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Customer Software

Florida, United States
December 25, 2015

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José A Rafols

Tel: 787-***-****


Software Developer


Seeking an opportunity for a mid-level Position related to Computer Science in the fields of Software Engineering and Software Development.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Technical Skills:

Strong grasp of technologies like .NET, C#, VB,

Object Oriented and procedural programming

Good understanding of the SDLC

Comfortable learning new technologies in a fast pace environment

Excellent, problem solving skills

Awareness of company good business practices like export control compliance and protecting company trade secrets

Self-motivated, self-starter, team player, dependable.


.NET, C#, VB, VBA, VBS, PowerShell, BAT, SQL, C, C++, Java, Python, R Language, HTML5, CSS, Java Script, PHP, XML, SGML, VRML, MATLAB, Minitab Scripts

IDE’s and Development Software:

Visual Basic 2010/2013, Net Beans, Eclipse, JDeveloper, RStudio, SQL Developer, SQL Plus, Code::blocks, MySQL Workbench, MathWorks, NI Diadem, Ni Data finder Enterprise, Minitab, Test Stand, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, Corena S1000D and iSpec 2200, Siemens Team center, Arbortext, ACE tools, Six Sigma tools, E-outsourcing, SAP, Win Office VMWare, Radmin, putty, GoodSinc

Professional Experience

2013-2015 Honeywell Software Engineer

Working with Honeywell core of chief engineers to create a common Test Report System across all of Honeywell and approximately 80 Honeywell products

Used proper refactoring techniques and design patterns to lay the base framework and tools used to develop the Test Report System

Designing and creating interfaces to communicate and integrate properly with third party software and hardware licensed to Honeywell

Creating the reporting layer framework in VBS to Integrate with R Language and the tools used to create dynamic reports in real time from the customer-facing web application

Used Six Sigma tools as template to create the reporting layer. For example: I-MR charts, Capability analysis, Statistical process control, etc.

Integrated various technologies such as .Net framework, VBScript, batch files, power shell, R Language, PHP, MySql, SSH communications, Linux .sh scripts, Environment variables, registry keys, and a series of third party software, tools, and hardware to work as a single system on a farm of virtual machines.

Worked on the security layer and logic to separate commercial data from ITAR data.

2006-2013 Info Tech Aerospace Inc

Technical writer and Software specialist, responsible for various initiatives in the development of approximately 20 tools using various technologies like .Net C#, VB, Java, Oracle, and MySql

Developed tools to parse 800+ legacy documents and to translate them into a new consistent format

Developed report generation tools that gathered data from over 5 sources

Gathered data from SQL data bases

Merged various small databases including flat files, Excel spreadsheets, MS Access and other sources, into single MySQL server schema

Designed and developed, custom word checkers and look-up tools based on ASD Simplified Technical English requirements, for the technical publications group

Researched third party libraries needed to make available MS Office documents like Excel and Word files to a Java based system

Wrote UNIX shell scripts to schedule and manipulate SGML files and convert to PDF on a scheduled basis

Assisted in the development of the company monthly Quality Control Process Capability (QCPC) Oracle database system

Participated QCPC data model design analysis, identifying redundancy and standardizing requirements

Prepared test scripts for software validation and reporting

Project owner responsible for maintaining Pratt and Whitney legacy engines illustrated parts catalogs

Developed technical publications department work process flow that met the client requirements

Prepared work steps instructions and procedures

Prepared training material for new hires

Complied with United Technologies Corporation(UTC) Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) program trainings and requirements

Analyzed and responded to internal and external customer requests

Ongoing customer teleconference meetings to discuss present project status and ensure customer requirements are being met

Analyzed customer inquiries, validated requirements, determined corrective action and provided customer response within a 24 hour turn around period.

Analyzed customer change requests, validated requirements and mapped a course of action

Complied with export control trainings and requirements

(2000- 2006) Staff Sergeant US Air Force, Active Duty

Special Purpose Vehicle and Equipment Technician

Responsible for performing maintenance activities on military special purpose vehicles and equipment

Activities included inspection, troubleshooting, diagnosing, repairing, and rebuilding components, assemblies and subassemblies of specialized equipment

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