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Design Industrial

San Antonio, Texas, 78209, United States
December 26, 2015

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Place of birth Lansing, Michigan, United State of America. Date of birth October 25th, 1979

Address in USA 851 RITTIMAN Rd. 78209 San Antonio, Texas Address in Venezuela Las Américas Av., Araguaney Building, T “B” F/7 Apartment Nº 7-29, Zip Code 5101, Mérida, Mérida State, Venezuela. Phone +58-426-***-**-** / HOME: +58-274-*******

E-mail, Portafolio


I have developed my professional profile in two different ways: EDUCATIONAL

I’ve worked as a Professor in the

University of Los Andes. Therefore, I have

been in charge of teaching everything

related to materials and manufacturing

processes to the students of the Industrial

Design career, besides, I’ve given those,

the necessary tools to advance and to

design objects or products from concept

to production.


I’ve labored in the development, design,

marketing and, the management

process of the furniture and the interior

design of home, office, commercial and

urban spaces.


Experienced professional with over twelve years in the field, with skill sets perfectly suited for positions requiring technical proficiency in the following areas:

Generate CONCEPTS and RESEARCHING information to grow products adapted to technology platforms (materials and processes) and markets;

MANUAL SKILLED and knowledgeable in manufacturing using materials like: Wood, steel, ceramic, textile, polymers and some surfaces finishes.

Coordinate and work in Team, management of manufacturing.

2D/3D-CAD development (Inventor, Autocad & Keyshot) Moodboards Agile Adobe CS suite (Photoshop & Illustrator) and Coreldraw Software Management

Principle models Human Factors


MSc in Industrial Design. Panamá 2008

Istmhus – Architecture and Design of

Latin America and the Caribbean School

Advanced Design and short series

Product development management

with Concurrent Design.

Design of products, innovation and


Graduate in Industrial Design, Vzla. 2003.

University of Los Andes (ULA),

Faculty of Architecture and Design,

Industrial Design School.


Spanish – High- Native English – Average



ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in the School of Industrial Design in the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of Los Andes (ULA), in the Technology for the Industrial Design Department. I led some subjects innovating teaching projects for the students’ learning. I was in charge of subjects like:

Models Workshop I and II (2004-2010)

Designing Seminar and Music Instrument Construction (2010)

Transport and Mobility Seminar (2011)

Technology for Industrial Design II- Manufacture Processes. (2011-2014)

Technology for Industrial Design V- Project Degree (2014-2015) Chief in the Technology for Industrial Design Department (2009-2011) (2012-2015) Coordinating, judging and counseling during the years, previously mentioned, have given me the opportunity to develop my skills in the following positions:

College School Council. EDI-FADULA (2009-2011/ 2012 -2014). Currently performing.

Curriculum Committee Member (2012-2014). Currently performing.

Editor and Organizer of the contest “Trashcans to the Libertador Mayoralty” in Mérida State (May-Jun. 2014)

Coordinator of the Curriculum Commission (2009-2011)

Curriculum Committee Member (2007-2009/ 2014-2015)

Carpentry Workshop Coordinator of the Faculty of Architecture and Design (2004- 2009)

Member of the Commission Internship School of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design (2004-2005)

Administrative Coordinator Production Workshops of the School of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design. (2004-2005) INTERNATIONAL

- Visiting Professor in Technology courses I “Natural fiber-textile/wood” Istmhus. Architecture and Design of Latin America and the Caribbean School. Panama (2007- 2008-2009-2013-2014)

-Visiting Professor in the subject Technology II “Materials, properties, characteristics and processes” and the subject of Marketing UEES- University Espíritu Santo. Guayaquil- Ecuador (2007)


- Founder of CEO- CACAO. C.A. Design Studio of Products and Interior, home, office, commerce and Urban space Design (2006-2015) currently performing. Designer & Production Manager

Design and Development products.

Manages the production process, production workers & maintains good industrial relations.

Plans production schedules.

Ensures that machinery, staff & materials are efficiently utilized.

Monitors health & safety & environmental issues.

Liaises with other functions such as marketing, research & finance.

Founder and Designer of RODRIGUEZ & ARAUGUEN C. A. Design and Serial Production Office Furniture Company (2010-2014)

Design and Production Adviser of MANUFACTURAS E INGENERÍA EN MADERA. C.A. Kitchen and Bath, (2011-2014)


Thesis for the degree of Master of Science in Industrial Design "A Commercial Interior Design for Public Spaces " Panama (2008) –EMPHASIS, “Human centered Designed & Urban Furniture”

Thesis for the Bachelor in Industrial Design "Designing a Device for Moving Ice-creams in the Venezuelan coasts” Venezuela (2003) –EMPHASIS, “Human centered Desind

“BIOMECHANICS” & Ecodesign”

Academic-labor Internship, Department of Woodworking and Home. CAPUY C.A. Caracas –Venezuela (Feb-Apr. 2002)

Preparer of "Workshop on Models I and II”. Industrial Design School, Faculty of Architecture and Design, University of Los Andes. Mérida (2000-2001) SPECIAL EVENTS.

Exhibitor in the Salone Satellite. In representation of the Industrial Design School of the University of Los Andes. Milan (2004)

Exhibition of Industrial Design in Series and in Serious. Mérida (2003)

Faculty Advisor, University of Los Andes. Architecture and Design Faculty. Member of the Student Political Organization “Movimiento 89”. Mérida (2002)

Designing Contest, “El Exacto de ORO” Institutional Image of the Industrial Design School of the Architecture and Design Faculty of the University of Los Andes. Mérida


Designing Contest, “El Producto del Milenio Venezolano”, Caracas (2001)

1st Exhibition of Design One in Kilo. FAD, ULA. Mérida (2002)

Advertising Poster Contest, XII Institutional Festival of the University Voice. Mérida (1998) DISTINCTIONS, AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS.

Cumlaude Distinction, for gaining the cetification of Bachelor in Industrial Desing with a GPA of 17, 15, form a scale of 1-20. Mérida (2003)

Assistantship Grant, FUNDACITE. In the Informatics area in the Design, Development, update and the website programming. Mérida (2003)

First Prize in the Design Competition. “El Exacto de ORO”. Industrial Design School of the Architecture and Art Faculty in the University of Los Andes. Mérida (2002)

First Prize in the Design Competition. “El Producto del Milenio Venezolano”. Organized by the British Council. Caracas (2001)

Luis María Rivas Dávila Honor, to the highest GPA of the Industrial Design School of the Architecture and Art Faculty in the University of Los Andes. Mérida (2001)

Special Mention in the Designing Marathon of the 1st Interagency Meeting of Industrial Design. Mérida (2000)

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