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Management Oracle

New York, New York, United States
December 22, 2015

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Hard-working and enthusiastic with 15+ years of extensiveexperience in Oracle technologiesincluding10years as aDBA, 5 years as a PL/SQL developerand 3 years of experience in leading DBA team in offshore with proven ability in the area of performance tuning of large database.

Summary of Generic DBA Skills:

Experience includes providing DBA team support to alarge environment with 300+ servers and 400+ instances of Production, Development and Test databasesupportingmission critical OLTP, OLAP and CRM systemssuch as Siebel, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS/Financials and Hyperion in Oracle RDBMS (versions 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g and 12c) in all major flavors of UNIX and Windows.

Installation of Oracle software andextensive knowledge onnew Database Creation, Database Migration, Upgrade, Cloning (database/Oracle home), Duplicatingand Patching.

Administering RAC database in Oracle 10g and 11gR2 (up to 4-Node) on Linux platform with ASM.

Setting up Schema and Table level replication using GoldenGate in different topologies such as unidirectional, bidirectional, consolidation etc.

Setting up replication using Materialized Views and Oracle Streams.

Administering Oracle Exadata x2-2 half rack system with RAC and single instances in Linux platform and using tools like cellCLI, dCLI etc.

Administering databasein Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment.

Backup and recovery using RMAN. Logical backup using expdp/impdp.

Data guard setup with DG Broker and setting up ActiveData Guardfor Read-Only access.

Configured enterprise wise monitoring system using OEM Grid/Cloud Control and developed shell scripts for alerting purposes such as: DB availability, critical error, tablespace threshold, password expiry, blocked user sessions etc.Integrated OEM with third party ticketing systemsuch as BEM (BMC Event Manager and BMC Remedy).

Maintained data security by implementing VPD and developed a PL/SQL package to stop users from accidentally updating or deleting records.

Importing external data using SQL Loader and External Tables.

Experience in administering database of size up to 35 TB.

Database design, Normalization/De-Normalization.

Summary of Performance Tuning Activities:

Resolved many critical database performance issues with unique set of skills in the field of performance tuning using extensive experience as a DBA and past experience in PL/SQL.

Figured out key areas need improvement and made hundreds of tuning recommendations on SQL tuning, init parameter change, index creation, re-building and re-organizing indexes and tables, redefining tables with partitions and storage parameters, creating materialized views etc.

Expert in SQL tuning and resolved most of the performance issues by tuning un-optimized SQLs and suggesting appropriate change in code to development teams.

Implemented Instance Caging and Resource Planning for optimized use of CPU resources.

Implemented SQL Plan Management (SPM) and Profiles for plan stability.

Designed an architecture to support reporting applications based on Mat. Views to off load the primary Database.

Implement a regular purging strategy to archive very old data to minimize space consumption and I/O issues.

Daily and on-demand analysis of AWR, ASH and ADDM reports to handle performance issues both proactively and reactively and successfully maintain peak performance of primary databases by providing appropriate resolutions/recommendations.

Developed shell scripts for alerting on long running and resource intensive queries to avoid any bottleneck.

Developed anMS Excel based tool to aggregate weekly performance statistics and various DB performance parameters from AWR to produce a quantitative value to represent the overall DB platform and database performance and report to higher management in an easily understandable format in regular basis.


Master in Computer Application, Dibrugarh University, Assam, India.

Bachelor of Science (Physics), Gauhati University, Assam, India.


Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)in 11gR2 RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration

Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g Certified Professional (OCP) DBA

OPN Certified Specialist (10g & 11g)


Operating Systems

UNIX (Sun Solaris 9,10),Red Hat Linux EE 4/4.5/5.8, OEL 5.7-6.x, HP Unix, AIX 5.3/6/7, Windows NT/2003


Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g,11g, ExaData x2-2, 12c and MySQL/SQL Server (basic)


SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripting, C, Visual Basic, PERL

Backup Tools

RMAN, EMC Networker

Replication Technologies

GoldenGate, Active DataGuard, Streams

Database Tools

SQL* Plus, TOAD, SQL Developer, brtools/brspace (SAP), Veridata (GG)

Reporting Tools

Crystal Reports

Performance Monitoring Tools

Oracle Enterprise Manager, 10g/11g Grid Control, 12c Cloud Control, Confio Ignite

Storage Servers


Ticketing/Change Management

BMC Remedy, JIRA


Client: Pitney Bowes Inc.Danbury, CT, USA June’2014- Present

Project Implementer: Wipro Technologies Inc.

Employer: VSoft Consulting Group Inc.

Project: TC ISS Global Database Support

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA

Pitney Bowes, a global technology company, provides shipping & mailing solutions, data management and engagement software, and location intelligence offerings, powering billions of physical and digital transactions in the connected and borderless world of commerce.Their advanced technology and comprehensive suite of services are turning the mail stream into a profit engine for over two million businesses – from the largest global enterprise to the smallest home office. As a Sr. Oracle Database Administrator and a part of 15 member (24x7) global DBA team, my responsibilities include:

In a shift rotation basis, administering an database environment with 400+Production/QA/DevelopmentDB instances across 300+ servers in Oracle version 9i, 10g,11gR2 and 12c with sizes ranging from a few GB's to 35+ TB's.

Performed regular Database Administration activities including Oracle software installation, Database upgrades, Migration from 11g to 12c, Patching (CPU and PSU), Cloning Databases instances, Database homes, Database refresh using impdp/expdp and SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility from EMC) refresh atStorage level.

Administered 2-4 node 11gR2RAC databases on LinuxandWindows x86-64 bit systems with ASM storage.

Administered SAP databases performed maintenance activities using brtools and brspace utilities for table reorganization, rebuilding indexes and update statistics etc.

ConfiguredOEM Grid Control 11g and Cloud Control (12c) for enterprise wise monitoring of DB environments and to publish various DB alerts such as tablespace usage, CPU, disk load, critical ORA error etc. and integrate with BMC Remedyusing MSENDfor corresponding problem ticket generation and assignment.

Developed SQL Scripts to perform database checks with alert log monitoring to send alert mails to responsible teams and integrate with BMC Remedy for corresponding problem ticket generation and assignment using MSEND.

Implement HA solutions and role transition (Switchover/Failover) in Data guard using DG Broker. In a few mission critical systems also configured DG Observer for automatic failover.

Configured and 11g R2 Active Standby database in Amazon cloudforsupportinghigh priority reporting application to offload the primary database.

Implemented Instance Caging for multiple instances hosted on single host using Resource Plans and Resource Consumer Groups for proper and optimized utilization CPU resource.

Performance tuning in terms of memory, I/O and CPUusing OEM and AWR/ASH/ADDM report, wait event analysisand remediation, tuning SQL queries.

Implemented SPM (SQL Plan Management) plan stability and SQL Profiles for avoiding sudden degrade of performance of critical SQLs.

Performed database Refresh and Duplication using Oracle RMAN utility from an existing database.

Configuring database backups using RMAN and EMC’s Networker Backup tool.

Migrated a mission critical hybrid system consisting of OLTP and DWH DBs in 11gR2 to Exadata x2-2 (half rack) system in Linux 5.x.

Monitoring Exadata systems using OEM 12c and Exachk utility.

Administering Exadata storage servers using cellCLI and dCLI.

Environment: RHEL (6.4), OEL 5.7, AIX 6.0, Windows Server 2003, Oracle (9.2.x/10.2.x/11.2.x, Exadata and 12c)

Client: AT&T Services Inc., St. Louis, MO, USA

Project Implementer/Employer: Tech Mahindra Americas Inc.

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA

Project: IDIS (Integrated Design and Inventory Service) May’2011- June’2014

AT&T is a global leader in the field of Telecommunication. I worked as a Sr. Oracle DBA in one of its Inventory and Design system built on the Amdocs Cramer platform that also provides data to the downstream Service Assurance systems. Its Provisioning & Configuration application provide the required functionality to design, assign, configure, and activate a service or network resource in terms of performing end to end engineering design including assignment and procurement of the service, leverages the corporate supply chain and asset inventory as well as the customer premise equipment. Inventory Management provides the required functionality to manage a service provider's inventory that includes Service, Resource, Network and Location. It also provides discovery capabilities along with means to reconcile differences between discovery and the existing inventory.


Part of a 7-member DBA team managing up to 20+production/QA/Development instances with varying database sizes from a few GB's to 2 TB's.

Administered 2-4 node 10g/11gR2RAC databases on Linux x86-64 bit systems with ASM.

Installed, configured, add, remove nodes in RAC environment and migrated single instances to RAC environment and performed RAC administration.

Configuring 10g and 11g Transparent Application Failover (TAF).

Setup Oracle GoldenGate unidirectional replication between the production and a shadow database to support reporting applications and offload the production database

Setup GoldenGate replication with consolidation topology to support DSS application that required data replicated from various upstream systems

Setup bi-directional replication for a mission critical database during its upgrades and maintain high availability

Troubleshooting GoldenGate replication issues such as out of synch table, duplicate records, automatic detection of abended processes and alerting etc. using standard UNIX shell scripts

Validate data consistency in replicated database using GoldenGate Veridata.

Provided POC to higher management about maintaining GoldenGate as Oracle Clusterware resource in an 11gR2 RAC system for high availability purpose.

Adding, deleting and creating different ASM disks and disk groups.

Reviewing and adjusting Optimizer settings for improve SQL performance.

Performance analysis using AWR/ASH/ADDM reports and wait event analysis.

Role transition (Switchover/Failover) between primary and standby database in Data Guard configuration.

Installed Oracle 11gR1 & 11gR2 database for developers to test applications.

Performed regular Database Administration activities which involved – Database upgrades from 10g to 11gR1 and to 11gR2. Installation of Oracle Software, Cloning Databases, Database Reorg and Backup and Recovery.

Performed database duplication using Oracle RMAN utility from an existing Production database.

Installation of one-off, PSU patches using opatch utility on both Single Instance and RAC environment.

Environment: RHEL (5.8), Oracle (10.2.x/11.1.x/11.2.x)

Project: Granite Support Jan’2010- May’2011

Granite is a network inventory management system from Telcordia that combines intelligent inventory, service provisioning automation, and data synchronization functions that speed resource queries, minimize errors, and reduce the costs of system management of a network company like AT&T which needs to manage its enterprise network inventory system and services. Granite uses an oracle database with a java, xml interface which can be customized to suite business needs. Granite acts as a database for the entire Operations Support System (OSS), supporting order management, service activation, fault management, and Trouble ticketing. Granite is based entirely on the industry-standard J2EE platform.


Part of a 5-member DBA team managing up to 11+production/QA/Development instances with varying database sizes from a 250 GB's to 1.5 TB's.

Administered 2 node 10g/11gR2RAC databases on Linux x86-64 bit systems with ASM.

Installed, configured, add, remove nodes in RAC environment and migrated single instances to RAC environment and performed RAC administration.

Developed SQL Scripts to perform database checks.

Developed UNIX shell and PERL scripts to automate various DB jobs and send alert mails accordingly.

Reviewing and adjusting Optimizer settings for improve SQL performance.

Performance analysis using AWR/ASH/ADDM reports and wait event analysis.

Role transition (Switchover/Failover) between primary and standby database in Data Guard configuration.

Installed Oracle 11gR1 & 11gR2 database for developers to test applications.

Performed regular Database Administration activities which involved – Database upgrades from 10g to 11gR1 and to 11gR2. Installation of Oracle Software, Cloning Databases, Database Reorg and Backup and Recovery.

Appling patches on both Single Instance and RAC environment.

Environment: Solaris 9/10, RHEL (5.8), Oracle (10.2.x/11.1.x/11.2.x)

Client: BT (British Telecom.) Plc. Milton Keynes, UK March’2006 - Jan’2010

Project Implementer/Employer: Tech Mahindra Limited (India)

Project: Managed Services In-Life Support (MS-ILS)

Role: Oracle DBA

MS-ILS is a project which provides In-life support to the production databases of the and which are portals from UK's largest Telecommunication Service provider BT, with up-to-the-minute news, entertainment, technology and lifestyle stories, picture galleries, videos and much more. Plus it gives access to customer email account, online bill, service updates, all products and services from BT, plus online help. and targets BT’s retail and wholesale customers respectively.


As part of a 6 member team, I was addressing the Critical to non-critical and administration level issues with wide scope of Oracle 9i, 10g and 11gDB versions.

Responsible for providing DBA support for multiple large production, development and test databases.

Installing ASM environment and migrating database from NON-ASM to ASM.

Adding, deleting and creating different ASM disk groups.

Performance analysis using AWR/ASH/ADDM reports and wait event analysis.

Experience in Character set.

Handled performanceissuesrelated to I/O, CPU, memory and application.

Experience with Auditing, FGAand TDEwith Wallet implementation.

Experience with- DatabaseUpgrades from 9ito 10g, 10g to 11g.

Installation of Oracle Software, Cloning Databases, Backup and Recovery.

Responsible for storage management - Managing Space, Tablespaces, Segments and Extents, Rollback Segments & Data Dictionary.

Extensive analysis in Oracle critical memory issues like ORA-04030 and ORA-04031 etc. with Heap dump memory analysis of both SGA and PGA MEMORY LEAKS.

Oracle Installation (Oracle 9i / 10g / 11g) in various platforms like Solaris, Linux, HP-UX and Windows.

Installation of one-off, PSUpatches using opatch utility

Experience with Automatic Undo Management.

Fine tuned Memory, I/O and Database Objects.

Performed SQL tuning by using Explain Plan and Tkprof.

Environment: Solaris, Linux, HP-UX and Windows, Oracle (9.2.0.x/

Adroit Digisoft Solutions (P) Ltd., India June 2004-January 2006

Role: OracleDBA (Development)

During this period, I worked as a DBA in the Oracle Databases used for the development of many of the products developed by Adroit. The products/projects I worked were:

CIMIS (Cement Industry Management Information System): It is comprehensive MIS software specially designed for Cement Industries that includes all aspects of a mfg. plant viz. administration, employee information, accounting, inventory, logistics, production, laboratory etc.

BookShelf Plus (Library Management System): It is library management software suitable for public, organizational, institutional or any departmental library, capable managing library resources with multilingual support. Designed following the conventions of library science and DDC (Dewey Decimal Coding) system.

Bond MAX 2000 (Bonded Warehouse Management System): This is a Billing-Stock-Accounting software designed for Bonded Warehouse (licensed Stockiest of liqueurs) under State Government. It manages the inventory and produces various complex periodical in Government approved formats. The software also produces most of the reports found in a general stock accounting software such as periodic sales & purchase reports, stock statements, stock valuations, variation is sales, rebate statements etc. my responsibilities included the following.


Analyzing performance of database using statspack, TK PROF, suggesting and creating indexes, recommendingpartitioning of tables.

Used SQL Loader and export/import mechanism for data migration for bulk upload.

Actively involved in migrating the Oracle 8i database on Windows NT platform to Oracle 9i on Windows 2000 platform.

Checking alert logs on daily basis and resolving problems.

Created and managed users, roles and profiles.

Solved connectivity issues specific to Oracle.

Disk Space Management; by locating Oracle software, archive logs, controlfiles and datafiles across file systems to reduce contention and security issues.

Estimating the size and creation of various schema objects like tables, Indexes, Sequences, Constraints, Trigger and Procedures.

Ensuring successful & periodical Backup & SQL Tuning using explain plans/Stored outlines etc.

Written scripts to automate database functions with status, performance and Space Management of the Database.

Environment: Oracle 8i, 9i in Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 server platform.

Adroit Digisoft Solutions (P) Ltd., India September 1999-May 2004

Role: PL/SQL Developer

Description: During this period, I worked as a PL/SQL and VB developer in the development of many of the products developed by Adroit. The products/projects I worked were:

CIMIS (Cement Industry Management Information System). It is a B2C portal. Golden Phoenix is a Casino in San Diego, USA. The ‘Show Calendar’ generation part of the portal was the main part. Golden Phoenix has many halls where performing artists regularly holds shows. When a customer wants to check the shows for a particular hall for a particular period it generates the shows in a calendar where the Artist name is hyper linked to another page depicting his/her show description.

Net Mak XL: This is MIS software for multilevel network marketing organizations. The software incorporates automatic calculation of commission with different structures at different levels of down liners. This software maintains individual ledgers of the members and automatically updates them with commissions and bonus whenever applicable. The software evaluates the performance of the members upon different parameters and customized policies and entitles them for gifts and bonus at different structures and also upgrades their designations. It generates income-expenditure analytical statements, top-n outstanding achievers, performs automatic renewal of active members and withdrawal of inactive or dormant members, printing of checks etc. It is a B2B portal developed for the LPG bottling plants of Indian Oil Corp. This dynamic website integrates with a back-end database. Each bottling plant has a huge customer base namely the LPG distributors in their region. The system provides information to the distributors such as processing state of their orders, validity, balance outstanding, any rebate scheme etc.


Writing PL/SQL objects like stored Package, Procedure, Function, Triggers, Implicit/Explicit cursors and SQL queries.

Writing complex queries against very large data sets.

Optimizing PL/SQL code to eliminate redundancy and tune complex SQL queries to reduce performance issues.

Implemented advance Oracle and Pl/SQL concepts like Bulk Collect, FORALL, Sub-query factoring, SQL Modeling, Autonomous transaction, Pragma and Custom Exceptions, Materialized Views etc.

Writing codes in Visual Basic 6 forms and other objects.

Designing reports integrated with VB forms using Crystal Reports.

Writing SQLs to integrate with VB Form controls.

Involved in RA (Requirement Analysis) phase, all level designs, development and coding, testing.

Writing code base of reusable functions, procedures and GUI elements in Visual Basic 6.

Developing COM (ActiveX DLLs) for Database connection, Data access and validation operations.

Environment: Oracle 8i, 9i, PL/SQL, VB 6.0, ADO (ActiveX Data Object), RDO (Remote Data Object), ODBC, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 server platform.

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