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Medical writer/Scientific editor

Montreal, QC, Canada
March 22, 2016

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OBJECTIVES: To contribute my expertise in life sciences research to providing clinical medical

writing/editorial and proofreading/publishing services, by functioning as a Medical



• A highly effective reviewer of scientific findings and pharmacological data, with an interest to function as a scientific medical writer in a clinical regulatory affairs environment

• An effective writer, able to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely with advanced understanding of grammar and language usage

• More than 10 years of solid experience in manuscript preparation, editing, reviewing and publishing research papers in life sciences research

• Flexible and analytical with a keen eye for details; skilled at synthesizing and editing information to achieve overall objectives

• Background in CNS pharmacology and working knowledge in various other disease conditions

• Played a key role in the design and conduct of a pilot scale clinical study involving drug treatments tested as combinations on healthy subjects for their effects on pain. I was instrumental in the preparation of human clinical ethics protocol and subsequent production of various clinical study experimental plans and procedures, including treatment flow charts and study monitoring/assessment and recording sheets

• As a clinical study investigator, I was responsible for study administration, systematic data recording, interpretation/analysis and subsequent submission of results report to the study evaluation committee

• Able to liaise with the R&D division, perform QC review, oversee freelancers and acquire new technical skills easily. Computer experience includes: MS Office Suite, Adobe Suite and Internet applications

• Knowledge of ICH GCP and SOPs and adequate clinical monitoring experience

• Possess GCP and SOP certifications for the review/conduct and monitoring of clinical trials

• Knowledge of FDA guidelines

• Proficient in AMA style of writing and formatting

• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple competing tasks and prioritize workload

• Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of large teams with diverse cultural backgrounds


Time management skills

• Worked on a time bound proofreading/editing project with Pearson Education Pvt. Ltd., India, managing to

finish the adaptation of the textbook within the specified time limit

• As an editorial advisory board member and scientific reviewer, I routinely review research manuscripts

submitted for publication to various top journals, within the time frame set by the concerned editor-in-

chief of the journal

Communication and organization skills

• As an instructor-in-charge of two undergraduate level courses, I successfully designed and administered course handouts, delivered lectures and managed the work load of teaching assistants. As part of my responsibilities, I also offered chamber consultation hours to registered students in an effort to effectively communicate the subject ideas and clarify doubts, if any

• Demonstrated ability in literary skills and effective communication of scientific ideas through high impact research publications in leading journals of pharmaceutical sciences and findings presented at international conferences and meetings

Therapeutic area expertise

• PhD in neuropharmacology with over 7 years of postdoctoral experience in preclinical pain research

• Significant predoctoral and postdoctoral hands-on experience in CNS research focusing on neuroexcitatory and neurodegenerative therapeutics, more specifically pain and inflammation involving in vitro and in vivo models


Section Editor – Anesthesiology (Scholars Report) Jan 2016 – Present

• Serving as the Anesthesiology section editor for the journal Scholars Report managing submissions related to pain and anesthesia

Ad hoc Reviewer 2012 – Present

Pharmaceutical biology, Journal of pain research (Taylor & Francis Online, Dove Medical Press)

• Actively involved in the routine review of manuscripts submitted for publication to the aforementioned journals

Editorial Advisory Member 2012 – Present

International journal of drug design and discovery, Pain studies and treatment, International journal of neuroscience research

• Actively serving as the member of the editorial advisory board of the aforementioned journals, contributing routinely to editing and proofreading some of their manuscripts received for publication

Adaptation Specialist – Pearson Education Pvt. Ltd., India Aug 2007 – May 2008

Primary reviewer and in-charge of adaptation of the textbook – “Anatomy and Physiology”, written by Martini

• Successfully adapted the aforementioned textbook over a total period of eight months, alongside frequent interactions with the chief editor and the person in-charge for publishing. This was a paid position and I was involved in the addition of practice exercises and questions to almost all of the chapters of the text book

• I was also in-charge of adding new tables and figures, including pictorial illustrations to better convey the thought process and help students better understand the underlying anatomical description

Lecturer (Pharmacy undergraduate program) Aug 2007 – Mar 2008

Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani, India

• As an instructor-in-charge, I was solely responsible for the design of syllabi for the courses, “Anatomy, Physiology & Hygiene’ and “Pharmacology & Toxicology” and administration of the aforementioned courses through teaching and conducting routine tests, quizzes and assignments


Analgesia testing

Laferrière A, Abaji R, Tsai CY, Ragavendran JV, Coderre TJ, Topical combinations to treat microvascular dysfunction of chronic postischemia pain, Anesth. Analg, 118, 830-40, 2014.

Vaigunda Ragavendran J, Laferrière A, Khorashadi M, Coderre TJ, Pentoxifylline reduces chronic post-ischaemia pain by alleviating microvascular dysfunction, Eur. J. Pain, 18, 406-14, 2014.

Ragavendran JV, Laferrière A, Xiao WH, Bennett GJ, Padi SS, Zhang J, Coderre TJ, Topical combinations aimed at treating microvascular dysfunction reduce allodynia in rat models of CRPS-I and neuropathic pain, J. Pain, 14, 66-78, 2013.

Jegadeesan Vaigunda Ragavendran, Terence J. Coderre, Pathophysiological mechanisms and therapeutic drug targets for complex regional pain syndrome – type I, Int. J. Drug Des. Discov., 1, 1-10, 2010.

Pain neuroscience

Millecamps M, Laferrière A, Ragavendran JV, Stone LS, Coderre TJ, Role of peripheral endothelin receptors in an animal model of complex regional pain syndrome type 1 (CRPS-I), Pain, 151, 174-83, 2010.

A. Laferrière, M. Millecamps, D.N. Xanthos, W.H. Xiao, C. Siau, M. de Mos, C. Sachot, J.V. Ragavendran, F.J. Huygen, G.J. Bennett, T.J. Coderre, Cutaneous tactile allodynia associated with microvascular dysfunction in muscle, Mol. Pain, 4, 49-59, 2008.

Analgesic drug discovery and treatment

A. Semwal, P. Yogeeswari, J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, D. Sriram, J.P. Stables, Discovery of isatinimino derivatives as new leads for neuropathic pain treatment: an isomeric modification approach, Int. J. Drug Des. Discov., 1, 169-187, 2010.

P. Yogeeswari, J. V. Ragavendran, D. Sriram, A. Priyanka, S. Ganguly, A. Sunil Kumar Reddy, A. Semwal, Effectiveness of antiepileptic GABA analogues for the treatment of neuropathic pain, Pharmacologyonline, 1, 575-590, 2010.

P. Yogeeswari, J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, D. Sriram, R. Kavya, K. Vanitha, N. Harshini, Newer N-phthaloyl GABA derivatives with antiallodynic and antihyperalgesic activities in both sciatic nerve and spinal nerve ligation models of neuropathic pain, Pharmacol., (Int. J. Exp. Clin. Pharmacol.,) 81, 21-31, 2008.

J.V. Ragavendran, I. Vikram Reddy, P. Yogeeswari, D. Sriram, Synthesis of 4 3Z)-2-oxo-1,2-dihydro-3H-indol-3-ylidene]amino}-N-substituted phenyl) butanamides possessing antiallodynic and antihyperalgesic activities in two rat models of neuropathic pain, Med. Chem. Res., 15, 225-226, 2007.

P. Yogeeswari, J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, D. Sriram, Neuropathic pain: strategies in drug discovery and treatment, Exp. Opin. Drug Discov., 2, 169-184, 2007.

P. Yogeeswari, J.V. Ragavendran, D. Sriram, An update on GABA analogs for CNS drug discovery, Rec. Pat. CNS Drug Discov., 1, 113-118, 2006.

Antiepileptic drug discovery and treatment

J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, D. Sriram, Srikanth Kotapati, James Stables, P. Yogeeswari, Newer GABA derivatives for the treatment of epilepsy including febrile seizures: a bioisosteric approach, Eur. J. Med. Chem., 43, 2650-2655, 2008.

P. Yogeeswari, J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, D. Sriram, Y. Nageswari, R. Kavya, N. Sreevatsan, K. Vanitha, J.P. Stables, Discovery of 4-aminobutyric acid derivatives possessing anticonvulsant and antinociceptive activities: A hybrid pharmacophore approach, J. Med. Chem., 50, 2459-2467, 2007.

P. Yogeeswari, D. Sriram, P. Sahitya, J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, V. Ranganadh, Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of 4-(2-(2,6-dimethyl phenylamino)-2-oxoethylamino)-N-(substituted) butanamides – A pharmacophoric hybrid approach, Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 17, 3712-3715, 2007.

J. V. Ragavendran, D. Sriram, S.K. Patel, I. Vikram Reddy, N. Bharathwajan, J.P. Stables, P. Yogeeswari, Design and synthesis of anticonvulsants from a combined phthalimide-GABA-anilide and hydrazone pharmacophore, Eur. J. Med. Chem., 42, 146-151, 2007.

P. Yogeeswari, D. Sriram, J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, R. Thirumurugan, S. Induja, J.P. Stables, Synthesis and structure-activity relationship on anticonvulsant aryl semicarbazones, Med. Chem., 2, 55-62, 2006.

P. Yogeeswari, D. Sriram, R. Thirumurugan, J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, K. Sudhan, Roheeth Kumar, J.P. Stables, Discovery of N-(2,6-dimethylphenyl) substituted semicarbazones as anticonvulsants: hybrid pharmacophore-based design, J. Med. Chem., 48, 6202 – 6211, 2005.

P. Yogeeswari, D. Sriram, V. Veena, R. Kavya, K. Rakhra, S. Mehta, J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, R. Thirumurugan, J.P. Stables, Synthesis of novel aryl semicarbazones as potential anticonvulsant agents, Biomed. Pharmacother., 59, 51-55, 2005.

P. Yogeeswari, D. Sriram, J.V. Ragavendran, R. Thirumurugan, The GABA shunt: an attractive and potential therapeutic target in the treatment of epileptic disorders, Curr. Drug Metab., 6, 127-139, 2005.

P. Yogeeswari, J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, R. Thirumurugan, A. Saxena, D. Sriram, Ion channels as important targets for antiepileptic drug design, Curr. Drug Targets, 5, 589-602, 2004.

P. Yogeeswari, D. Sriram, V. Saraswat, J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, M. Mohan Kumar, S. Murugesan, R. Thirumurugan, J.P. Stables, Synthesis and anticonvulsant and neurotoxicity evaluation of N4-phthalimido phenyl (thio) semicarbazides, Eur. J. Pharm. Sci., 20, 341-346, 2003.


V. Jegadeesan, R. Zhai, C. R. Bramham, T. Gordon, D. W. Zochodne and V. M. K. Verge, Activity-dependent upregulation of Arc/Arg3.1 expression and localization to the growth cones of regenerating adult sensory neurons, Poster, “42nd Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting” held from October 13-17, New Orleans, USA, 2012.

V. Jegadeesan, J.M. Johnston, R. Zhai, C.R. Bramham, T. Gordon, D.W. Zochodne, B. Singh and V.M.K. Verge, Activity-dependent regulation of axonal and neuronal Arc/Arg3.1 expression in regenerating adult sensory neurons, Poster, “41st Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting” held from November 12-16, Washington DC, USA, 2011.

J. Vaigunda Ragavendran, André Laferrière, Mina Khorashadi and Terence J. Coderre, The early anti-allodynic effect of pentoxifylline on chronic post-ischemia pain (CPIP) depends on the modulation of plantar blood flow, Poster, “13th World Congress on Pain” held from August 29-September 2, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2010.


• “11th Annual Kresimir Krnjevic Research Award in Anesthesia – 2013” – Outstanding Trainee Research and Best Research Manuscript

• “Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Fellowship (SHRF)” – Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (July 2010 – June 2012)

• “Rachel Tobias Young Pain Investigator Award” given by RSDSA for outstanding research in pain (April 2010) – Declined

• “Young Neuroscientist” travel award given jointly by Eli-Lilly and the Canadian Association for Neuroscience, Vancouver, Canada, 2009

• “Astrazeneca – Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain” Postdoctoral Fellowship (April 2008 – April 2010)

• Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) awarded by the University Grants Commission (UGC), India for doctoral research (April 2006 – May 2007)

• International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)/International Bureau of Epilepsy (IBE) doctoral travel award, 2006

• European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) doctoral travel award, 2005


Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry/Neuropharmacology 2004 – 2007

Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani, India

Supervisor: Dr. P. Yogeeswari

Master of Pharmacy 2002 – 2004

Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani, India

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) 1998 – 2002

Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani, India


Pain research scientist - Dr. Coderre’s Lab Sept 2012 – Present

Anesthesia Research Unit, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Molecular neuroscientist - Dr. Verge’s Lab Apr 2010 – Jun 2012

Cameco MS Neuroscience Research Centre, University of Saskatchewan,

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Pain pharmacologist - Dr. Coderre’s Lab Apr 2008 – Apr 2010

Anesthesia Research Unit, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


1) Dr. Terence J. Coderre (Current Postdoctoral Research Supervisor) –

2) Dr. Valerie M.K. Verge (Former Postdoctoral Research Supervisor) –

3) Mr. Andre Laferriere (Research Coworker) –

Contact numbers available upon request

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