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Special Education School

New York, New York, United States
50,000 a year
December 28, 2015

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Barbara Isole’ Contact Information:

Phone: 917-***-****


Address: *** **** ***** **.

Bronx, N.Y. 10470


To obtain a full-time position working with children, adolescents, or adults in an educational and/or rehabilitative setting.

Education: Graduate Coursework in Early

M.A. Psychology Childhood Education, Brooklyn

New School for Social Research, Graduate Faculty, New York, NY, 1986 College, 1988

Concentration in Developmental and Clinical Psychology

M.A. Candidate Special Education B.A. Journalism major, Philosophy

College of St. Rose, Albany, NY. 1998 minor, New York University, 1980

Concentration in Emotionally Disturbed Children concentration in print journalism

Educational Experience

Special Education 1997 – 2014

Amerimed Early Intervention, Brooklyn, NY. – 2015 – present

Taught 2-3 year olds diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder using an ABA methodology.

Children’s Institute for Learning Differences, Mercer Island, WA 2010 - present

Taught 5 to 18 year old children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), Attachment Disorder and other syndromes/developmental disabilities, using a modified ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis Approach). This approach incorporated, visuals (Pictures, P.E.C.S.s,) sign language, I pads, yoga to teach self-regulation, social stories, direct modeling of appropriate social behaviors, and CPS (Collaborative Problem Solving). Sensory materials (weighted and cooling vests, swings, cushions,) were also an essential aspect of the program. Lastly, there was an enormous amount of acceptance and love shown toward the children.

P 140 K Brooklyn, NY 2003-2004

Taught 13 – 16 year old boys diagnosed with an emotional disturbance in an inner-city neighborhood. Having no assigned curriculum, textbooks, or supplies other than a chalkboard, I learned to be creative, i.e. teaching Math by using baseball cards to compare batting averages, weights, and RBI’s, playing with a dreidel to learn about probability, learning language by writing down hip hop songs and creating the students own rap songs, setting up a mini kitchen and making and selling breakfast to the other classes (bacon, eggs, pancakes, latkes, sausage…) thereby incorporating Math, Reading, and business skills. We also played a lot of Up Words, and Boggle, as well as debated our various cultures, religions, and favorite graffiti artists.

St. Catherine’s, Albany, NY 2002-2003

Taught 12 – 14 year old state mandated children in a special needs residential school for children diagnosed with emotional disabilities. Aside from basic academics, my primary purpose was to teach the students how to utilize non-violent strategies to problem solve and deal with their feelings of anger, rage, and depression. We worked with t a crisis team as well as a medical staff. Gardening, and pet care proved to be a “deal-breaker” for a few of the students. It was at St. Catherine’s that I learned to genuinely listen to children rather than trying to impose my own agenda on them.

Xaverian H.S. The Ryken Program, Brooklyn, NY 2005-2007

Taught “Culture and Ethics” in a 12:1:1 college prep program for boys diagnosed with learning disabilities. Together we explored various religions (Eastern Western, Native,) using different modalities – film, power point, debate, and drama. We also explored various ethical issues through film and short stories (Million Dollar Baby, 12 Angry Men, Life is Beautiful, Glory, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, etc.) It was eye-opening for all of us to discover dimensions of human nature, and the depths of good and evil within all of us.

Museum Middle School, Yonkers, NY 2004-2005

Taught seventh and eighth graders in a self-contained 6:1:1 classroom. Due to the various academic levels of the students I used a theme and hands on based approach to learning, e.g. building pyramids and sarcophagi, as well as dioramas as part of an ongoing study of Egypt. Since the students had been previously segregated from the rest of the school, we made ample use of the library, the auditorium, the gym, and spaces where they could interact with the general student population.

United Cerebral Palsy, Brooklyn, 2007-2009

Taught 3 and 4 year olds diagnosed with a myriad of developmental delays, as well as physical disabilities (Cerebral Palsy, low vision, Down’s syndrome). We used a “creative curriculum” that incorporated visual schedules, P.E.C.S. (Picture exchange communication system), and manipulative charts. We also incorporated hands on materials, art, storytelling, and music appropriate to the developmental levels of the children.

Niscayuna H.S., Niscayuna, NY 2001-2002, Special Education Teacher for Eleventh grade students in a resource room.

Shaker H.S., Latham, NY, 2000-1001, Student Teacher for H.S. students with Learning Disabilities

Farnsworth Middle School, Guilderland, NY 1999-2000 Teaching assistant in a behavioral consultant workshop.

Heatly School, Green Island, NY 1998-1999 Teaching assistant for students in grades 1 through 11 in all subject areas.

Wildwood School, Schenectady, NY 1997-1998 Taught vocational, and self-help skills to adolescents with Autism, ages 16-21. We also worked on community integration and crisis intervention.

Crackerjacks Nursery School Brooklyn, NY 1988-1989 Taught children’s pre-school using art, storytelling, music, and science.

Counseling and Assessment Experience:

Behavior Specialist, 1994-1997

Center for the Disabled, Albany, NY

Counseled adults with developmental disabilities as well as those with head injuries and MS using rational emotive behavior therapy, as well as supportive approaches. I worked as part of a team to develop goals, curriculum, and individual program plans. Ran groups for TBI (traumatic brain injury) clients: journal writing, social skills, family problem solving, community integration and self-advocacy groups; developed psychological treatment plans to assist “trainers” in working with “difficult” clients; provided in-service training to staff on handling day to day problems, (e.g. physical and verbal aggression, sexual inappropriateness, clients refusal to perform previously agreed upon tasks, etc.) ; wrote annual assessments, quarterly reports, monthly summaries, and goal plans; administered cognitive assessment batteries as needed, maintained ongoing contact and counseling with client’s families.

Psychologist (A.B.S.S.), 1992-1994

United Cerebral Palsy, Brooklyn, NY

Devised and administered test batteries tailored to participant’s individual capabilities; drafted behavior contracts with participants; counseled adults using cognitive-behavioral approaches; developed and conducted in-service training on participant’s rights, human development, abuse prevention, and reporting; conducted self-advocacy and social skills groups with program participants; made appropriate referrals to additional services for clients (job workshops, supportive employment, residential placement, etc


Lab Assistant, Department of Psychology, Graduate Faculty, 1982-1983

New School for Social Research, New York NY

Researched language acquisition in 2-4 year olds, comparing children with and without Down’s syndrome in their ability to learn sign language. Researched cultural differences in self-perception of competence by measuring levels of self-effacement in Chinese and American 2nd graders.

Volunteer Experience:

Issaquah Food Bank, Issaquah, WA 2010-2013

Served and participated in the running of the food bank as well as the soup kitchen for the homeless and low income men, women and children of the community. The program also targeted many of the alienated and estranged elderly of the community.

Sanctuary, Issaquah, 2012-2013

Supervised and managed a hospitality house for homeless men, women and children, serving food, and providing sleeping bags, clothes, toiletries, and a safe, warm pace to converse, shower, do laundry, access resources, and rest from the elements.

Ballard Food Bank, Seattle, WA 2012-2012

Worked in a food bank, sorting, cooking, and distributing food to men and women in need.

Quixote’s Garage, Prescott. AZ 2012

Worked in a day shelter for homeless men and women providing food, clothing, sleeping bags, a mailing address, phone, access to a computer and other resources including a repair shop for cars and bicycles.


Certified Yoga Instructor (Integral Yoga, N.Y., NY Trained in Professional Assault Crisis

Training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) training (Pro-Act)

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