

Experience: 15 years

Detailed task assigned: Responsibilities include

1. Inspect source of materials

2. Inspect Plant operation

3. Inspect on site construction works

4. Prepare records of inspection results

5. Review calibration of testing equipment

6. Review performance of QA testing, Acceptance testing etc.

7. Prepare nonconformance, corrective action reports, Preventive

Action Reports, compliance reports on action taken etc.

8. Review of mix designs

9. Review contracts methodology, programme and personal

10. Test workmen ship

Education: B.Tech (Civil), Nagarjuna University, S.V.H College of Engineering,

Machilipatnam Dec.2000

Key Qualification:

Has over 15+years of professional experience in construction of Buildings and Roads (internal roads in ventures). Responsible for day-to-day supervision and work progress monitoring, clients billing, variation orders and quantity calculations, preparation of project reports supervisions of construction works, And quality control in 3rd party quality control wing.

01. Designation: QA/QC Civl engineer (3rdparty quality control) in Andhra Pradesh


Period : JULY 1 2011 TO till dated

Project : NCRMP (Krishna dt)

Client:Project Director,National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project, Revenue (Disaster Management); Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

Position held: QA/QC Civil engg

Main Project Features:TPQA auditing of NCRMP works in 9 Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh includes Roads to Habitation, Roads to Cyclone shelters, Multipurpose Cyclone shelters and Bridges. Project Cost Rs. 65 m USD

As a Field Engineer / Quality Control Engineer, Responsible for the following components:

Carried out all tests for source approvals and Designs. Review the degree of quality control exercised during the construction by the contractor maintaining adequate arrangements / practices (tests, numbers, frequency, approach and timing etc.) / documentation (QC registers, test reports, observations of supervisory staff, compliances etc) conduct quality control / material tests as per standards and identify non-compliances and suggests necessary improvements and compliance methodologies.

Review that the materials have been procured stored and used in accordance with the quality standard requirements set forth in the contract agreement, Review that the workmanship of the work confirms to specified standards.

Review that the test reports of the materials / workmanship that were tested by the contractors.

Quality monitoring during the construction at every stage of works for roads, Bridges and cyclone shelters including quality check and preparation of audit reports.

Maintaining of check list for every item/ stage of work. Issuing of OK card at every stage of work.

Quality checking of materials includes: Physical examination, Review of test reports, Collecting representative samples wherever possible and conducting necessary tests for confirmation, Informing the concerned agencies regarding the acceptance of material or otherwise, Witnessing the performance tests on machinery carried out by the manufacturer at his factory, before dispatching to site.

Create photo documentation of quality related issues including its compliances with date and geo tags. Maintaining MIS for all works.

Preparation of MPRs, QPRs, APRs and Status reports, conducting quality control workshops .Implementing the procedure as per QCplans.Verification offsetting and results asper frequency and results are reviewed according to the requirements.

Maintaining good relation with Clients and among the staff for better productivity and progress of the project.

Assisting Team Leader in preparation of Final reports, Post Project maintenance report and Power point presentations.

Inspection of source of materials.

Plant operation inspection.

Inspection of Site Construction Works.

Preparation of records of inspection results.

Reviewing the calibration of testing equipment.

Reviewing the performance of QA testing, acceptance testing.

Preparing non-conformance, corrective action reports, preventive action reports, compliance reports on action

02 Designation : QA/QC (3rdparty quality control) in Karnataka


Period : Since May 10 2010 to APRIL 13 2011

Project : Rehabilitation of water tank works taken up by JSYS under phase-1 and



Main Project Features: To provide overall construction supervision and quality control for all construction activities/works at about 500 JSYS selected tank system and 10% of the work selected random by the consultant in the balance tank system and ensure their compliance with the specification in 18 districts of Karnataka state.

As a Quality Control Engineer Responsible for the following components:

Review the quality and quantity of works at the selected tank system, Carried out all tests for source approval sand Designs.

Identify and recommend improvements on quantity and quality assurance procedures adopted by the Client in implementing the works.

To ensure that the quality of works along with the workmanship is conforming to technical specification, relevant Indian standard codes, contract documents, design and drawings.

Preparation of MPRs, QPRs, APRs and Status reports, conducting quality control workshops. Implementing the procedures as per QC plans. Verification of testing and results as per frequency and results are reviewed according to the requirements.

Maintaining good relation with Clients and among the staff or better productivity and progress of the project.

Assisting Team Leader in preparation of Final reports,Post Project maintenance report and Power point presentations

03 Designation: QA/QC (3rd party quality control)

Organization : M/s Gherzi Eastern Limited

Period : Since Oct 2008 to May 9th 2010

Project : Closing of Kakarla Gap by constructing Non Over flow Dam-

Excavation of link canal and part of Eastern Canal together with

Distributing system including construction of CM&CD works to create

an Ip of 47,500 acres of Veligonda Project in Prakasam District

(Package No 8) under jalayagnam scheme of AP State Government.

Estimated Amount: Stage- 1 = 230.06 Crores.

Stage - II = 385.87 Crores.

Client: PWD Irrigation Department (Projects), A.P.

Contractor : M/s SCL - BSCPL (JV) Hyderabad (Projects), AP.

Description of Duties : This project is a non over flow dam across kakarla gag under pula

Subbaiah veligonda project scheme to from nallamala sagar with

FRL+244.000 up to EL+248.000.The entire work is divided into

3 major components as detailed below.

a. Link canal 9.90 Km length with a section of 7.20* 3.52m

b.NOF Dan across Kakarla Gap with a length of 470.00m and a ht of 60.00m.

c. Eastern Main Canal & its distributing system to create an Ip of 47,500 acres and with a length of 2000.00 KM with canal section 15.0*4.85m

04 Designation : Project leader

Organization : A.R.K. Builders

Period : Since Feb 2006 to Sep 2008

Project : Ashoka builders and developers pvt ltd

Construction of Duplex buildings and laying of Roads.

Nature of work: Experience as a quality control engineer in construction Site

Management, Inspection, Executing, Quality and quantity

Checking, Inspection of Material.

05 Designation: Surveyor

Organization: ONGC (Narsapura camp)

Period : OCT 2005 to JAN 2006

Project : Surveying as per ONGC Instructions.

Nature of work: Surveying the Short lines and Receiver lines as per geological


06 Designation: Site Engineer

Organization: Maytas Infra Ltd

Project: Two landing of state high ways (KSHIP) Karnataka state highways

Project form RAICHUR TO SINDHANUR in Karnataka

Period: Jan 2004 to Oct 2005

Nature of work: Working as a Q.C engineer responsible for testing of soils suitability for

Embankment, sub grade layers of road construction & design of concrete

Mixes and conducting frequency tests. Tests like MDD, LL, PL, FSI,

Gradation, CBR, AIV, bitumen extraction in site laboratory & conducting

Field density tests in each layer of roads using sand replacement method conducting slump test, concrete cube compressive strength testing.

07 Designation: Site engineer

Organization: Vamsi Constructions

Period: Dec 2000 to Dec 2004

Project: An Apartment at Yousfguda, Ameerpet, Balkampet

Nature of work: Marking work, supervising


Father' name : N.Prasad

Correspondence Address : N. Srinivas,




Telephone: 086**-****** (Res.)

Computer Qualifications:

A) Technical : Diploma in Computer application

Languages Known : Telugu, English, Hindi

Marital Status : Married

Salary Expected: Negotiable


I hereby declare that all the information provided above is true. I express my willingness to serve anywhere and undertake to and by all the terms and conditions,

This tends me to respond. I wish my stamina put fourth my candidature.



KRISHNA DT Yours faithfully,

Date: 20.11.15



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