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Medical Management

December 28, 2015

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Curriculum Vitae

Otieno Fredrick Onduto

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Mobile: 079******** or 079********

Profession: Medical Doctor

Qualification: Doctor of Medicine (MD), Diploma in Clinical Medicine &



I am a professional clinician with more than 5 years work experience in medical profession, both in United Kingdom and Kenya. I have gained a deep insight into providing professional and personal care to patients and hospital personal of various categories. I have kept up with the trends and changing circumstances in the health sector by attending several refresher and professional courses to keep up to date with the current developments, which includes societal and professional needs of my profession. I have a passion to my patients care, interacts well with my seniors and juniors. Being a clinician, I believe that giving personal and professional attention to the patients contributes immensely to their healing process. I believe in practising what I have learnt through my experience.


A dynamic, ambitious, result oriented, creative, enthusiastic individual with diverse knowledge and experience seeking professional growth and development incorporate environment. Hardworking team player, that enjoys exceeding targets, believes in doing things better because am motivated by being successful and achieving my goals.

-To gain experience and enhance my abilities in meeting ever growing healthcare needs.


Medical graduate from Belize: MD-Doctor of Medicine,Diploma in clinical Medicine & Surgery:Kenya

-completed one year Internship Training Programme in Kenya,

-clinical attachment:-Wexham Park Hospital-UK

-currently in the process of registration with the GMC


-Interacting with patients in a friendly,yet professional manner.

-Capable of accepting responsibility towards patients health and well being.

- In-depth knowledge of the safty measures and hygine conditions to be maintained under medical care.


-Positive attitude towards work.

-Exellent communication and interpersonal skills,to interact with patients,collegues and seniors.

-Communicating with patients and making them feel comfortable enough to express their health problems.

-Ability proficient in planning,organizing,coordinating and prioritizing multiple tasks within a set up.

-Self motivation,responsible work ethics and high degree of professionalism.


Company:-New Nyanza Provincial Teaching and Referral Hospital {Kenya}


Period:-2001 January-2002 January


Job Responsibility:-During the one year training programme,the following were the duties and skills I learnt in each speciality.

General Medicine:{Duration-3months}

-daily assessment of newly admitted patients,,routine medical examinations and management of common medical conditions.

-checking the test reports of the patients and noting down the results on Medical charts and on the computer.

-performing basic duties like,checking the blood pressure,pulse rate,respiration rate and blood glucose levels using glucometer during out patient clinics.

-Performing procedures like intravenous cannulation and blood collection during ward duties.

-working shifts in Medicine Intensive Unit and performing procedures like Nasogastric tube insertion{NG-Tube},urinary catheterization and ABGA regularly.

-discussing the Medical cases and the treatment options with senior doctors.

-Attending ward rounds with seniors.

-attending outpatient clinics,taking relevant history and priscribing follow up medications.


Assessment and physical evaluation of new admissions.

Review of mental state of inpatients.

Care of inpatients and reporting to seniors incase of emergencies.

Assessing patients and learning about psychiatric history taking and mental state examination.

Suicide risk assessment.

Attending outpatient clinics.


-management of acute emergencies.

-airway skills like intubation

-knowledge of anaesthetic and sedation techniques

General Surgery:{3Months}:

Taking history and examining elective and emergency patients.

Attending out patient clinics

Performing ward duties and attending ward rounds with seniors.

Ordering appropriate investigations and referrals and assisting in theatre.

Accident & Emergency:{2Weeks}:

Exposure to wide range of emergencies including paediatrics.

Involvement in resuscitation,major focus on teamwoking and clinical decision making and risk management.

Wide variety of clinical skills,including ECG and X-ray interpritations for the purpose of diagnosis and relevant patient management and treatment.

ENT{Ear Nose and Throat}:{2Weeks}:

Care of ward patients,Assisting in theatre,Attending emergencies and reporting to seniors,Attending out patient clinics,performing ear examinations using otoscope and assessing patients.


Attending outpatient clinics,taking history and performing relevant examinations,assisting in theatre,managing patients in the ward.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology:{3Months}:

Managing common problems in Obstetrics and Gynaecology,performing per vaginal examinations using instruments like cuscos speculum etc.Assisting in theatre.

Labour room duties e.g monitoring patients,assisting in delivaries and performing procedures such as episiotomies and reparing them where appriopirate using sutures.

Attending antenatal and postnatal clinics,prescribing followup medications and giving general advice to patients.

Educating patients about various available family planning options.

Orthopaedics and Trauma:{1Month}:

Ward duties,attending theatre and outpatient clinics,fractures and dislocation manipulation during emergencies.


Working in paediatrics wards monitoring and evaluating patients,referrals where appropriate.

Work as part of paediatric team,assessing and treating emergencies,as well as planned admissions.

Attending outpatient clinics and taking history.

Working in Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre, to care for the malnourished children and advice their parents accordingly.

Community Medicine:{2 Months}:

Providing basic medical care to the rural village in Kenya{Chulaimbo},for one month,educating the community about the common medical problems e.g malaria.cholera,worms infestations etc, and how they can be prevented and treated.

Administration of vaccines to children and expectant mothers.

Forensic Medicine:{2weeks}:Attending autopsies and writing reports via observation.


I have facilitated and implemented clinical competencies within the work environment as well as supervision, providing medical support where appropriate. This has enhanced my ability to deliver to deadlines and to work under circumstances where emergencies and urgent attention are necessary and called for. I have performed duties as a mentor and preceptor to juniors.


MD:Doctor of Medicine from Grace University School of Medicine{Belize}

Diploma in Clinical Medicine&Surgery:from, Kenya Medical Trainining Collage{Kenya}

Awarded after successful completion of Internship


Basic and Advanced life support

Maternal child Health and Family Planning{MCH/FP}

Sexual Transmitted Infection,HIV/AIDS Management

Expanded Programme on Immunization

Principles of good practice

Safe handling,storage,recording and administration of Medicines

In house supervisory skills

Emergency Treatment

Ageing Issues

Protection of Valnurable adults


3 A Levels

8 O Levels


2012 February-September 2014:Chiltern International Research Company:

Position-clinical Resarch Assistant

Duties-data collection and entry,taking blood,and urine samples from the subjects/patients/cliants,clearking,documentation,monitoring vital signs,observation,monitoring and documenting any adverse drug reactions

2011 September-october 2011:Wexham Park Hospital

Position- Clinical Attachement

Discipline covered:-GeneralMedicine,Accident&Emergency,Obstetrics&Gynaecology and General Surgery-rotations.

Clinical skills and experience:

-taking relevant clinical history,interacting with patients in a friendly and yet in a professional manner.

-capable of accepting responsibility towards patients care and well being, indepth knowledge of safty measures and hygine conditions to be maintained under medical care.

Patients observations,examinations,laboratory and X-ray interpretations,diagnosis,treatment and referrals of patients where need be,good communication skills and relates well with other collegues,team player.

2009 August-August 2011:-Slough Borough Council{New social services}

Duties:-Taking care of the elderly and valnurable adults as per their care plans.

2004April-Dec.2008:Grace University School of Medicine

2002 January-March 2004:Ministry of Health{Kisumu District Hospital-Kenya}:

Position- Clinical Officer

Duties:-Clearking{History Taking},Examination,Investigations,Diagnosis,Laboratory and X-rays interpretations for the purpose of patients diagnosis and,treatment and referrals.

Accident &Emergency:Exposure to wide range of emergencies including paediatrics,involvement in resuscitation,major focus on team working and clinical decisions making and risk management.

Wide variety of clinical skills,including ECG and X-rays interpretations.

-dealing with both Medical and Surgical emergencies before referrals accordingly.

2001 January-2002 January:New Nyanza Teaching and Referral Hospital{Kenya},Internship.

Hobbies-watching football and socializing

Interests: Reading Medical Journals

Languages: I speak, read and wright English and Swahili

Aspiration: To be a consultant.

References:- Provided upon Request

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