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Developer Full stack

Comuna 13, Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 19, 2018

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Ali López


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skype: zero.exu

twitter: @zeroexu


I am always learning( Internet, Blogs, Youtube,

Forums, At work).

Many languages in a self-taught way.

University Institute of Technology of La Victoria

Edo Aragua. (2009)

Higher University Technician in Computer Science.

Primary, Secondary and Bachelor in: National

Education Unit Zuata (U.E.N.Z)

Bachelor of Science (2001)

Work experience:

IMS (Internet Media Service - Argentina) May 2018 - Present ReactJs & NodeJs development of Reporting System with Postgresql and Mysql Databases. (This update isn’t already yet in LinkedIn)

(2013-2018) Freelancer

Ballparkbingo-Officialy Fit (January 2016- March 2018): Fullstack Developer- Game Developer Unity3d

Development of Backends, Videogames and Apps.

The developments were oriented to a platform that feeds on the web services of the major leagues. Agile development, daily deliveries, and customer reviews were used. The development was extensive, we worked with server Heroku (php), Aws, Notifications of Parse (Node), Google Maps implementation, Rest Services, Apps Development with Unity3d, Integration of purchases, advertising and social networks


Prosumia (August-September 2017):Mobile Developer

Development of two Apps on Android and IOs, "Alerta Ciudadana" and a QR Code Scanner PDF17 of cedulas de Argentina. We used Agile development and advice on development in Android and Xcode to the inmates. We worked with Swift, Android, Push Notifications.

Appnosticworx (July-December 2017): Android Developer and Backend Developer


Maintenance to existing applications: "Hotels By Day", "Vroomz", "Private Upgrades". The projects of this company are oriented to hotel reservations. We use Jira for the assignment of tasks and we work with scrum as a work methodology. Meetings several times a week, documentation of activities and documentation of installation manuals for developments.

Upwork-Amalto (August-November 2015): Android Developer As a freelancer I made an application of statistics of invoices for a company called Amalto, it was developed in Android Native with integration of a graphic library to show the statistical reports.

AsdeIdeas (April 2014-May 2015): Mobile Developer

Development of mobile applications for this Spanish company, News and Videos Feeds, Alarms, Android version of an Educational Game for special children. The Apps were developed in Android and the Game in Gideros Moble a videogame framework in Lua.

TercoSystem (August 2013-April 2014): Mobile Developer The developments here were diverse, apps and videogames were developed, and others were maintained. We worked with Titanium appcelerator, Objective-C, Cocos2d and Php. It worked with cascade development and later it was changed to Scrum. There were conventions and ways to create databases and video calls of equipment.

(2011-2013) CIARA Foundation: Web Developer (Fullstack Developer) The CIARA foundation works to support agricultural monitoring agencies, so the developments handled here were based on extensive forms and extensive reports. The work methodology that was used was cascading, because the tools were completely defined. We worked with Php, postgresql, kumbia-php, jquery.

(2008-2011) Ministry of the Communes: Web Developer (Backend Developer) The jobs in the ministry were mainly concerned with gathering information on economic activities and information from attached social organizations. Although the development was cascaded, many times the system applicants were invited to receive new suggestions. Php, Postgresql, Kumbia-php, Jquery and Mvc were used as development architecture

Programming languages:

C++ (Cocos2dx), C# (Unity3D), Javascript (Jquery,

ReactJs, Ionic, Node), Java (Android), Swift –

ObjectiveC (iOs), Lua (Gideros), Php (Codeigniter, Laravel). Mysql, Postgresql, Sqliite.


Xcode, Unity3D, Netbeans, Eclipse, Illustrator,

Photoshop, Gideros Mobile, Texture Packer, Sprite

Helper, Level Helper. Cocos2D, Cocos2Dx.

Projects and links :

Some links for now are not available, because they are under revision by the Playstore

Rabbit Jump (Cettic Test)

This is an infinity Runner with built-in Backend, from the Backend the main variables of the Game, users

and statistics are modified.

Monster Rush:

An infinity Runner where monsters eat lots of fruits. Throwing Candies

Developed in Lua with Gideros Mobile, my participation in this project was as a developer and designer, graphics and animations that I developed in Illustrator +


The development of this project was very exciting. Juego Unity 3D Racing

Since 2014 I am programming with Unity3D and I have made several projects, including this interesting package for racing games against artificial intelligence.. Alex aprende a vestirse

Made with Gideros Mobile Lua, this project was very interesting because I learned in a practical way and I used Drag & Drop in GiderosMobile and its

implementation of Google Billing for commercial level payments.

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