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Development Management

San Francisco, California, United States
December 30, 2015

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Alistair Davidson, AB, MBA, CSM

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Mountain View, CA 94043

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Mobile phone: 650-***-****. Unified communications number: 650-***-****



Experienced agile software product/program/project marketing manager and business development manager with a track record of change management, agile development and commercialization of software products and consulting services. Agile and project management experience includes over a dozen products launched internationally, early use of agile from the early 1990s, three books that address agile and project development and three recent articles on Scrum.

First wrote about agile iterative project management and development in 1996. Full life cycle responsibility for over a dozen products including three first of breed software products (first strategic expert system, major dynamic training simulation of telecom markets and agile enabling object oriented warehouse and business intelligence tool), new consulting services and new training services. Experience in improving developer productivity by 20X and turning around failed software projects through use of agile development, architectural changes, use of OO languages and OO databases for speeding up development for ill-specified and changing projects. One OO project was rated as one of the top 10 object oriented projects in the world by a leading consulting firm. Experience coaching multi-scrum scrum master in leading software company.

Three Scrum certifications including Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and International Scrum Institute, Scrum Product Owner. Also certified as Ensighten Professional Manage Implementation and with Tealium tag management software. Trained strategic facilitator who has facilitated both strategy, IT and innovation groups and also trained other facilitators. Experienced developer of large scale international training programs with delivery in multiple languages. Developer of prize winning research on organizational change.

Educational Background, Publications and Training Programs

Alistair has an MBA and undergraduate degree from Harvard, is a trained facilitator and is a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM) with additional Scrum product owner certification from the International Scrum Institute. As an undergraduate, he took graduate courses in AI and cognitive psychology at Harvard and MIT. He has developed a number of successful training programs and simulations to teach strategy and teamwork. In his spare time, he is a contributing editor to Strategy and Leadership magazine, a peer reviewed magazine, where he frequently writes about technology strategy.

Career Summary

1999-present: Founder, Eclicktick Consulting.

2014-present: Scrum product owner. Strategic consulting, patent writer, scrum product owner for Internet of Things, SaaS, cloud services based product development. Conceived of, patented and managed hiring of scrum team for development of first generation proof of concept and cloud service.

1999-2000: Contract CEO, eForex. Turnaround assignment for foreign exchange trading SaaS business. Project required fund raising, turnaround of failed software development project, changing pricing model and signing up for first international million dollar a year client.

General consulting, marketing consulting and technology development services for a wide variety of companies and industries, including numerous startups and major technology companies. Contract CEO for an incubation center (iPark).

1987-1999: Chairman, CEO and co-founder, Alacrity Inc. Software development, strategic consulting and IT consulting (software development, outsourced services and IT strategy). Developed 12+ products and commercialized them internationally. Projects developed included methodologically oriented software products (planning, budgeting, new product assessment, consolidation, insurance company business planning, financial services market and customer planning, development of an innovative information warehousing tool with automated configuration, many to many relationship mapping, modeling and consolidation functionality based upon a distributed active object database management system, PLC reporting for Toronto’s waste and water system drawing upon 5500 PLC data sources)



Davidson, Alistair, Innovation Zeitgeist: Competing in a World of Too Many Competitors, Eclicktick Consulting Kindle e-Book, July 2013. New types of innovation needed in a world with lowered barriers to entry, faster innovation and more similar innovations occurring in parallel at multiple companies.

Davidson, Alistair, Gellman, Harvey and Chung, Mary: Riding the Tiger, HarperCollins Canada, Toronto, 1997, Second US edition, Jist Publications 1999. Subject matter: best practices in software development, project management, IT governance and information management.

Davidson, Alistair: Turn Around! A brief guide to starting, growing or turning around your software or Internet business, Eclicktick E-Book, February, 2001. Practical but somewhat dated guidelines on starting, growing and turning around software or Internet companies.

Recent Articles

Davidson, Alistair: Better architecture makes agile web marketing easier, Eclicktick White Paper, 2014

Davidson, Alistair: Good Guy and Bad Guy Strategies: Different Approaches to Valuing Complexity, Cooperation, Employee Knowledge and Skills, Eclicktick, 2014.

Davidson, Alistair and Klemme, Laura: The CEO as Scrum Master, Eclicktick, 2014.

Davidson, Alistair and Klemme, Laura: How Strategic Management Can Imitate Agile and Scrum,, 2014

Davidson, Alistair: “Scrum Master or Scum Master: How to Build or Destroy the Motivation of Your Software Team”, Eclicktick White Paper, 2013

Davidson, Alistair: Agile Demand Creation, Social Marketing Strategy and Thought Leadership, Eclicktick Consulting, 2013

Davidson, Alistair: Business Models for an Era of Innovation Glut, Ivey Business Journal, 2013

Moriarty, Mike and Davidson, Alistair: The Soapholder Effect: Or Why Acting on Behalf of Your Customers Should be your Next Strategy. AT Kearney Executive Agenda, 2010.

Example Software Projects

Iot and Cloud

Company restart included development of cloud based Internet of Things reporting and control system for reporting on energy management and sensors with mobile front end and responsive web front end.

Artificial Intelligence

Development of first strategic expert system with 3,000 rules, development of forward chaining expert system, development of financial expert system, development of financial model, development of portfolio analysis. (Two generations.)

Development of insurance based planning system.

Development of small business oriented planning system with advisory system

People and Scheduling

Development of healthcare provider matching system for matching people, skills, projects and availability.

Development of new product success prediction system based upon work of Professor Robert Cooper and also research by the Danish Teknologisk Institut.

Development of activity based costing system.

Marketing and Innovation Systems

Development of bank manager branch marketing and sales targeting system with budgeting and planning (two generations).

Development of stage gate innovation system with multiple expert systems.


Development of multiple strategy games.

Development of networked strategy game in English and French, delivered in Toronto, Montreal, New Jersey and Denmark. Game was delivered to hundreds of managers with a server and client machines. Research on the game won the prize for best article in the Journal of Management Development.

Information Warehousing

Development of information warehousing and business intelligence tool, deployed in multiple locations for aggregating data from 5,500 SCADA machines in multiple locations. System was unusual in that its functionality could be executed on the server or client and also distributed across servers,


Assessment of music systems for Cisco including their own, Sonos and HP. Assessment of software led to project being cancelled.

Restart of foreign exchange (PaaS) trading system software development.


Multiple internationalizations (French, German, Danish and Spanish).

All of the above systems were developed using an agile or scrum approach.

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