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Information Technology Management

Brampton, Ontario, Canada
December 29, 2015

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OBJECTIVE: A recent graduate looking to pursue a position in the fields of Information Technology and software engineering, and further develop my technical and management skills while contributing towards your company’s success.


Highly self-motivated with strong will to succeed while prioritizing set goals and deadlines.

An effective team player with excellent communication and organizational skills, combined with flexibility, creativity and exceptional analytical and problem solving skills.

A very fast learner and a self-starter who excels in team environment but can work equally well independently.


Operating Systems: Linux, Windows Server 2008, AS 400, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Applications: ASP.NET MVC 5, Windows Server Manager, Eclipse, IBM Rational Developer, Active Directory, SQL Developer,Visual Studio 2015,Rational Rose, Windows Power Shell, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, UltraEdit, WinForms, jQuery, LINQ

Programming Languages: C#, Java, C, C++, SQL, JavaScript, HTML5, Linux Shell Scripting, PHP,


Diploma in Computer Programming, Honors, GPA: 3.9 Sept 2013 - June 2015

Seneca College, Toronto

Certificate in Python (Coursera) Dec 2015 – (Expected) May 2016

University of Michigan

Certificate in Android Software Development (Coursera) Dec 2015 – (Expected) July 2016

University of Maryland and Vanderbilt University

ACADEMIC PROJECT: Blogging website

Designed a blogging website using C# and ASP.NET MVC 5 on Visual Studio 2015.

The application allowed registered bloggers to publish, delete and edit their own blog. View other user’s blogs, comment and edit their comments on other user’s blog, and delete comments on their blogs. Registered commenters were also able to post comments on blog posts and respond to comments.

The site administrator was assigned with full control to review and remove blog, full monitoring access to manage the comments and their responses from all users.

All authentication and authorization was done using claims feature of ASP.NET.

Went one step ahead and also added threading in the application so users were able were able to respond to responses similar to the Facebook interface. All the blog posts, their comments and their responses were deleted in a recursive manner.

Also designed a registration page which allowed users to select their role as either a blogger or a commenter.

PERSONAL PROJECT: Real Time Spell Checker

Used a combination of Console and Windows Forms application of .NET platform to develop a real time spell checking application on Visual Studio 2015.

Used a non-binary search tree data structure for storing strings of segments and words.

Unit tested the console application using NUnit Framework.

Used some of the core principals of OOP programming and user interface design to develop and design the program.

The console application can be reviewed using the following URL: .

The final application can be reviewed using the following URL: .


Programmer / Analyst KUBRA, Mississauga (June 2015 – August 2015)

Developed expertise in back end payment processing applications, custom document production and management applications, e-billing and Self-service applications.

Efficiently responded to internal and external customer requests via phone and email.

Provided data analysis, research and reporting to customers regarding data accuracy.

Often acted as a liaison between assigned clients and any other teams involved.

Conducted code review, developed and documented test plans and results for negative and positive testing in order to assist QA department for update releases in pre-production or production environment and troubleshot any issues that may arise during that time.

Resolved production errors by analyzing the data customer provided and back tracing the issue in the coding schematics of the website and determining the cause through analysis.

Singlehandedly eliminated AMEX credit card support from Reliance Corporate Website for any customers who wanted to enroll the credit card in their profile after the upgrade while keeping the support for the customers who had already enrolled AMEX in their profile prior to the upgrade.

Researched and gathered information on any peculiar errors or issues and their possible solutions by communicating with multiple teams across the company including implementation, support, product and/or development teams.

Changed (Cascading Style Sheets) CSS in order to accommodate any changes requested by the client for website appearance.

Developed expertise in extracting clinical data from SQL Server production database or manipulating data in test environment to analyze, replicate and fix production errors.

Implemented and/or tested changes on web-based applications developed in VB 6.0.

INTERESTS: Attempts weekly programming challenges on reddit and upload solutions on my GitHub page.

References available upon request

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