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Web Services Java

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
December 23, 2015

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Over 7 years of IT experience in designing and developing large scale enterprise applications using Java 1.6, Java 7, J2EE, Struts, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring Security, Open JPA, JSF, Restful Web Services, SOA, XML, JAXB, Ant and Maven.

Extensive experience in design and development of J2EE applications using Core Java, Java collection, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Enterprise Java Beans, XML, XSLT, Java Beans, Struts, JQuery.

Expertise in various open source frameworks like Struts2.0/1.2, Spring2.5, JSF1.2, and ORM Technology like Hibernate 3.0.

Experience with multiple Servers like Apache Tomcat, IBM Web Sphere, Web Logic, Sun Glass fish and JBoss.

Expertise working with standard JAVA Design Patterns (Singleton, Session Facade, Front Controller, DAO, DTO, MVC and Business Delegate).

Strong experience in RDBMS using SQL Server, schema development, PostgreSQL programming, including experience in SQL Query fine tuning, utilizing SQL Loader utility.

Expertise in Web-Development technologies like HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, Java Script, CSS3, XML and XSL/XSLT and AJAX.

Experience in Software development life cycle (SDLC) of Software Engineering – Requirements Analysis, Design, Development and Documentation.

Experience in WebLogic & JBoss Application servers.

Extensive development experience on different IDE’s like Net Beans and My Eclipse

Expertise in creating stored procedures, functions, database triggers, Indexing and other database objects using Sybase, SQL and PL/SQL.

Extensive experience on front-end & Middle-tier using J2EE technologies with backend as Oracle, Sybase and MS SQL Server in distributed environment.

Experienced in configuring packages in Java (J2EE, J2SE, and JDE) environment for various Reports and knowledge of oracle ADF (Application Development Framework).

Good knowledge of EJB Session beans with JNDI mapped naming & JMS message-driven beans.

Experience in using Web Services like JAXP – DOM, SAX, XSLT, JAXB - Un-marshalling and marshalling, SOAP protocol in JAXWS and RESTFUL web services.

Hands on experience in UML Modeling, Rational Rose and Design Pattern (J2EE) like Singleton Factory Method, Facade, Front Controller, Delegate Pattern, MVC Architecture.

Database development using Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, JDBC, PL/SQL.

Extensive experience in implementation of the version control software VSS, CVS and Clear Case.

Experienced in generating logging by Log4j to identify the errors in production test environment and experienced in Ant Tool.

Involved in Unit Test Cases writing and having good knowledge in JUnit.

Experience in developing test cases and test plans besides involving in Unit testing, Integration testing and User Acceptance testing extensively.

Efficient team member with excellent work/time management skills, excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work under strict deadlines.


Programming Languages

JAVA and J2EE Technologies.

Database Query Languages

PostgreSQL 7.1, 8.1 and SQL.

Markup/Script Languages

HTML, Java Script, XML.

J2EE Technologies

Servlets, JSP, STRUTS Framework, JSF, EJB 2.0, Hibernate, Java Beans, and JDBC.

Web Technologies


Tools for Report

Jasper Reports 2.0, 4.0 (I report), ActiveMQ and Crystal Reports.


Struts, Spring, JSF, Mule ESB, Hibernate.

Application/Web servers

Apache Tomcat, IBM Web sphere, WebLogic 7.0, WebLogic, BEA Web logic Server and JBoss.


PostgreSQL, RDBMS, MS SQL Server, Sybase, NoSQL, MYSQL, DB2

IDE Tools

Net Beans 7.0.1, Eclipse 5.0, IntelliJ, FrontPage, Toad, FTP clients

Operating Systems

Windows 2000/NT/XP, Linux and basic knowledge in UNIX.

Version Control

VNC, WinScp, VSS, Putty 3.0

Tools and Utilities

Editplus 2.0, Log4j,SQL Loader, Toad, SQL Navigator, Rational Rose, CVS, Maven, JUnit, ANT, Macro media tool, Microsoft Visio.



ROLE: SR.JAVA/J2EE Developer, TX Jan 2014-Tilldate

Description: ERS is a service-oriented trust agency established in 1947 by the constitution and laws of the State of Texas providing retirement and other benefit programs for state employees, retirees and their dependents.


Involved in the analysis, design and implementation and testing phases of SDLC

Developed Use Case Diagrams, Object Diagrams & Class Diagrams in UML.

Followed Waterfall, Agile & Scrum Methodology for development of the product

Used Spring Framework as the MVC for the development and implementation of the project

Designed DTDs, XML Schema for data transmission and XSL style-sheets to generate Excel sheets, graphs, PDF from XML documents.

Used DOJO toolkit to construct Ajax requests and build dynamic web pages using JSP’s, DHTML and java scripts.

Developed core technology platform for global client and vendor connectivity.

Developed Service layer classes to support the business functionality with Spring

Confirmation Registration Email processing is done using JMS with IBM MQ Series provider.

Involved in designing and developing the front end of the application using JSF, Spring Framework, JSP, Java script, HTML5, XHTML, DHTML and CSS3

Created and administered memcached storage subsystem.

Developed JSP custom tag libraries, and associated support in the Action Servlet, that assists in creating interactive form-based applications.

Designed and prototyped parts of a NoSQL database.

Proficient with multiple packages of the Core Java API, including Swing, printing and imaging.

Used SPRING framework to support Hibernate tool.

Extensively work on persistence tier and distribution tier using Mule ESB REST (JAX-RS), JAVA, J2EE, EJB, spring, JMS and hibernate frameworks.

Installed and configured Apache Web Server 2.0 to proxy WebLogic Servers.

Maven is used as a primary build tool for the project. Using maven project specific modules were created.

Projects designed using JSP and JSF as front end, Struts as middleware and Hibernate and EJBs as back end to communicate with SYBASE database.

Involved in using JPA (Java Persistence API) frameworks.

Developed PL/SQL stored procedures/functions and Unix Shell Scripts as a part of the project.

Develop integration techniques using the Apache camel and apache ActiveMQ technologies.

Written Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) to implement business logic.

Working both independently and often closely with business analysts, I refined feature requirements and developed user interface components using JSF and Oracle ADF.

Deployment of the web service converted java interfaces on a daily basis to a WebSphere 7.0 testing environment for subsequent development of the front end.

Developing the UI component architecture and API for application integration framework using AngularJS.

Involved in Spring MVC and JSF Frameworks.

Designed and developed various Screens using JSP, DOJO, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Performed SOA/Restful Web Services testing using SOAP UI.

Designed SOA implementations by Using REST Web Services-WSDL, UDDI.

Provides an intuitive and user-friendly Ext-JS GUI to manage clustered and un clustered caches as well as perform maintenance operations.

Building Restful APIs in front of different types of NoSQL storage engines.

Used Hibernate as the persistence/ORM framework, for mapping the objects into MySQL Database. Coded hibernate configuration and mapping files. Developed one-to-one and one-to-many mappings

Used JAXB parser for parsing the valid XML files.

Implemented Java Script Client side validation and some server side validation with java code as per the requirements

Detailed Design and Coding using Core Java and other J2EE technologies.

The application uses JQuery/JSON for a dynamic and interactive UX.

Used Log4j for logging info and are helpful in debugging the issues.

Generated the web services using Weblogic Workshop.

Made use of Data Access Object(DAO) design pattern for designing data access layer

Involved in invoking the Web Services by making using of Axis, SOAP

Used Spring ORM to integrate Spring Framework with hibernate and JPA.

Involved in writing the PL/SQL Queries for different database operations

Involved in writing the Named queries, Criteria queries in Hibernate 4.0

Rules implemented in a Drools (JBoss Rules) rule engine hosted on a remote server.

Preparation of Issue resolution tracking sheet, categorizing issues, maintaining the issue aid information and resolve issues occurring in production

Involved in fixing the bugs at Development and production levels.

Involved in code integration and shipment of the code to other environments

Designed Test Scenarios for the functionality testing.

Environment: Java, JSP 2.0, Servlets, Springs 3.1, JNDI, JDBC, XML, SOAP, Java Script, Oracle 11g,Web logic 10.3.6, HCM, HTML5, CSS3, XHTML, DHTML, Stored procedures, Ext-JS, Web Services. SVN, Java Script, Spring MVC, MQ Series, Sybase, Hibernate 4.0, JQuery, AngularJS, NoSQL, WebLogic, WebSphere 7.0, Mule ESB, JMS, DOJO, SDLC Methodology, EJB, ActiveMQ, Maven, JSON, JPA, Oracle ADF, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), MYSQL, JBoss, RDBMS, Agile/Scrum Methodology, DB2, XML/XSL, JAXB, Waterfall Methodology, Linux/UNIX.


ROLE: SR.JAVA/J2EE DEVELOPER, Little Rock, AR Dec Description: Dillard's, Inc. ranks among the nation's largest fashion apparel, cosmetics and home furnishings retailers with annual sales exceeding $6.6 billion. Company focuses on delivering maximum fashion and value to its shoppers by offering compelling selections complemented by exceptional customer care


Involved in gathering system requirements for the application and worked with the business team to review the requirements.

Developed UI, presentation layer using JSF Framework, HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, Struts Tiles, Java Script and CSS3.

Extensively used Apache Struts Framework for building the application.

Business integration is done with the help of IBM MQ Series.

Developed EJBs (3.0) for processing the Business logics and to provide data persistence in the application.

Proficient with multiple packages of the Core Java API, including Swing, printing and imaging.

Designing the database and implementing it on Sybase (Windows) and PostGre SQL (Linux)

Involved in SDLC, of application developed using AGILE methodology

Developed java programs to parse XML documents using (JAXB) DOM parser.

Wrote AngularJS controllers, views, and services.

Developed the web tier using JSP, Spring MVC, and Tiles. Implemented event handling using Java, Ajax, and Java Script.

Development of proofs of concept for various customers using a variety of key Oracle products, such as Oracle database 12c, Oracle SOA Suite, and Oracle ADF.

Implemented Waterfall, Agile development methodology using XP, Scrum and Kanban/Continuous Flow.

Used Ajax based DOJO for faster front end.

Used JAXB for Marshalling and Unmarshalling.

Developed UI for Nexus using GWT and Ext-JS.

Deployed and tested on WebLogic application server

Implemented Mule ESB with several components/routes to begin a SOA initiative.

Created Camel routes inside JBoss Fuse.

Created architecture stack blueprint for data access with NoSQL.

Used data set and data adapter objects in order to reduce the database traffic and increase performance.

Added Maven support to existing projects.

Good knowledge in Core java, Collection framework.

Our web services were built using spring and CXF operating within Mule ESB, offering both REST and SOAP interfaces.

Wrote SQL Queries, PL/SQL procedures, for performing operations in Sybase database.

Used JMS (MQ Series) to communicate between the components and configured on the server.

Extensively used Hibernate in developing data access layer. Developed SQL queries, views and stored procedures using PL/SQL.

Worked extensively in Struts, EJB 3.0 and JPA in other maintenance projects.

Static pages are then generated by Java, XML/XSL, JAXP, SAX, and PHP.

Build rich dynamic pages using JQuery, Java Script, XHTML, DHTML, HTML5 and CSS3.

Created Model logic using Java Beans and used Hibernate to store the persistence data into MYSQL database.

Designed SOA implementations by Using Restful Web Services.

Implemented Service Oriented Architecture by developing Java web services using WSDL, UDDI and SOAP.

Designed front-end, data driven GUI using JSF, Action Script 3.0, HTML, JavaScript, DOJO and CSS.

Used Rational Clear Case for version control and ANT to compile, build and package the application for deployment on WebSphere 7.0 application server.

Developed specialized search system (using AngularJS, Java Servlets, JUnit, Maven, MongoDB).

Used Log4j logging framework in the application to store log messages.

Developed reports using Crystal Reports 11

Identify issues with the requirements. Suggest and direct the stakeholders to potential resolutions of such issues.

Environment: Struts Framework, JDBC, JSP, ANT, JUnit, Servlets, Hibernate, Log4j, WebSphere 7.0, Clear Case, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, HTML5, XML/XSL, XHTML, DHTML, JMS, EJB, JAXP, AJAX, CSS3, Spring, Spring MVC, Java Script, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Mule ESB, SDLC Methodology, Maven, Stored procedures, ActiveMQ, JSON, Ext-JS, AngularJS, WebLogic, Sybase, NoSQL, Oracle ADF, Agile/Scrum Methodology, DOJO, MYSQL, RDBMS, JBoss, DB2, Linux/UNIX, JPA, JAXB, WSDL, SOAP, JQuery, MQ Series, Waterfall Methodology, RAD 7.5, and Crystal Reports 11.


ROLE: SR. JAVA/J2EE Developer/J2EE Consultant

Description: Financial planner helps the financial advisors for advising customers on Retirement, Insurance, Education, Tax, Estate and Mortgage planning. It gives the monetary benefits at each period and projection till the end of period. It also helps the customers to apply online for insurance claims and online purchase of insurance plans. Online payment system for insurance premiums and Retirement plans are integrated with the system. The system has the facility to give insurance and investment plans and offers quotes based on the information provided by the customer


Involved in designing the user interfaces using JSPs.

Involved in analysis, design and development of e-bill payment system as well as account transfer system and developed specs that include Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Activity Diagrams.

Build the XML Submission using the spring batch and JAXB parser.

Responsible for coding User interfaces (UI) using for Spring MVC.

Web application design and development using the Play framework, Bootstrap, JQuery, Backbone.js, Java Script and MySQL.

Designed DTDs, XML Schema for data transmission and XSL style-sheets to generate Excel sheets, graphs, PDF from XML documents

Developed custom tags, JSTL to support custom User Interfaces.

Generated the Web Services using Weblogic Workshop.

Monitored the error logs using Log4j and fixed the problems.

Coded the front end framework components using Web 2.0 JavaScript library Ext-JS.

Working with IBM MQ Series and WebSphere Message Broker (WMB).

Used Java Messaging Services (JMS) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information such as payment status report.

Building Restful APIs in front of different types of NoSQL storage engines.

Migrating away from a Mule ESB based deployment to a standard Java .war deployment artifact and replacing all mule specific ESB usage with camel routes and components.

Involved in the analysis, design and implementation and testing phases of SDLC

Developed the application using Struts Framework that leverages Model View Layer (MVC) architecture.

Developed EJBs (3.0) for processing the Business logics and to provide data persistence in the application.

Persistence layer implemented using JPA/Hibernate.

Wrote Shell Scripts, SQL statements and PL/SQL Stored Procedures.

Wrote SPA (Single Page Web Applications) using RESTFUL web services plus Ajax and AngularJS.

Used WSAD for writing code for JSP, Servlets, and Struts.

Extensively Received 300+JSP Pages (XHTML, DHTML, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, JSTL and custom tags).

Developing front and back end applications using Java Swing, Ajax and DOJO.

Develop integration techniques using the Apache Camel and apache ActiveMQ technologies.

The data is parsed using J2EE/Java/JAXP SAX classes and XSLT.

The application uses JQuery/JSON for a dynamic and interactive UX.

Performance tuning including Apache Web server setup configuration with JBoss App Server.

Creating and Managing Continuous Build and Continuous Integration environments in Implemented Waterfall, SCRUM and Agile projects.

Deployed the applications on IBM Web Sphere Application Server.

Used SPRING framework to support Hibernate tool and Struts.

Implemented the application using the concrete principles laid down by several design patterns such as MVC, Business Delegate, Session Facade, Service Locator, Data Access Object, Singleton and Factory.

Performed SOA/Restful Web Services testing using SOAP UI.

Used CVS for version control across common source code used by developers.

Used XML Web Services using SOAP to transfer the amount to transfer application that is remote and global to different financial institutions.

Written Backbone.JS framework along with JQuery.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP 2.0, Struts 2.0, EJB 2.0, JMS, JNDI, Oracle, HTML5, XML/XSL, DOM, SAX, Rationale Rose, WSAD 5.1.2 (Web Sphere Studio Application Developer), AngularJS, XHTML, DHTML, Spring MVC, CSS3, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), WebLogic, SDLC Methodology, DOJO, Stored procedures, ActiveMQ, Ext-JS, Linux/UNIX, SOAP, JAXB, JBoss, DB2, NoSQL, Oracle ADF, WebSphere, MYSQL, Maven, Mule ESB, IBM Web Sphere Application Server 5.1, JSON, JPA, MQ Series, Waterfall Methodology, Hibernate 2.0, spring, LOG4J, RDBMS, JQuery, Agile/Scrum Methodology, CVS.

Client: Telephone Data Systems, Madison, WI. Oct 2010 to Sep 2011

Role: Java/J2EE Developer

Description: Creating and Structure loading Terminal locations at end user location based on the area code and city and making the physical connections between the terminal locations using cables. And each cable consists of cable complement. These creations are done by web services calls. Web services avoid the creation of existing terminal locations, cables and cable complements, etc. These needs to move in the data base in structure manner.


Involved in Development and Production Phase for implementing the application.

Worked with business team and exclusively worked on the Design Documentation.

Involved in different phases of SDLC like Analysis, Requirements, Design, Implementation and Testing.

Designed use cases, sequence and class diagrams, activities, states, objects and components. Used UML (MS Visio) for software design.

Extensively involved in Developing Components for Business Layer and Data Layer and presentation layer.

Developing presentation layer with JSPs, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, JQuery, JSON, AJAX, Spring Form tags, JSTL Tags etc.

Developing the application using Spring MVC Architecture with Hibernate as ORM framework.

Developed web services using WebLogic Workshop and extensively used SQL Developer to build queries.

Developed SQL queries for retrieving data used to generate the reports.

Involved in code reviews & Unit testing using JUnit.

Updating WIKI documentation where Team can access it simultaneously.

Deploying the Web services in the production Web logic servers and End to End Web logic Servers.

Involved in Integration Testing, Performance tuning and deployment support of the application.

Used SVN for version control of the source code.

Assisting the Business by resolving their technical related queries and ensure the work completed on time and delivered successfully.

Responsible for analyzing the production defects by looking into the server logs using Log4j.

Involved in fixing the existing defects and then working on the new enhancements for the upgrade releases.

Environment: Java 1.5, Java 1.6, J2EE, Servlets, JSP 2.5, JUNIT, Spring 2.5.6/3.0, Spring ORM, Spring Form tags JSTL, Hibernate 3.0,Oracle9.x, Maven, Apache, SOA, Eclipse IDE 3.7, Jasper, Log4J, Ajax, SOAP, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Swing, JSON, SVN, SQL Developer.

Pantai Medical Centre, Nepal Dec 2009 TO SEP 2010


Description: HMS is a web-based application where a user can get necessary and speedy information about different drugs. The application presents the user with a catalogue of Drugs. This project fetches all the necessary queries from the patient and gives necessary response/solutions. The Customer perception module provides information on the customers profile, health tips, updated medicines, etc. The customers can place new orders, view previous orders or cancel existing orders.


Involved in the development of Customer Perception module.

Implemented the project using JSP and Servlets based tag libraries.

Conducted client side validations using JavaScript.

Coded JDBC calls in the Servlets to access the Oracle database tables.

Generate SQL Scripts to update the parsed message into Database.

Deployed the application on JBoss Application server.

Involved in creating User Authentication page using Java Servlets.

Involved in the Maintenance and Support of the System.

Responsible for Integration, unit testing, system testing and stress testing for all the phases of project.

Environment: Jdk 1.3, J2EE, JSP, HTML/CSS, Servlets, Java Beans, MDB, JDBC, MS SQL Server, JBoss, CVS, JavaScript, Eclipse, ANT, JUnit 3.x, JMeter

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