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Manager Project

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
December 30, 2015

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ON L8P 2G9



Top-performing professional offering over 27 years’ experience providing dynamic technical strategies, sales and product development solutions to telecommunication leaders. A record of success pinpointing inefficiencies in operating procedures; restructuring departments and revamping design and production methods to increase efficiency, quality of product and customer satisfaction. Highly successful at facilitating open communication between cross-functional teams and providing mentorship and coaching to staff enabling team to consistently meet and exceed corporate goals. A recognized leader with an in-depth knowledge of industry standards, regulations and guidelines looking to leverage expertise with new opportunities.

• Client Base Growth

• Corporate Sales Strategies

• Cable & Engineering Product Development

• Product Analysis

• Business Development Plans

• Business Negotiations

• Problem Identification & Resolution

• Team Motivation & Leadership

• Project Management

• Corporate Restructuring


Principal, Innovative Broadband 2008 - Present

Project Manager, FTTH Deployment 2015

Cogeco Cable, Burlington, ON

Performing PM duties, while driving the deployment of FTTH for a large MSO advancing into the access market. Assisting with rollout strategies to help overbuild existing infrastructure, maintaining targets of an extremely aggressive deployment plan while maintaining quality control and contractor relations. Successfully managed the completion of over 25000 homes passed over an eight month period.

Sr, Project Manager, Head End/Hub Construction 2008 - 2014 Cogeco Cable, Burlington, ON

Directs consulting services on Hub Improvement Program Initiative for Cogeco Cable Inc.. Provides Cogeco Cable Inc. with analytical strategizing and project management support necessary to drive corporate initiatives forward.

• Applies construction coordination and quality control knowledge to oversee building of data centers while adhering to industry standards and local Building Codes and Regulations; supervises build, planned for system testing and commissioning to ensure operational criteria meets and exceeds functionality requirements

• Evaluates construction standards and implements electrical, mechanical and environmental components of data center to ensure cohesion with industry standards

• Ensures data center built with expandability of different platforms to easily accommodate rapid business growth

• Facilitates communication across key departments; collaborates with IPE and networking engineers, managers, specialists and technical operations to ensure all teams disseminate information to coordinate tasks effectively

• Revamps and reorganizes internal policies and procedures to ensure application of best practices; led team through successful internal audit, setting operational model for rest of company Construction Manager, DAS Systems 2013 - 2014

COMsolve, Markham, ON

Provided Construction Management services on Rogers Wireless, In-Building DAS Systems initiative in the Greater Toronto Area. Provided support both administratively as well as technically to ensure that Rogers specifications were maintained and that project reporting and inspection documentation was preserved Technical Sales Manager 2005 - 2008

Trispec Communications, Markham

Spearheaded development and implementation of dynamic sales strategies to foster and grow core client base of telecommunications leaders looking for VoIP, Internet, broadband cable, fiber optic networks and transport equipment solutions

• Utilized considerable engineering and technical knowledge to provide clients with practical engineering solutions to unique problems; tailored solutions for clients; ensured full satisfaction with corporate services

• Consistently met and exceeded sales target of $1.2 M through implementation of innovative sale strategies

• Staged training sessions for clients to ensure development of full-knowledge of products to ensure best use Technical & Operations Manager 2002 - 2005

Source Cable Ltd., Hamilton

Directed top down restructuring of processes and departments to better use corporate resources, increase efficiencies and lay groundwork for corporate expansion and success. Oversaw both technical management of product development, design and production as well as operations support and planning. P R O F E S S I O N A L E X P E R I E N C E cont’d

• Created and spearheaded implementation of incentive program to motivate staff in pursuit of company goals; resolved complaints of disgruntled employees by restructuring job responsibilities, improving training modules, updated policies and procedures and provided incentives for exceptional accomplishments; resulted in significantly increased productivity, staff retention and overall staff satisfaction

• Led research into viable new platforms; collaborated with research, development and marketing to create competitive production that met needs of clients; developed launch strategy; resulted in 100% market success of all new products

• Appointed architect of Headend; managed team of 15 engineers and technicians to direct design strategies; ensured optimal design implementation

• Led first company in Canada to revamp video formats from analog to digital using the Motorola Digital Headend platform

• Managed project to streamline and better utilize bandwidth real estate for video services; enabling individual customers to obtain quality service

• Appointed to act as main architect and project manager on system proofing of wireless broadband data network; designed interconnection for product into Headend using existing CMTS platforms; incorporated design architecture, proofed wireless network off launch antennas and verified functionality

• Liaised with corporate leaders such as Cogeco Cable, Rogers and Allstream to ensure fulfillment of legal obligations outlined in proposals and contracts

Additional Roles Include:

Field Technician Cogeco Cable Ltd. Burlington 1996 – 2002 Field Technician Southmount Cable Ltd. Hamilton 1988 - 1996 E D U C A T I O N & T R A I N I N G

BICSI DCDC (currently enrolled) 2013

CFHP FTTH Council 2010




SCTE DOCSIS 3.0 Channel Bonding 2008

NCTI/Jones Installer Technician 2007

NCTI/Jones Installer 2006

VoIP Test and Monitor DirectQuality R7 (Minacom/Tektronix) 2006 VoIP seminar Testing and Troubleshooting (Trispec Communications) 2006 Raisecom Partner Training (Media Converter, CWDM) 2006 Electroline Partner Training (Transponders, CPM) 2006 Motorola Partner Training (Wireless - Canopy) 2006 Fluke Networks Partner Training (Network Tools) 2006 CCNA Cisco Training Partner 2004

Tut Systems Digital Video Head End Certification 2004 Motorola Digital Headend Certification 2004

Fiber Optic Certification (FOA) 2003

CATV Coarse George Brown College 1996

Electronic Fundamentals, Mohawk College 1994



99 Herkimer St.#806, Hamilton

ON L8P 2G9


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