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Texas, United States
December 22, 2015

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Javier Solis Martinez Ph D

**** **** **

Corpus Christi, TX 78404



An experienced Postdoctoral Research Scientist, with skills based in Development of experimental methods, techniques and process to characterize, define and improve biological systems by applying scientific principles and practices.

Supervise and administer a laboratory and conduct it to perform activities related to Testing samples of Meat, meat product, produce, toxins in produce and human fluid; and environmental samples.

Quality assurance and supplies test to ensure to attain and keep certifications.

Experience in implement and maintained Quality Management System in accordance to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, A2LA & ACLASS, AOAC, FDA and USDA regulatory requirements with base in hand on and received a Certificate of Internal Auditor for ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Familiar with methods of FDA-BAM, USDA-MLG, API, FDA-PT and AOAC, Bioburden, Endotoxin, Sterility, Bacteriostatis & Fungistatis testing, HPLC, FTIR. Maintain a high degree of technical competence by reading scientific journals, attending professional workshops, and being aware of food industry issues and trends.

Three and half years of experience as a Customer Service Representative at STATE FARM.


May. 1999 Ph D in Microbiology University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico.

Graduate Magna Cum Laude.

Oct. 1982 BS in Biological Sciences University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico


IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group

Microbiology and Chemistry Laboratory Director (10/2008 to 06/2015)

Booker, TX

Implement and maintain quality system in accordance with regulatory agency requirements that include ISO/IEC 17025, A2LA & ACLASS, AOAC, FDA and USDA.

Monitor quality control programs and ensure compliance to Quality Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, Equipment Procedure Operating Instructions, ACLASS requirements and ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines.

Oversee quality system training of new and current laboratory personnel, to include quality system functions, laboratory procedures and protocols as assigned.

On board new technologies relative to quality and training program development.

Ensure quality monitoring in the laboratory is performed at required frequencies.

Managed the laboratory’s document control system and facilitate implementation of policies and procedural updates.

Performed internal audits of all quality system documentation and personnel utilizing the ACLASS auditor checklist for general system compliance, food microbiology / chemistry, laboratory quality and training system documents, including methodology and work instructions.

Facilitate internal/external audits and the deficiency responses; manage the internal audit program and corrective and preventive action processes; invest technical audit results into training program elements for continuous improvement.

Participate in a continuous program of quality assurance for laboratory testing, obtained 100 % score on Proficiency measurement Test from (American Proficiency Institute & FDA) and monitoring training records.

Manage the laboratory equipment calibration and verification program.

Review SPC charts and LIMS program


Implemented the Molecular Microbiology Analysis of Meat, meat product, produce and Environmental samples.

Attained Certification for both International Standards ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and the AOAC International Guidelines for Laboratories Performing Microbiological and Chemistry Analysis of Food and Pharmaceuticals from ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board / ACLASS.

Participate and Supervise quality control procedures and documentation to support compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 guidelines.


Supervise laboratory operations to maintain quality and efficiency as they apply to the laboratory area.

Accurately perform and interpret test results, make corrective actions of deviations.

Provide feedback for and participate in laboratory personnel reviews.

Participate as an interface for the laboratory client base related to communication of results generated in the microbiology laboratory.

Participate in the communication of all log entries.

Perform the inventory maintenance.

Travel as required and at the discretion of management.

Monitoring (E coli O157:H7, CDC-6, CDC-7, Salmonella, Listeria, coli forms), LIMS, SPC-Meat, Harvest Monitoring, Sanitation Index, Food samples analysis by Multiplex-PCR, Lateral Flow, Immune-Magnetic Beads- PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, MPN, Petri Film, Laboratory Proficiency Measurements, Knowledge of HAACP, cGMP and GLP.

IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group

Research Scientist (Oct. 2007 to Sept. 2008)

Seattle, WA

Worked as a Research Scientist at the Head Quarter of Institute for Environmental Health at Seattle, WA in the determination of microorganisms on Food like meat, meat product, produce, and Environmental samples based on The Mega BACE DNA analysis System-high throughput automated gene analysis system, also using techniques as Multiplex-PCR, PFGE, HPLC, FTIR, Bioburden, Endotoxin, Sterility and phenotypic identification of microorganism from environmental samples.

Implemented the detection of toxins in human fluids and produce like aflatoxins.

Also did equipment maintenance.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Natural Toxins Research Center

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist (August 2005 to March 2007)

NIH-NSF Granted project: Purification of proteins (Disintegrin from snake venom) to use in Cancer, Strokes and Heart attacks by Two-dimensional Proteome Lab PF2D and HPLC and Characterization (molecular weight) by SDS-PAGE and (protein amino acid sequencing) by Mass spectrometry MALDI-TOF/TOF and Q-TOF analyzer.

Skills based in purification and characterization of proteins by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Two-dimensional Protein Fractionation chromatography system (PF2D) Proteome Lab systems that include: reverse phase, ion exchange, size-exclusion, chromatofocusing and hydrophobic interaction, Ultra centrifugation.

The quality control skills based in SDS-PAGE and Capillary electrophoresis.

The characterization skills Based on Gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE and Isoelectric Focusing) Western Blotting and Mass spectrometry that include: Micro-Mass Q-TOF, MALDI-TOF-TOF-MS/MS, and CAF-MALDI-TOF-MS/MS and PMF (Peptide Mass Fingerprints).

Bioanalytical assays skills: enzyme activity determined by scintillation counter with Carbon 14.

SONOCLOT: Coagulation and platelet function analyzer, AGGREGOMETER-Luminometer: Whole blood Lumi-analyzer, fibrinolytic, fibringenolytic, gelatinase, hemorrhagic and antihemorragic activity. TEG (thromboelastography) and Diagnostica-Stago for Blood, Cardiovascular and Thrombosis disease analysis.

Hilton Inn Nov 1999 to July 2005

Chief Engineer

Corpus Christi, TX

Develop skills in Building and Equipment maintenance like: HVAC, computers, printers, alarm system, fire system, maintenance schedule, supplies, swimming pool maintenance and chemical test.

Attended University of Nuevo Leon to obtain Ph. D in Microbiology 1997 to 1999

University of Nuevo Leon

Department of Microbiology

Oct 1982 to Nov 1997

Associate Professor and Research Scientist

Developed and implemented the analysis of Medically important fungi

Lab Coordinator and responsible of Medical Mycology Class and identification of Fungi.

Conventional and molecular (PCR) diagnosis of Candida albicans in-patient immunocompromised in the Northeast of Mexico

Production of protein-antigen and antibodies from Candida albicans for in vitro diagnosis.

Effect of insecticides and fungicides in the inhibition of pathogen form of Candida albicans and their gene expression

Morphology skills: light and electron microscopy. Morphology induced by Hormones (17B-estradiol, progesterone and testosterone).

Other lab skills: 32P-Liquid Scintillation counter, V and UV spectrometer, analytical balance, sonicator, tissue homogenizer, PCR, propagation and sub culturing culture cell (macrophage and T24), bacteria and fungi.

Biochemical and physiological characterization assay in bacteria and fungi. Media development and characterization. Determination of (MCI) minimal concentration inhibitory.

Computer skills: PC and Mac computer. Software: word, excel, power point, publisher, pro paint shop, sigma jantal. Harvard graphic and Internet explorer, Adobe photo shop, LIMS.


MD Millipore & Associates of CAPE COD Incorporated

Q.C. Microbiology Training in Bioburden, Endotoxin and Sterility Testing. (BEST)

April, 2013

ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board / ACLASS

Internal Auditor for ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

February, 2012

American Institute of Proficiency

May, 2009-2010

Texas A&M University

Environmental Health & Safety Office: Laboratory Hazard Communication Training

October 21, 2005

System Research Proposal Workshop

The Craft of Grant Writing, Sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Federal Relations, TAMUS

October 14, 2005, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Grant Writers’ Seminars & Workshops

Write Winning Grants, Sponsored by Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology Minority Access to Research Careers (FASEB-MARC) and Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

September 30, 2006, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Preparation of Electronic Grant Applications via Grants.

Gov Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Texas A&M University Kingsville

January 2007


2007 (Jan.) Characterization of protein from fractions of Bothrops colombiensis venom using HPLC, Mass spectrometry and Cell migration analysis with potential use in Cancer.

2006 (Dec) Biological properties, characterization, and three-dimensional model of Fibrinolytic enzyme from Malayan pit viper (Calloselasma rhodostoma) (Publication in review)

2006 (Nov) Isolation of Disintegrin from Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) using a Proteome lab PF2D fractionation system and their amino acid sequence by MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass spectrometry analysis

Mexican Society of Herpetology meeting

University of Nuevo Leon

2006 (Sept) Evidence of Antimetastatic and Anticancer Cell Migration Activities of Crotatroxin Disintegrin. (Publication on review)

2006 (Aug) Two-dimensional fractionation of venom from a Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) by ProeteomeLab system protein fractionation.

Natural Toxins Research Center, Texas A&M University.

2006 (Feb.) Isolation and characterization of Disintegrin from the venom of the Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) using a Proteome Lab PF2D Fractionating System and Mass spectrometry MALDI-TOF.

Viper-Day at Natural Toxins Research Center, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Kingsville, Texas

2005 (Oct.) Anti-aggregation and adhesion activity of peptide fractions eluted from Bothrops colombiensis venom.

Medical Center, University of Nebraska

International Society of Toxicology

1999 (July) Inhibition of the enzyme chitin synthase activity and pathogen form transformation of Candida albicans by insecticides and fungicides

Annual Meeting of American Society for Microbiology

Chicago, ILL.

1997 (Nov.) Inhibition of growth and germ tube formation of Candida albicans by fungicides and insecticides.

Graduate School, Biological Sciences

University of Nuevo Leon

1996 (June) Profile of susceptibility of 160 Candida albicans strains to amphotericin B and azoles derivatives.

Regional congress of Infectology of Mexican Society of Infectology. Monterrey, Mexico.

1996 (May) Incidence of Candida albicans in patients with vaginal infection

Regional Congress of Research Scientist of Gulf of Mexico.

Tamaulipas, Mexico.

1996 (May) Susceptibility of Candida albicans to antifungal azoles.

Regional Congress of Research Scientist of Gulf of Mexico.

Tamaulipas, Mexico

1996 (May) Susceptibility of Candida albicans to azoles antifungals

First Congress of Science and Technology National Council

Monterrey, Mexico.

1996 (March) Effect of azoles in the growth and germ tube formation of Candida Albicans in vitro.

Graduate School, University of Nuevo Leon

Monterrey, Mexico.

1996 (Feb.) Effects of antifungals on the chitin synthetase activity on Candida albicans.

First Congress on Industrial and Clinical Microbiology

University of Nuevo Leon Hospital

Monterrey, Mexico.

1995 (Feb,) Effect of insecticides on the chitin synthesis of Candida albicans

Graduate School of Biological Sciences School

University of Nuevo Leon.

1995 (April) Research on Biomedical Mycology

XVIII National Congress of Clinical Chemistry

Mexican Society for Biochemistry, Monterrey, Mexico.

1995 (Jan,) Incidence of Candida no-albicans in vaginal infection

VI National Congress of Public Health Research

Morelos, Mexico

1994 (Oct.) Effect of Hormones (steroids) on Morphogenesis cycle of Candida albicans in vitro.

XII Regional Congress of Biomedical Research, University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico.

1994 (Jan,) Coccidioidomycosis: Serological analysis of disease and the relation with patients with tuberculosis.

V National Congress of Public Health Research.

National Institute of Health (NIH), Morelos Mexico.

1993 (Dec.) Dimorphism of the fungi

Biological School, University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico,

1993 (Oct.) Effect of Human serum on micelation of Candida albicans

XI Regional Congress of Biomedical Research

University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico.

1992 (Jan.) Role of Biology teachers at High School Level

First University Congress, University of Nuevo Leon

Monterrey, Mexico

1991 (Oct.) Production and Evaluation of Coccidioides and Histoplasma proteinic antigen for use in vitro.

IV National Congress of Mycology, Tlaxcala University.

Tlaxcala, Mexico.

1991 (May) Effect of progesterone and testosterone on the germ tube formation of Candida albicans.

XXII National Congress of Microbiology, Mexican Society for Microbiology, Guerrero, Mexico.

1991(April) Effect of Progesterone and Testosterone on Morphogenic Cycle of Candida tropicalis. Biological School, University of Nuevo Leon

Monterrey, Mexico

1990 (Oct.) Serological Analysis of Coccidiodomycosis in patients with tuberculosis. VIII Regional Congress of Biomedical Research

University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico.

1990 (April) Production and Evaluation of Coccidioidine for use in vitro diagnosis. XXI National Congress of Mexican Society for Microbiology, Guerrero, Mexico.

1989(Feb.) Deep Mycosis Diagnosis. General Hospital, NIH.

Monterrey, Mexico.

1988 (Oct.) the influence of Testosterone, Progesterone and 17 b-Estradiol on the Morphogenic Cycle of Candida albicans in vitro.

III National Congress of Mycology. Tamaulipas, Mexico.

1988 Scientific Advisory for International Symposium on Podiatry.

1988 (Sept.) Mycology of Feet

II International Meeting of Podiatry

Monterrey, Mexico.

1988 (April) Attended: International Meeting on Cellular Function and Disease.

Hospital of University of Nuevo Leon.

Monterrey, Mexico.

1987 (April) Effect of 17 b-Estradiol on production of germ tube of Candida albicans in vitro. XVII National Meeting of Mexican Society for Microbiology, Guerrero, Mexico

1983 (Oct.) Dermatomycosis Laboratory Diagnosis Procedures

University of Tamaulipas, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

1982 (Oct) Attended: International symposium of Diagnosis Advance and Therapy of Deep Mycosis. Immunology Lab, Medicine School, University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico.


Michael De La Zerda PhD

IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group

Vice President Technical Support & Account Manager

Phone: 303-***-****

Ramon Aboytes PhD

Laboratories Director, Produce Division

Phone: 206-***-****

Rahim Habibian PhD


Phone: 604-***-****

Dr. Elda Sanchez

Natural Toxins Research Center

Assistant Director

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

975 w Ave B, Kingsville TX 78363



Dr. Alfredo Martinez

Assistant Professor

University of Georgia

Griffin Campus

1109 Experiment Street

Griffin GA 30223-1797

Phone: 770-***-****

Fax: 770-***-****

Cell: 678-***-****


Dr. Sajid Bashir

Assistant Professor

Texas A&M University

Chemistry Department

MSC 161

700 University Blvd

Kingsville TX 78363

Phone: 361-***-****

Cell: 361-***-****


Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh

University of Calgary

Clinical Professor

Diagnostic & Scientific Center

9, 3535 Research Road NW

Calgary, AB, Canada T2L 2KB



Dr. Mario Salinas

Dean of Immunology Department

University of Nuevo Leon Hospital.

Phone: 011************


Dr. Benito Pereyra

Biotechnology Department Dean

Biological Sciences School

University of Nuevo Leon

Phone: 011************ Ext. 6438



Dr. Santos García

Dean of Biological Sciences School

University of Nuevo Leon

Phone: 011************


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