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Maintenance Manager

Columbus, Indiana, United States
December 28, 2015

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Columbus, IN 47203

Cell 812-***-****

Dear Sir or Madam:

I will be completing my military service commitment shortly and I am contacting you to explore matching my diverse management and technical skills with opportunities in your organization.

As an experienced management professional, I have a broad range of talents that include multi-unit management, a proactive leadership style, and excellent team development/ management skills. My operations management has involved logistics, production management, quality control, inventory management, and training. I am a multi-talented manager who knows how to motivate a team of achievers and keep them focused on organizational objectives. Additionally, my skills in the areas of operational turnarounds and initiation of process improvement have helped me fine-tune the tools that will assist an organization such as yours.

I am a high achiever who generates enthusiasm through personal leadership, yet am willing and able to effectively delegate authority. My achievements in the areas of productivity improvements and team development would be excellent topics to be discussed in a personal interview. You may contact me at the above address and telephone number to make arrangements for such a meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my request and qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jason A.Whitmore



3040 Talley Rd Columbus, IN 47203 Cell 812-***-****


Dynamic and resourceful Manager with a diverse background and a broad range of proven skills that include:

Team Development/Training Logistics Management

Production/Quality Control Inventory Management

Process Improvement Multi-unit Management

Problem Solving Technology Implementation

Principal personal strengths include loyalty, integrity, and a healthy sense of urgency. A team leader and team player who can be counted on to attain better than expected results.


UNITED STATES ARMY 06/94 – 06/14

Completed military service with an Honorable Discharge and a career that is highlighted by progressive advancement to positions of increased challenges and responsibilities that included:

Maintenance Program Manager – Handpicked for this corporate-level position and charged with vehicle maintenance operations conducted at eight geographically separated units. Scope of maintenance included gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles, both wheel and track as well as Power Generation Systems, and powered weapons systems. Successfully . . .

Initiated major process improvements that included reporting processes, tracking maintenance (preventive and repairs), inventory, and vehicle maintenance history.

Improved operational reliability across all platforms and increased operational readiness levels from 94% to 98%.

Updated organizational policies and procedures as well as training programs. Provided team members with career-building opportunities through advanced training.

Developed cross-training programs that allowed team members to handle supervisory tasks in the absence of incumbents.

Optimized the use of online training to enhance technician’s knowledge of maintenance procedures.

Maintained flawless accountability for over $1 million in repair equipment.

Ensured meeting performance goals for key programs that included Report Submission, Oil Analysis, and Labor Analysis.

Maintenance Unit Manager – Directed day-to-day operations for an organization that provided major maintenance services for tracked vehicles. Managed a team that included 54 technicians and 22 mid-level supervisors. Successfully . . .

Handled all personnel actions that included performance evaluations, counseling, training, and recommendation for awards.

Managed a $4 million inventory that included vehicles and support equipment.

Revised the maintenance service schedule and increased operational readiness to an above average standard of 98%.

Mentored team members who received formal recognition for superior performance and advancement.

Conducted formal training that prepared team members for assignments in direct combat roles.

Initiated risk management initiatives that significantly enhanced on-the-job safety – maintained zero lost time accident environment.

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Maintenance Shop Manager – Maintained an excellent record of performance in providing maintenance support for two organizations with over 50 specialized diesel-powered pieces of equipment. Successfully . . .

Developed and conducted comprehensive training that enhanced technical skills of team members and contributed to the organization attaining an excellent rating during an annual performance evaluation.

Updated/revised existing policies and procedures that provided team members with detailed performance expectations.

Maintenance Control Manager – Coordinated the service and maintenance for over 162 wheeled and 30 tracked vehicles used in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Managed a team of 23 and successfully . . .

Improved unit operational equipment readiness from 94% to 98.3%.

Developed a real time tracking program that coordinated maintenance operations between five geographically separated units.

Functioned as a Subject Matter Expert and assisted mid-level supervisors with troubleshooting and repair of complex issues.

Initiated a cross-training program that enhanced the skills of all team members and their ability to perform maintenance on a broad spectrum of equipment.

Technical Inspector/Supervisor – Supervised a team of two Technical Inspectors and provided Quality Assurance/Quality Control for equipment designated for repair. Established priorities and work schedules and successfully . . .

Exceeded performance goals for completion of QC inspections and meeting customer expectations.

Functioned as Mentor/Trainer for less experienced technicians and provided technical support for complex maintenance issues.

Ensured compliance with HAZMAT handling and safety – maintained an accident-free work area.

Supervisor/Mechanic – Coordinated the activities of eight Mechanics and handled training and technical support for team members.

Consistently performed well above standards and provided technical assistance for complex maintenance issues.


Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and have completed approximately 63 semester hours of undergraduate courses from Central Texas College.

Professional Development:

Graduate of the U.S. Army Mid-level Management and Supervisors schools

Graduate of the U.S Army Master Resilience Training Course

Systems Acquisition Management Training

Maintenance Supervisor Training

Basic and Advanced Vehicle Maintenance Technician


Computer proficiency includes Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), E-mail, and Internet research.

Coached both adults and children around the world the past 13 years, in a variety of sports.

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