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Physician in Qatar Fertilizer Company

Doha, Doha, Qatar
April 20, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

Professional Summary:

Dedicated doctor with ten year’s extensive experience as a General practitioner. Passionate about preventing illness and discovering the underlying reason for patients’ ill health from different Cultural backgrounds. Team player with a strong commitment to providing seamless continuum of care for patients.

I aspire to work in fast, cutting – edge environment that is cohesive yet flexible. Looking for and willing to consider suitable positions in either Government or Private sector.


SCIENCES (LUMHS), Jamshoro 2001-2007


Committed to providing high quality care,

Excellent Listener, Empathetic & Courteous, Preventative Care, Good Bedside manner,

Business minded Practise, Family Practise Professional,

Excellent written and verbal communication skills & Proficient Microsoft Office.

Keeping up to date with the latest treatments, medicines and medical developments,

Honest Medical- Professional, being persuasive, communicative, open minded.

Self-motivated and devoted ability to handle multiple tasks with operational responsibilities.

Distinctive capability to conduct in the multi-lingual and multicultural Environment.

Aware of their own limitations and willing to seek help from others when appropriate.

Able to Remain Calm & Methodological in examining patients, diagnosis & treatment,

Skilled in recognising and making appropriate decisions about all problems presented by their patients, able to examine a patient's physical and mental state and to investigate further as appropriate.

Able to assess symptoms and physical signs, to establish a diagnosis when possible, and to exercise sound clinical judgement in further management.

Ability to listen carefully and to explain effectively to patients, families, colleagues and others, and the ability to involve patients in decisions about their health care.


Knowledgeable about clinical general practice, History Taking, Physical Examination,

Practice management and administration.

Advising patients on diet, nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle habits to prevent or recover from illness.

Significant role in cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory and mental health problems.

Venepuncture. IV cannulation, Prepare and administer IV medications and injections

Arterial puncture in an adult, Blood culture from peripheral sites,

Intravenous infusion including the prescription of fluids, Intravenous infusion of blood and blood products, Injection of local anaesthetic to skin, subcutaneous, intramuscular.

Urethral catheterisation, Mask Ventilation, Naso-gastric tube placement. Primary Closure Technique, Minor Surgical procedure, in growing toe nail removal, removal of superficial FBs, Nasal Packing,

ECG techniques and interoperations, endotracheal intubations, BLS, CPR, ACLS 2017.


General Physician in Qatar Fertilizer Company (QAFACO) Via 3rd Party (United Care Nursing & Medical Services)

From 25th Jan: 2018 to till Date:

Main Duties are Administration & Operation of Qafco Clinic, General Consultation for Common illness, Occupational Health issues, Pre-Employment and Periodic Medical Check up.

General Practitioner at QD-SBG Constructions State of Qatar.

Since 24th September 2016 to27th Jan:2018

Evaluate Patient’s physical & mental health work included taking patient’s medical histories, clinical examinations, diagnose acute and chronic illnesses using the latest standard diagnostic guidelines and procedures. Prescribe & administer medicine & treatment, Refer patients to specialists where appropriate.

Create customized treatment protocols for patients that incorporate lifestyle and diet changes, medication, and complementary alternative treatments as appropriate.

Educate patients on lifestyle adjustments to prevent common illnesses.

Input SOAP notes and other relevant information into patients’ medical records.

Continuously work to improve performances at an individual and practical level.

General Practitioner at Aziz Welfare Foundation, Samaro. Pakistan

Work Duration is from 02.09.2015 to 06.07.2016. Where main duties were

Responding to medical/health problems presented by patients including history taking, diagnosis, investigation, treatment and referral as appropriate, maintaining confidentiality and impartiality, Promoting health education in conjunction with other health professionals,

Providing specialist clinics for specific chronic conditions or for certain groups, diabetes, smoking cessation and new babies. Managing resources to service targets as effectively as possible,

Meeting targets set by the government for specific treatments, such as child immunizations,

Using IT skills - some practices have one partner who specializes in the use of IT within the practice but all will be expected to have basic abilities for work such as maintaining patients' records using specific packages.

Resort Physician with Promus Private Limited (HPL group), Maldives.

From 18.08.2013 to Gili Gets Well, Gili-Lankanfushi Resort Maldives.

Evaluate, prioritize, diagnose and stabilize patients that come into the emergency room.

Working on rotational basis with Medical, Surgical, Emergency, Paediatrics, Obs &Gyne, Psychiatry and Orthopaedics patients. Providing emergency care for medical emergencies.

Examined patients, documented their medical histories, Plan further evaluation and management. Inpatient Admissions and follow up & Performed minor surgical procedures.

Strictly maintained confidently of patients, Families, Colleagues & sensitive matters.

Member of Emergency Disaster Management Team trained by MNDF & NDMC, Maldives

Imdad Hospital & Mahnaz Laparoscopic centre, Quetta, Pakistan.

Worked as Resident Medical officer from 16th Jan: 2013 to 12th August 2013.

Analyse complex trauma cases and quickly determines initial treatment for various illnesses and injuries and further management. Handle large case loads, long hours and various shifts from early morning to late evening,

Evaluate preliminary results and administer initial treatment for Medical emergencies. Perform emergency assist specialists for complex surgical procedures. Lead efforts to resuscitate patients using CPR techniques and defibrillator paddles.

Conduct post stabilization procedures & post-operative care which include referral to specialists, shifting to hospital rooms or discharge.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Male’ Republic of Maldives.

Worked as Surgical Medical Officer from 12th January 2011 to 12th January 2013.

299 + beds tertiary care hospital with facilities of 24 hour Emergency Services, Internal Medicine department and its sub-specialties, General Surgery with Neurosurgery & Urology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Radiology.

Main duties was to attend the ER calls for Surgical patients, Provided care to patients on hospital wards, outpatient clinics and surgeries, emergency assessment & admissions and emergency and elective Operation rooms duties,

Pre-operative and post-operative care of in patients, morning briefings, daily rounds of in-patients, maintain patients’ records, Regular CMEs.

Accepting patient referrals from other hospitals, Worked in a pressurized environment and produce the best result.

By Air Medical Escort from Male’ to Colombo.

People’s Primary health care Initiatives. Sindh, Pakistan (Distt: Mirpurkhas & Umerkot)

Medical officer at BHU Duration: ~24 months from 15th December 2008 to 31st Dec: 2010.

Responsible for management & referral of patients in OPD which consisted of 60-80 patients daily, looking after the services of Diagnostic Centre and organizing free medical camps.

Responsible for providing Preventive & curative management & Emergency care to patients with acute Medical problems with limited resources.

Preliminary reports and Records, Monitoring EPI, Mother and Child Health Programme,

Minor surgeries and Inpatient admissions & Observation.

House Physician in Paediatrics (National institute of Child health, Internal Medicine (Ward-5), & National institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Karachi

Duration: 12 Months from 27th August 2007 to 05th September 2008.

Performed physical examinations, discussed medical histories with patients, ordered lab tests, and incorporated findings to assist in making diagnoses for management. Re-assessment of the admitted patients and managing emergency patients & elective admissions under supervision of seniors Residents & Consultants, Accompanied registrars & Consultants on morning and afternoon daily Ward rounds.

Collaborated with specialists to provide optimal care for patients without interrupting the continuum of care, Management of Poisoning cases & learnt to do procedures & treatment. In case of requirement performing the pathological duties, Learnt regarding Diagnostic & therapeutic procedures.

Assessment & Initial management of Cardiac emergencies, Indoor and as well as outdoor patients, Co-ordinating with the emergency team to ensure prompt response to emergencies, significant experience in interpreting ECG, X-Rays, Cath lab: procedure and other laboratory and radiological investigations to correlate clinically.

Perform admission, discharge and transfer procedures, and assist others with patient's activities and care.


Playing & watching Cricket, Badminton & football,

Books reading, Music, Poetry, Internet Browsing, stamp and coin collecting. Extremely fast in observing & learning,

Good communication & negotiation skills.

Computer Literate includes Applications: Microsoft® Office, Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows XP,

Internet Browsing, advance user

Language speaks:

English, Hindi, Dhivehi, and Urdu, Sindhi, (little Arabic, Bengali & Nepali).

Seminars & workshops:

Advanced Life Support Certification at Hamad International Training centre, Doha Qatar.

Occupational Health & Wellness Forum seminar at QP Ras Laffan Qatar.

One day Seminar on Thalassemia & Sickle cell day at Paeds- Oncology HMC, Doha, Qatar

Two day Symposium “To know about Cancer” at Qatar Cancer Society Doha. Qatar.

Certificate of Participation in Physician and the Paradigm Shift in Medicine, Micro Laboratory Doha, Qatar

One day conferences on Challenges in Urinary Tract Infections at HMC Qatar.

One Day Symposium on Surgical Endocrine on Parathyroid Gland at HMC, Qatar

One Day Symposium on Surgical Endocrine on Adrenal Gland at HMC, Qatar.

Three day workshop on “Communication Skills” from 19th to 21st March 2015 at College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) Karachi.

Three day workshop on “Primary surgical Skills” from 03rd to 05th March 2015 at College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) Karachi.

Five day workshop on “Introduction to Computer and internet” from 27th to 31st October at College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) Hyderabad.

Certificate of Participation for attending “Advanced Laparoscopic surgery” workshop from 28th to 29thMarch 2012 at IGMHospital Male’ Maldives.

Certificate of Participation for attending one day training workshop on “Disease early Warning System” on 22nd October 2010 at Department of Health Sindh with WHO collaboration at Mirpurkhas, Pakistan.

One day Workshop on “Priority Psychiatric Disorders”.

Training Workshop on T.B DOTS held by Department of Sindh, Pakistan.

One Day Paediatrics Symposium on 23rd October 2010 held at Liaquat University of health Jamshoro.

Workshop on “New Born care in Labor room” held at National institute of child health Karachi.

Personal Details:

Skype name: Rajratnani

Date of Birth: 02nd Feb: 1983,

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Hinduism

Passport # AD4225673

PMDC Reg. No.: B-52375-S

MMDC No.: TMR-2409

Blood Group: AB+ve.

Marital Status: Married having two kids

Permanent Address: Jeevraj mal Ratnani Cloth house, Deh 207A, Samaro

Road, Tal: Samaro, Town, Distt: Umerkot, Sindh Pakistan



Ref: # LUMHS/Reg/16037 Email:


Contact No: +92-22-277****, Fax: +92-22-277****



Contact No: Ph.: +92-22-926****, Fax: +92-22-926****

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital. Male’, Republic of Maldives,

Reference & Documents:

Will be provided on Request.

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