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Continuous Improvement Management

Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
December 28, 2015

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Ricardo Romero MSc.

Calle Napo, Pichincha, San Rafael, Ecuador



A highly motivated and proactive quality professional, with experience on continuous improvement, change management, as well as on consultancy and advice on quality management. Able to manage people and develop leadership skills within the workforce, to hence improve continuously in order to meet the expected objectives. Able to manage people with leadership skills. Strengths include flexible adaptability to work environments, fast learning skills, analytical skills, prioritize tasks, skills to convince, and the willing to take challenges. Seeking a work experience placement in the industrial sector, on a consultancy team group, as quality manager, service manager or as an advisor for the development of business. EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS

University of Portsmouth 2014 – 2015

MSc Strategic Quality Management

Overall Mark: Merit

Main Subjects Include: Business administration and transformation through quality management, change management, continuous improvement, kaizen, supply chain management, ISO Standards certification, audit, Six Sigma, EFQM excellence model, empowerment, Leadership methodologies, teamwork business excellence models, quality tool kit (Pareto, root cause Analysis, 5 why’s, fishbone), business statistics, business research methods and consulting and advice skills on total quality management area. Major achievement: Distinction mark on dissertation Dissertation: An examination of the barriers to engagement for continuous improvement in the automotive sector

International University of Ecuador, Ecuador 2007 – 2012 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Automotive Mechanical Engineering A level

Overall Mark: 9.57 / 10

Major achievements: Best graduate award on 2013, Gold Medal of honour and certificate. Student scholarship 100% coverage, by academic merit.

Dissertation: The development of an integral quality system manual for an automotive engines reconstruction workshop

Institute Automobile Safety and Transportation (ISAT), Nevers, France 2011 Certificate on emission control and environmental impact on automotive industry La Salle High School, Ecuador 2001-2007

Overall Mark: A (19/20)


Automotores y Anexos S.A. Ecuador 27/04/15-Present time The Official Nissan and Renault representatives for Ecuador


Aftersales: Head of Aftersales services

Main areas of experience:

• To Manage and lead an automotive workshop to achieve sales, quality and internal satisfaction objectives

• Implementation of automotive quality systems and people management to encourage and develop empowement skills, to thus effectuate TQM

• Development of leadership skills within the workforce to foster empowerment to continuous improvement initiatives

• To lead change, through the implementation of effective change with the use of change management methodologies

• Ability to lead people and foster teamwork skills (16 people on charge)

• Management and follow-up to thus understand the actual situation, to then develop action plans and to review results, to enhance processes.

• Business follow-up through Key Performance Indexes (KPI) control and improvement

• Implementation of PDCA processes as BAU (Business As Usual)

• Monitoring, control and improvement of business budget

• Development of kaizen projects to enhance profitability and efficacy

• Implementation of 6s methodologies (5s plus Safety)

• Advice and consulting on business development, statistical analysis and process improvement Automotores y Anexos S.A. Ecuador 04/04/14-18/09/2014 The Official Nissan and Renault representatives for Ecuador


National Continuous improvement Coordinator

Main areas of experience:

• Regional planning for the implementation and maintenance of quality systems in Nissan-Renault dealerships and plants

• Use of quality tools, such as Pareto, fishbone diagrams, five whys and processes' risk analysis charts.

• Staff management

• Consultancy and advice on quality management to enhance service processes and achieve the expected objectives

• Use of statistical process control (SPC) for the analysis of possible areas for improvement and to ensure effectiveness of processes

• Development of company's vision, mission and annual planning.

• Planning quality system audits across the country, site visits across concessionaires for auditing, consulting and advice for continuous improvement and business development.

• Support for analysing potential improvement areas and development of the most feasible and effective preventive and/or corrective actions

• Guidance to improve managers performance in the decision making and strategic planning in concordance with the suggested quality standards of the brand Automotores y Anexos S.A., Ecuador 18/07/12 – 04/04/14 The Official Nissan and Renault representatives for Ecuador


Master Kaizen (Quality Assurance Professional)

• Main Areas of Experience

• Development of continuous improvement practices.

• Certification Processes implementation, Consulting and advice on Nissan and Renault quality standards, such as BPDOS / ASDOS / DSI / NREDI / DPR / PSX / ISO 9001/ 14001 / 18001.

• Development of projects for continuous improvement, through Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies

• Quality Requirements Assurance on ERP Standards (Excellence Renault's Plan) on RENAULT.

• Quality tools application and usage for problem solving and decision making.

• Process Management (Documental formalisation and indicators measuring).

• Improvement through the identification and elimination of process defects and variation using problem solving and analysis techniques.

• Formalised documents control. Analysis and tracking of key performance indicators. Establishment of PDCA cycle in processes.

• Fomentation of the culture of continuous improvement through Kaizen quality methodologies Turbomotores S.A, Ecuador 18/07/11 – 17/07/12


Quality / Environmental /Security and Safety Management Assistant (IMS) Main Areas of Experience

• Integrated Management Systems implementation (ISO 9001, ISO 14000 environment, OHSAS 18001 health and safety).

• Process Development, management and formalisation.

• Internal Audits: Planning and development.

• Health and Safety Risks management. Documents’ control.

• IMS indicators: Control, analysis and improvement.

• Skills for training the staff on process management, leadership, technical advice, health and safety, etc., for Integrated Systems Certification


English Oral and written: Advanced (IELTS)

Spanish Oral and written: Native skills

Office Pack (Including Excel): Advanced Handling ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Recognition for the most outstanding employee of the country (2014). An official certificate and an economic recognition delivered to the most outstanding employees across the region

Winner of the KAIZEN award for the best project of continuous improvement of the region

(First place) (2013). The Kaizen award is a public recognition prize, which awards the best continuous improvement project across the country. It evaluates the impact to the company in the areas of cost savings, creativity, customer satisfaction and sales improvement.

Winner of the "Kaizen" award for the third best project of continuous improvement of the region (2014)

Winner of the "Kaizen" award for the Second best project of continuous improvement of the region (2013)

Student Scholarship 100% coverage. By academic merit. Student scholarship awarded to the two best students in the university only. (Award for the whole engineering carrier, from 2007 to 2012)

Best Graduate Award. Promotion 2013: International University of Ecuador Gold medal, diploma, certificate and public recognition for the best student in 2013 promotion

Vice President of the University 2011 Student Council Main Areas of experience / skills: Candidacy procedures, debate speeches, teamwork, persuasiveness practices, leadership.


Enjoy football, golf, playing guitar and bass, composing music, playing videogames. Reading articles of business development and quality practices.

Organised the 2011 engineering school holiday events. This involved raising funds, teamwork, and agreements with the university chancellor and the students. REFERENCES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

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