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Quality Technician

Hubali-Dharwad, KA, India
January 10, 2016

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Offering 31.6 years of prolific experience; seeking challenging assignments across Lab Set ups/ Operations/ Lab Testing/ Instrumentation/ QASUMMARY OF SKILLS

Qualified B.Sc. (Chemistry) from Bombay University, Mumbai, India with experience across Lab Operations, Project Execution, Testing of all Petroleum, Petrochemical, Lubricants Oil, Lab Equipments Calibration & Maintenance, Technical Documentation and Team Management.

Expertise in physical and chemical analysis techniques, laboratory tests of raw materials, intermediate products & finished products, laboratory commissioning and calibration and preventives maintenances of lab instruments.

Proven ability in conceptualizing and implementing operational strategies for the quality function by carrying out quality planning to confirm the organizational QA requirements.

Exhibits an honest work ethic with strong problem solving & analytical skills, flexibility, resourcefulness and the ability to work cohesively as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Areas of Expertise

Excellent knowledge of Method/Instrument Validation, calibrations, SPC, Statistics (t&f test) & estimation of uncertainty budget.

Proficient in handling various instruments like FTIR, NMR, XRF, HPLC, DSC, (for Polymer testing), and AAS, ICP, PIONA, DHA, RGA, Distillation units (IPL & HERZOG) Dohrman Micro coulometer and Metrohm Autotitrators

Establishing new processes, streamlining and modifying the same to enhance them and also meet new product development activities.

Experience in experience in process set up, management and scale up of operations from lab to pilot plant for the testing, validation and development of new products.

Well-versed in ISO, ASTM, DIN, UOP, GPA methods for lab testing of Chemicals & Polymers.

Troubleshooting instrumentation, technical issues in instrument breakdown round robin tests, Method validation, and expertise in statistical quality control.

Arranging calibration of various instruments as per the calibration calendar to ensure reliability and consistency of test results.

Performing concurrent testing and conducting stability studies from time to time and maintaining systematic records thereof.

Mapping routine requirements of laboratory chemicals, equipments etc. and arranging timely procurement thereof to support smooth lab operations.

Promoting analytical awareness to the workforce through meetings/trainings systems within the company also attending periodical company laboratory forums/meetings.

Instruments operated in Chemical & Polymer Lab from Feb1983 – to till Date.

AAS (Atomic absorption spectrometer) Varian Spectra 220 FS for Fe, Cu, Zn, Na, K, AI, Ni, Co, Hg in Water.

FTIR, IR Spectrophotometer, UV/VISIBLE PHILIPS model PU 8600, SP 600,& Perkin Elmer

HACH DR/4000, DR-2000 Spectrophotometer for SiO2, PO4, Chloride, NO2, FRC (free chlorine)

Hanna pH meter, Conductivity Meter and Karl Fisher Moisture meter.

Dosimeter, Metrohm Potentiometer (Auto titrators) for H2S, COS, Marcaptans by ASTM D-3227,

For caustic strength (2P-M), P & M alkalinity of water samples

G.C CHROMPACK (CP-9000series), PACKARD model 438/S, 5890, 6890, BECKER GAS ANAYSER model 1455. PIONA, RGA (for Nat.

Gas, NGL etc Ageilent model & Varian models), DHA Analyser (for Naphtha, gasoline & pentane plus). ANTECK & SIEVER’S SCD,

PFPD detectors for Sulfur & Marcaptan Analysis.

DMA-46, PAAR Density Meter, DO, BOD, COD by using-Hach Reactor & also by chemical method.

TOC by BECKMAN TOCA MASTER and Tekmar Dorhmann

Flash Point (Pen-sky martin), freezing point, Pour point, Cloud point, Aniline point and Bromine-Index

Sulphur by XRF (Oxford Energy Dispersion Florescence) for Naphtha, gasoline & crude oil. Dorhmann Micro coulometer, Antek U.V florescence & Wick Bold Apparatus for sulphur analysis for Naphtha & C5+ Operation of Dragger & Kitagawa Tube for H2S, CO2, Benzene, moisture & Hg.

Auto distillation units like AD 86 ISL, Herzog MP 626 By ASTM D-1078, D-850 & D-86Vacuum Distillation, RVP for (Naphtha, pentane plus & gasoline by ASTMD323)

HPLC (GPC), Karl Fisher Auto titrator for moisture for solvents, oils & gases Stabinzer Viscometer, Brook field viscometer, Reverse flow viscometer, Ubbenhold viscometers, Shulkens spark viscometers for Kinetic viscosity & Viscosity index for Lubricating oils

Copper corrosion for Pentane plus & Naphtha (ASTM D-130), for propane & Butane by ASTM D-1838

Sir Galahad Mercury Analyzer for Hg in Natural Gas, Radon Monitor AB-5 for Rn in Natural Gas

Panametrics PM800 and Shaw Wallace Dew Point Apparatus for moisture

Polymers tested in NOCIL Technical Service Laboratory

LDPE & EVA (ICI Autoclave technology) LLDPE, HDPE (Hoechest slurry technology), PP, BOPP PVC (BASF Suspension technology),

PS, TR Resins and Compounds, Films (Cast & blown films) Injection, Blow moulded & Thermoformed articles.

Tensile strength & elongation tear strength, Yield strength, flexural modules, peel and bond strength on microprocessor.

Melt Flow Index (MFI) testing on GOTTFERT (MPX 62.92), DAVIENPORT, TINUS OLSEN, CEAST & YASUDA ROBOTIC AUTO Melt flow indexer, Q.U.V Accelerated weatherometer Color Mate (Milton Roy) Determination of Static & Kinetic Coefficient of Friction DART IMPACT, IZOD IMPACT.

ELEMENDORE TEAR TESTER. Low temperature properties (Cold Bend & Cold Flex tests), Fire retardant tests (Oxygen Index & Smoke Density)

HAZE METER (haze & transmittance test) HEWLETT PACKARD & MEGOHMETER electrical properties like Volume & Insulation Resistance. HAAKE RHEOMETER for rheological properties like Gelation Time, Curing Temp. & Time & Dynamic Heat Stability of PVC compounds.

K – Value (for PVC resin) Volatile loss, fish eyes, Bulk density, particle size distribution.

Process Equipment used

Single/Twin screw extruder (SX – 42 & BRABENDER) BUSS KO KNEEDER, Injection Molding Machine, Blow Molding Machine Cast film and Blown film Extruders, for polymers like PVC compounds, PP, HD/LD/LLDPE etc

Two roll mills molding presses, high speed mixers like HENCHEL, NEOPLAST, RIBBON BELNDER, and HOBART MIXER.



QA-Lab Specialist (Rubber–EPDM, BR, Hallo Butyl & Carbon black)/ SHE Coordinator for Laboratory

Handled start up activities for carbon black and other rubber polymer for Rubber Lab.

Functioned as a Focal point for Carbon black plant & Safety issues for Laboratory.

Responsible for SOP Preparation (From Technology Suppliers Manual for Carbon black, EPDM, BR HALO Butyl Rubber).

Attended meeting with plant/ technologists for development and its need from Laboratory.

IBN ZAHR A SABIC SAUDI Group (Accredited with ISO 17025 to UKAS, UK) Oct 2009 – Jun 2013

QA-Chemist (Polymer–PP, MTBE & Utility) and as SHE Coordinator for Laboratory

Entrusted with the responsibility of

oProcuring Lab Instruments. Single-handedly setting up newly procured lab instrument, doing calibration verification and method development.

oPlant start up experience in propylene and Poly propylene plant.

oTroubleshooting and problem-solving of all critical matters.

oIn G.C, can replace columns, valves and rectify faults in Instruments.

oFurnishing timely results, especially during plant upsets and off spec results if any.

oSetting up processes and ensuring compliance with ISO 9000 guidelines, thereby obtaining certification.

Efficiently solved problems during Instrument breakdown and Round robin tests also providing training Junior Chemists for upgrading their analytical skills.

Accountable for maintaining compliance with product quality standards, ensuring timely product release, securing certification and maintaining updates in SAP & LIMS.

Coordinated day to day product quality meeting with Production teams, and resolving ISO-related issues. Handled customer complains for Polymer-PP.

Handled SPC & QC related problems related to products and Monitoring Lab Critical Instruments. Overall Responsibility of Polypropylene and Utility Lab as QA Chemist.

Functioned as a SHE coordinator for QA Department and implementation of SHE /OSHA regulations. Ensured all activities are conducted in accordance with the Quality Procedures Manual.

Prioritized daily workloads, ensured compliance with the laboratory’s QC requirements. Prepared chemical standard/Solutions for utility sample analysis & maintaining relevant documentation as per ISO 17025.

Maintained a safe and hygienic environment in the laboratory. Preparing reports and test certificates

Responsible for the implementation of test methods, validating (test methods/New Instruments) & training of junior chemists.

Effectively supervised Laboratory personnel and available resources to achieve all Laboratory objectives in a safe, productive and environmentally.

Performed daily operational inspections on all laboratory equipment.

CORELAB, QATAR Nov 2006 – Sept 2009

Senior Well Site Chemist - Qatar Offshore

Responsible for coordinating with Country Supervisor and client. Overseeing the maintenance of Laboratory Equipments, rendering guidance to the chemist, and preparing analytical reports.

Performed oil and gas surface sampling including sampling point identification, performing onsite, and evaluation of water analyses technique, calibration and maintenance of equipment. E.g. Onsite PVT sampling.

Carried out onsite determination of Mercury by Sir Galahad analyzer and Radon by Radon Monitor AB-5. Crude oil & Condensate for API gravity, sulphur, BS&W, water content

Accountable for handling and measurement of:

oMoisture content by Panametric analyzer, Teledyne & Shaw Wallace Dew Point Apparatus.

oGas Compositional Analyses (C7+) GPA 2286 & 2261, ASTM method 1945.

oDetection tube analyses for H2S, CO2, Hg, Moisture, benzene by dreager & Kitagawa tubes

oFor H2S (by Tutwiler) & for CO2 (by Orsat) in Natural gas

oH2S, Marcaptans & COS measurement by UOP 212/77 method for Natural Gas.

opH, Conductivity, Sp. gravity, Chlorides, SO4, CO3 & HCO3, Ca & Mg Hardness in formation Water

Deputed to different countries for onsite assignments, pertaining to interacting with the client, planning shift duties, gauging their requirements, setting up Onsite Lab and carrying out various analyses. Subsequently furnished reports to the client prior to winding up the assignment.

Overseas Projects Handled

oOman: For Client-Occidental Maccaizna. Onshore Rig, High pressure sampling for Oil, gas & water in Proserve, Luxfer, Hook Cylinders. Well site Testing like S.G, Hg, Rn, H2S, Water Analysis, UOP212 for H2S,Marcaptans & COS, Hg by Sir Galhad,

oYemen: For Client-SAFER, involving working on Onshore rig, High pressure Sampling for Oil, gas & water in Proserve, Luxfer, Hook Cylinders.

oTanzania: For Client- ARTUMAS which involved onshore MS-1X & MB-3 Land Rigs, High pressure Sampling for Oil, gas & water in Proserve, Luxfer, Hook Cylinders.

oTurkmenistan: Offshore (Caspian Sea) Rig Trident -20 (Transeasea), entailing Well site Testing like S.G, Hg, Rn, H2S by Tutwiller, CO2 by Orsat Apparatus and Water Analysis.


Sr. Laboratory Technician

Tests Performed at SPC-NPIC (Chemicals) Laboratory (Sep’03 to Aug’06)

G.C Analysis using HP 6890, HP 5890, Refinery Gas Analyser (RGA), Detailed Hydro Carbon Analyser for:

Composition of Ethane, Propane, Propylene by ASTM D2163.

H2S, COS, C1SH, C2SH (Marcaptans) by ASTM D-5504 with PFPD & SCD Detector

Auto Titrators like Metrohm, for: H2S, COS, Marcaptans by ASTM D3227.

For caustic strength (2P-M), P & M alkalinity,Chlorides in water samples, ADIP, RFB & lean Amines/Acid

Water Analysis using Hach Spectrophotometer for SIO2, PO4, Chloride, FRC, DO, COD pH & Conductivity.

Tests (Other Instruments) using FTIR, NMR, AAS, XRF (Wave Length Dispersion, ARL model) for as per internal methods, Novolen methods, and ISO & ASTM methods.

Tests Performed at SPC-NPIC (Poly Propylene) Laboratory (Sep’03 to Aug’06)

(Polypropylene by Novolene Technology)

MFR using CEAST, GOTFRET for Reactor Powder and Pellets,-ISO 1133, ASTM D 1238, and DIN 53735.

Xylene Solubles by NMR (MARAN-INMR) & Chemical Method using Novolen, ISO & ASTM Methods.

Testing of film quality for PP film grades using OCS Cast Film Extruder by Novolen methods.

Additives using HPLC (Agilent, Packard), FTIR, XRF and DSC (TAA instrument) based on Internal Methods, Novolen Methods, ISO & ASTM methods for Irganax1010, Irgafos 168, Calcium stearate, DHT-4A, Erucamide Na-Benzoate, Talc, Silica, GMS and many more additives.

Other tests like Q.U.V Accelerated Weatherometer, Color Mate (Milton Roy) for determination of Yellowness Index, Static & Kinetic coefficient of friction, Dart impact and IZOD impact.

Played a vital role in setting up Laboratory for a new Petrochemical and Poly Olefin Plant at Saudi Arabia

GASCO, ABU DHABI UAE Jul 2002 – Aug 2003

Laboratory Technician

Responsible for G.C Analysis by HP 6890, PIONA, Refinery Gas Analyser (RGA), Detailed Hydro Carbon Analyser(DHA) for:

oComposition for Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane by ASTM D2163, LPG,NGL and Pentane plus

oH2S, COS, C1SH, C2SH (Marcaptans) by ASTM D-5504 with PFPD & SCD Detector

Total Sulphur by Dohrman Micro coulometer, Oxford ED-XRD, and Antek U.V Florescence analyser for Propane, Butane and pentane.

Distillation by ISL AD86 5G, HERZOG MP 626 for Pentane plus, Naphtha and Gasoline by ISO 86

Copper corrosion test, RVP, Flash point, Viscosity, Pour point, Cloud point, Aniline point and Bromine-Index,

Water Analysis using Hach Spectrophotometer for SIO2, PO4, Ammonia & Molybdate, Chlorides, Ca &Total Hardness, Alkalinity (CO3 & HCO3) NO2, FRC, DO, COD, pH & Conductivity.


Laboratory Technical Service Officer in Technical Service, Polymer Lab (Jul 2000 – May 2002)

Senior Lab Technician, Plastic Laboratory (Apr 1992 – Jun 2000)

Junior Lab Technician, Chemical Laboratory (Feb 1983 – Mar 1992)

Solvents & Chemicals Tested in NOCIL, Ethylene Propylene, Butadience, Benzene, Ethylene oxide, MTBE, DEG,PEG, IPA, DMK, IBA, NBA, EHA, MIBK, MIBC, VC, DCE, PVC, RESIN & COMPOUNDS, RLHG (LPG)

oG.C Analysis using HP 6890, HP 5890, Refinery Gas Analyser (RGA), Detailed Hydro Carbon Analyser(DHA)

oFor: Composition of Gases like Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene, EO, EDC, VC and LPG.

oComposition of Solvents Like IPA, DMK, IBA, NBA, EHA, MIBK, MIBC, Benzene, MEG,DEG and Naphtha

oASTM distillation tests for Solvents by ASTM D-1078,D-850 & D-86 for Naphtha, Benzene IPA,DMK, IBA, NBA, EHA, MIBK By manually & by ISL AD865G and HERZOG MP 626 distillation Unit.

oH2S, COS, C1SH, C2SH (MARCAPTANS) by ASTM D-5504 with PFPD & SCD Detector

oTotal Sulphur by Dorhmann Micro coulometer, Wick-bold and Energy Dispersion XRF

oWater Analysis- pH, Conductivity, Silica, Phosphate, Hydrazine, Dissolved Oxygen, Free Chlorine, Chromate, Ca & Mg ti

oTotal Dissolved Solid (TDS). Total Organic Content by KmnO4 test & TOC by TOCA Analyze

oAtomic Absorption Spectrophotometer for elemental Analysis like Fe, Cu, Zn, Na, K, Hg (cold vapour).

oEffluent Analysis like COD, BOD, DO, Phenol Content, Hexavalent chromium, H2S Content,TOC, TSS; MLSS, MLVSS, BIO – ASSAY, oil & grease.

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 18th May, 1962

Mailing Address : Flat No. 401/10, Narmada Safal Cosmopolitan C.H.S.,

Sector 19A, Nerul, Navi Mumbai–400 706 (Maharashtra, India)

Tel. (mobile.) +91-902*******

Passport Details : L3614717 (Issued at Thane, India. Valid up to 11-08-2023)


B.Sc. (Chemistry), 1982

Bombay University, Mumbai

Technical Skills

Microsoft Windows, MS Office and Internet Application SAP & LIMS


NCVT certification in May 1986 (Passed with 1st Class).

LIRI (PART – A) in 1992 (Rubber Polymers; passé with 1st class).

ISO 9002:2008 Quality Lead Auditor (passed in September 2009)

Six Sigma Green belt certification by Company IBN ZAHR 2010

References: Available on Request

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