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Sheet Metal Manager

United States
December 29, 2015

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To use my skills and experience to meet and exceed all job duties and expectation.


Sheet Metal Production 2012-2015

Sheet Metal Mechanic Franklin, VA

Repaired ventilation systems

Selected appropriate type of sheet metal, such galvanized iron, copper, steel, aluminum

Used a hydraulic clamp for the tooling makes this procedure easier and faster; used snap tooling is even more efficient

Fabricated sheet metal, bonded sheet assemblies, bolted sheet assemblies, and fabricated sheet assemblies

Used and operated manual press brakes and hydraulic machines (Cincinnati)

Interpreted blueprints to decide where ducts will go

Bent ducts to form shapes

Drilled holes into ducts to bolt together

Welded, soldered, and rivet ducts together

Smoothed over rough edges with file

Installed ready-made ducts

Worked with work with fiberglass, plastics, and other nonmetallic materials

Operated fabricating machines such as shears, brakes, and presses, forming rolls to cut bend, block and form or straighten materials

Installed assemblies in supportive framework

Used scribers, dividers, and squares to mark dimensions on materials

Operated computer aided drafting (CAD) equipment to develop scale drawings of products or systems

Press hammer, rivet guns, and other various hand and power tools as needed per project

Jamestown Scotland Ferry Surry 2009-2012

Deck Hand Surry, VA

Steer vessels using navigational devices

Utilize Compasses or sextants, or navigational aids, such as lighthouses or buoys

Stand watches on vessels during specified periods while vessels are under way

Determine geographical positions of ships, using lorans, azimuths of celestial bodies, or computers

Assume command of vessels

Inspect equipment, such as cargo-handling gear, lifesaving equipment, visual-signaling equipment, or fishing, towing, or dredging gear, to detect problems

Participate in activities related to maintenance of vessel security

Observe loading or unloading of cargo or equipment to ensure that handling and storage is performed according to specifications

Supervise crewmembers in the repair or replacement of defective gear or equipment. Supervise crews in cleaning or maintaining decks, superstructures, or bridges

Outside Trade 2006-2009

Assistant Manager Newport News, VA

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