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High River, Alberta, Canada
December 26, 2015

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Richard Dey


Proven ability to manage in dynamic, fast-changing environments. Experienced Operations Manager, creating and leading teams from multiple disciplines and creating vision, and plans in midst of rapid growth and change. Strong communication and team management skills. Data Center Migration all aspects needed to successfully moved a Data Center or upgrade. Tasks timeline all dependencies following the ITIL process.

•Managed a PBX VOIP system install. Redeploy existing PBX to other smaller facilities.

•Preparing Projects using MS Project Management software all aspects.

•Creating SOW’s for all projects.

•Setup and install puppet master server within the data centre.

•Scripting in Autosys scheduling software. Installation and setup for all jobs.

•Design applications to fit the business needs, application flows with other or legacy systems.

•Maintaining the ITIL process flow for all testing future system requirements. Placing SLA’s for future.

•Responsible for analyzing all software and hardware for a large enterprise environment.

•Ensuring all backup procedures are setup as per business policies.

•Support and design system software for remote sites.

•Ensuring all contingency processes are in place for all Applications and software.

•Being a team lead for backup Recovery processes and procedures.

•Coordinate the elimination of standalone phone lines thought the Facility with telecom staff.

•TCPIP Protocol, Cisco Switch Configurations.

•Monitor changes through CMDB software as per the business needs.

•SOW reports for all projects.

•Design and installation of servers in Large Scale and Small Scale Data centers, modification of control rooms in facilities, design and deployment Managing Storage capacity for Servers.

•Taking leadership in War Rooms.

•Following storage was SAN/NAS Configurations, VMWare etc.

•Maintaining storage usages on UNIX / Linux server configuration.

•Data Center / Infrastructure experience, Quick thinking problem solver

•AutoCAD and Visio experience designing data centers across Canada.

•Multiple Mission Critical Data Center Design, Build and Operations Projects successfully Delivered

•Contact Center Design, Build and Management – Critical Environment;

•Using and implementing COTS hardware and software to customize to business needs.

•Maintain Operational budgets for Data Center and remote sites (UPS upgrades, HVAC maintenance.

•Maintain the raised floor environment and business needs

•Desktop Support Analyst, Supporting End Users.

•Assist in developing long-term strategies and capacity planning for meeting future Data Center requirements.

•Conduct research on desktop products in support of PC procurement and development efforts. Evaluate and recommend products for purchase.

•Write technical specifications for purchase of PCs, desktop hardware/ software and related product.

•Implemented a Building Automation System, to enable the monitoring and Data reporting for a 12,000 sq. Data Centre.

•Support and maintain systems, analyze system for performance issues improve where applicable

•CITRIX and VPN administrator and support end users.

•Risk Analyzing for all Cisco and Server installations, power requirements for existing and future devices being installed.

•Managing a team of 8 operators on a 7/24 rotation schedule.

•EG: Power expert, DS View, remote access software. Power vision. Windows based software, eg: blade server (HP).


Shoppers Drug Mart Post Office Manager- High River

January 2014 – Present

Customer Service to clients for parcel pickup.

Perform daily EOD reports and balancing reports.

Train new staff for Post office duties.

Reporting to Upper Management and Regional Managers both interior and external.

Working with Canada Post head office.

Perform monthly inventory for Post Office.

Ordering items for sale at the post office.

Working with support staff in Ottawa, Ont. For upgrading the servers at local post office.

Performing EOD procedures, creating procedures for staff references on updated software.

Data Centre Services / PM Coordinator - Calgary

Devon Energy - Dec 2012 – Sept 2013

•Canadian team member for much of my tenure for Datacenter Operations (based in Oklahoma City) and as such, I was highly independent and self-directed.

•Installed and implemented hardware and software within the field sites.

•Project leader for many projects for upgrades to District offices to make a central point for all computer systems. Nexus Data Center solutions, Cisco Wireless surveys.

•Project Coordinator for a large Data Center move with providing server upgrades, reductant network design Risk Management.

•Providing the tasks needed for implementation of plan move.

•Team size of professionals range from 25 to 30.

•Resources needed to implement a successful planned move. Including Vendor support and access to Q9 Network facility for move.

•Setup the puppet master server primary.

•Work and develope the puppet master server to ensure all dev is tested before approval to production. Simulate changes before rolling out.

•Providing a hot line for teams to call in when their task was completed successfully to allow other team members to continue their task.

•Provided support for three major data centers and over 150 field sites in North America.

•Installed Riverbed technology. Cisco 7K setup and install required contingency in place.

•Change Management documentation of all tasks involved in the successful implementation.

•Setup the firewall and VPN security for all Field sites and new Data Center.

• Acquired extensive oil field site experience including aspects of safety, all logistics and planning / execution of successful major data center upgrade projects.

•Worked closely with other PM’s, BAs, Intel / Unix Server Teams, Network Team, Field Deskside Team and clients in the provision of infrastructure (UPS / racks / cooling) support at the various sites.

•Performed physical deployment/decommissioning of any type of server, server-related equipment and network devices. Maintained same equipment.

•Implemented, maintained and monitored UPS systems.

•Implemented, maintained all hardware/software for IDF rooms at the Gas plants.

•Implement security access for all Data Rooms, restricting access to “change implementations”.

•HVAC requirements for District Offices and Remote sites.

•Troubleshoot the HVAC and Generator issues.

•Created and maintained accurate and comprehensive documentation of data center sites.

•Provided guidance on, and improved on network cabling at all sites.

•Trained and assisted other Datacenter Operations staff.

•Team Lead on Plan / Design a Co-lo Location for Devon Offsite Data Centre.

•Keep within the ITIL processes through CMDB software. Ensuring the changes made are updated.

•Scada System installs and support for all Gas plants across AB, BC and SK.

•Monitor all field locations for network and server upgrades when needed.

•Worked closely with developers to install software related to Scada system, for monitoring gas compressor.

•Worked on Web design for automation of system monitoring through Linux.

•Installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining and upgrading all PC hardware and equipment to ensure optimal workstation performance.

•Installing the Fiber patch panels.

•Designing a color coded Network plan to follow for all Data Centre’s.

•Perform system application testing. Eg: Windows Blade Servers configuring to Falcon Storage. Performing tests on legacy systems.

•Ensuring the application can be used from the box and perform any custom modifications for the business needs.

•Migrating the main Data Center in Downtown Calgary to a Q9 Network facility for better up time and Disaster Recovery.

•Keeping track of the timelines and budget for migration of data center.

Facilities Administrator /Data Centre Mgmt. – Calgary

CggVeritas Services – Jan 2012 – June 2012

Implement Linux / Windows Systems with Windows 7 version and Office 2010 going to field for processing Data from Recorders that are used to measure the earth’s density.

Perform maintenance on Linux Servers and manage the storage capacity 500 GB to 3TB.

Manage Systems for future growth of Company and field support.

Working with Support in Paris, France and Houston, Texas.

Perform system testing in-house before system is sent to a remote site.

Analyse software for compatible with legacy system being used, modified where needed.

Designing new and updated systems using tape backup software and compression of data.

Manage a MD3200 Storage Raid configured as a Raid 6 design.

Perform Network configurations.

Setup Cluster environments for load balancing.

Systems worked on Cent OS Red Hat Linux.

Managed a team of support staff in the field for trouble shooting of problems. Using PCAnywhere software.

Worked with Developers to create a SharePoint sites for Seismic activity, upgrade software using Centos and Red Hat Linux system.

Install test facilities for testing of Linux system for new software to record seismic data for client.

Software used for installation (Puppet, Red Hat Linux, Perl)

Performed Data Centre upgrades to ensure required power and HVAC and Fire Suppression was up to code.

Designed the correct UPS wattage for Data Centre.

Create a Project plan for implementation flow with tasks for each team member. Weekly meetings were scheduled for progress and delays.

Change Management was documented with all changes and dates of implementations mgmt. was updated on changes and dates. Budget expenses.

Design and implement new Data Centre facilities, prepare the SOW and SLA for usage.

Run quarterly Live Load tests on the Generator for 10 hours, this is testing the Transfer switch as well as the batteries before sync of the Generators.

Create budgets for all new equipment, order and plan the raise floor environment.

Data Center Facilities Manager / Project Manager

Loblaws Company Ltd. Feb 1988 – March 2011

Running day to day data requirements.

Setup and design the system mapping data migration.

Provided DR procedures and policies for all Data Centre’s across Canada.

Installing Cabinets in a Hot / Cold isle design, placing the HVAC’s where best cooling.

Developing plans for future growth of Data Centre.

Managing a team of 8 operators on a 7/24 rotation.

Administrator for Autosys software scheduling jobs and running scripts within the software.

Run quarterly Live Load tests on the Generator for 10 hours, this is testing the Transfer switch as well as the batteries before sync of the Generators.

Create budgets for all new equipment, order and plan the raise floor environment.

Recording and reporting the power consumption on a monthly and quarterly time frame.

Using COTS software and hardware to customize to the environment.

Design and maintain daily day to day tasks.

Maintain data centre applications

oLinux Servers

oWindows Applications

oWMS software upgrades.

oHVAC setups for all Data Centers, Power requirements.

oVMware design and install in Data Centers

oPBX systems

oOracle upgrades and troubles

Install and design third party FTP software to transmit data.

Setup LAN’s for 1 gig / 100 speed.

New facility kick-off projects. Rapid delivery and turn around for remote sites throughout the Canada, with aggressive construction schedules (12+ projects; ranging from 12 users to 200+ user locations) Budgeting ranging from 2 to 100,000,000 dollars.

Technology Divisions Executive Level (CIO, Snr. Directors), Corporate Facilities

Bell Canada, Mississauga Hydro, Eaton Power ware, APC, Avocent Canada, IBM, Hewlett s, Technology Services -Packard, Sun, others.

Deploy highly state of the art Data Centre for multiple environments(s). Oversee Data Center Facilities including projects, implementations and deployments. Various multimillion dollar repatriation initiatives, including full scope costing and modeling, as well as budgeting and approvals/implementation.

Change issues, approvals & escalation procedures, for allowing restores of data to critical systems either at main data centre or offsite disaster site.

Tools and Technologies:

MS Project, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Avocent software, Budgeting for software / monitoring tools. Sitelink, Powervision, remote access software.

Cisco 7k, 6500/3560, Nortel PBX, HP, Sun and Linux servers, Mitsubishi, Eaton Powerware, other


Network Design – July 2004

Team Building – Mar 2001

Project Management – March 2000

Infrastructure Planning & Architecture - April 2005

Data Center / Computer Room Design Build - April 2005


CISCO (6500, 3560, various)

Nexus 7k configuration for large data centre build

Network Architecture

Raritan software and Hardware

HP Servers

Design and Build State of the art Data Centres with DR Sites

Project Management Institute - PMBOK

Nortel PBX, Symposium, switch

EMC DMX, CX3 product suite;

HP, Dell and Compaq Server

Sun Microsystems Server Family

Legato and VERITAS Backup

Business Continuity Planning

APC Infrastructure Product Suite

Most Vendor UPS, Generator & HVAC products

Data Wall Technologies

Infrastructure Planning & Architecture

Data Centre / Computer Room Design Build

Backup Exec software.

Network software to monitor all routers and switches in the business.

Managed UNIX / Linux software to monitor critical file systems for space.

Crystal Reports Administrator.

Information Security & Compliance / Risk Management

Many others as well

Most Microsoft Infrastructure Products

MS Project

Sun Solaris (8, 9, 10)




HP Open View


Many other proprietary products and application knowledge as well

NetIQ, cIRBA, enVision, Qualys

Most Change Management Software Platform Products

Service Centre

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