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cobol developer

Talisay, CALABARZON, Philippines
December 26, 2015

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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (recent to previous employment)

Accenture: Team Lead: August, 2012 – Present

Job Description:

System analyst, developer, technical designer to various clients depending on deployment. Deployed to areas such financial services, resources and services oriented clients.

Deployment History:

Perform analysis of system batch processing that caters to report generation to determine the existence of repetitive modules or modules that can be restarted in the process. Analysis is also done to to optimize current process through mapping of the system for team reference.

Performed analysis of current client system that employs management of Debit Card products. Aided in the creation of technical design to create an application that will act as an interim between client Cards program and strategic cards program. The scope of the designed system initially covers authorizations, postings, non-monetary transactions, filtering of transactions based on client rules and creation of a stand in process for transactions. The scope of the tasks in project included the conversion of process done in IMS into a system using DB2. For the project I was tasked as technical design lead doing several designs used by the development team. Designs involve both online and batch based systems using CICS, MQ Websphere and CFDT to facilitate a queuing process to transactions. Performed creation of test scripts presented to client, performed technical training to development team to the technologies used in the system, assisted the business analyst team in the translation of system functionality into working modules and presented the system to clients. Aided in the creation of second version of system.

System support, analyst and developer for mainframe and Java modules based on a student loans system. Mainframe modules comprise of PL/1 and JCL that perform batch and online process. Tasks include investigating issues and communicating resolution to business analysis team. Tasks also include drafting resolution to development team and/or implementing and testing changes.

Perform analysis and provide design suggestions for an automation project using REXX to optimize push and build of modules into development environment.

NCO Group: Corp IT: Senior System Analyst: August 30, 2010 – August, 2012

Job Description:

Perform maintenance, analysis and development of programs used in health care system. Client caters to processing of loans done to small to medium sized health care facilities. Client process involves loading of customer accounts, transactions, account updates, reconciliation of transactions, reversal of data loaded, and report generation..

CAI-STA : Programmer Developer 2 : February 1, 2007 – December 19, 2008

Job description:

Assigned to TYCO Electronics – COS (Customer Order System) Team to act as maintenance support and developer for the following sub systems under COS. Systems comprise of daily, quarterly and monthly batch runs of JCl involving both Cobol batch and EZtrieve. Systems make use of IMS for data management.

FDC (Forecast and Demand for Customers)

XREF (Customer Part Number Cross reference)

IPS (Inter-Company Purchasing System), and TPS (Transfer Pricing System)

Forecast and Demand for Customers

System description:

The system is based on calculating the forecasted sales for a client fiscal period or cycle. The system determines how much demand a client customer requested for a specified item, determines if production can meet with current demand and manages secure access for customers. The system is used to determine if there is need to increase or decrease production through monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.

Customer part number cross reference

System description:

The system is based on IMS/IDMS and provides relationships between one-to-many and/or many-to-many database, system is based on uploading client requested data that allows systems to have access to records from other database sources. The process caters to creation of relational fields to non-relational tables as required by client.

IPS/TPS Inter-Company Purchasing System / (Transfer Pricing System)

System description:

The system is based on providing pricing and other costs involved in purchases for specific items. It manages regional price settings and shows client customers where to find items close to their location, manages restrictions on items that are only made available to specific customers, provides information on status of orders from purchase to delivery, computes for regional costs based on taxation laws and other regulations required.

SAP DTO project (Feb 2008 – Nov 2008)

Project description:

The project is a request to migrate data from mainframe into an online server for system enhancement. The project is based transferring information through FTP by batch processing.

Summary of tasks:

Create easytrieve codes to upload data to designated servers, create COBOL codes to gather data from IMS database, to perform analysis on specifications provided, to test and document all activities.

Information Technology Solutions, Inc : Programmer : January 17, 2005 – January 31, 2007

Job description:

Trained for RPG/RPG ILE, CL, SEU, RLU COBOL400 for AS400

Deployment history:

Maybank, Roxas branch (January 2006 – March 2006)

(Banking) Duties and responsibilities

- To support any issues involving RPG programs under the current remittance system. Provided resolution to \an issue involving computation of loan amounts in current system.

DIGITEL ICC-Activity logging for the enhancement of Integrated Customer Management System. (AR5010 BILLING STATEMENT ENQUIRY System, Faults: Fast Path (FM3600)) (April 2006)

- (Services) Assisted on the creation of a system that is designed to process inquiries for billing.

AMKOR:PDB Expansion Project. (August 2006)

- (Products) Performed analysis and code enhancement for a variable expansion project to modify programs and test changes on affected modules.

Sykes Asia, Inc. : Technical Support Representative – Email Support : September 2003 – May 2004

Act as support for basic PC trouble shooting and handling issues for internet access provided MSN IATS (Internet Access Tech Support).

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