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Sales Food Service

Buda, Texas, 78610, United States
August 25, 2015

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Professional and Personal Resume

David G. De La Mora


Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. U.N.A.M

Mexico City.

Psychology and philosophy

**** / ****

Professional & Executive Experience

*** Kraft Foods, SA de CV. Marketing Manager.

Residence: Mexico City

1970 / 1974

Among others; Successful results:

Since the company was opened I worked to designed strategies, planning and development of all Kraft's products to established in the market the brand "Kraft" in the retail and Institutional markets. I expand new clients market for the company.

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Professional and Personal Resume

*** Abysa Advertising Company. Today "Leo Burnett Advertising" Marketing Director for Mexico and Central America. Residence: Chicago, Illinois and Mexico City.

1974 / 1978

Among others; Successful results:

In Mexico. For the financial "Grupo Ballina" I participated since the beginning in all marketing transformation and concept of Ballina's bank "Banco Comercial Mexicano SA de CV" to a simple commercial concept: "Comermex Bank" The expansion of the bank was transformed from a local building downtown Mexico City to a new skyscraper in Mexico City in Paseo de La Reforma avenue and expressway viaducto in the exclusive area of "Las Lomas"

In three years from a banking rate position in Latin America number twelve jumped to the third position in Mexico and Latin America after "Banco de Comercio" and "Banco Nacional de Mexico"

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Professional and Personal Resume

*** Bendix International Co. Motor Division and Industrial. Marketing director. Mexico.

Residence: Mexico city

1978 / 1981

Among others; successful results:

In charge of vehicles motors companies:

"Ford Motor" "GM" "Volkswagen" "Nissan" "Mercedes Benz"

"Renault" "International" and "Dina" trucks

I was responsible to forecasting import / export and supply original "Bendix" brakes equipment and parts for automakers companies.

I was responsible with Mexican Government to canceled imports from Brazil all "Volkswagen" original "Bendix" brakes imports and being integrate and manufacture in Mexico's plant. I was responsible to create, develop and management all distributors of "Bendix" products parts in Mexico. Page 4

Professional and Personal Resume

*** American Express Company, New York, NY .

Banking Division.

Executive Director for: Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Residence New York, NY and Mexico City.

1981 / 1983

Among others; successful results:

In 198I I succeed to be the world's first American Express, Co. executive for the developing of Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean the sales of "American express Travel Checks" and increase Corporate Banking loans and new client accounts. I formed and develop the marketing platform in support of

"Aeromexico" be the first airline in the world to promote and sell with their airplane tickets "American Express" travel checks. Consultant for Corporations and Government

Mexico and USA

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Professional and Personal Resume

*** Residence. Mc Allen, Texas. Corporate consultant for companies in U.S.A and Mexico.The list of Corporations and Government in Mexico and the USA cover a wide and diversified list of clients. At your request I will provide the complete list. 1983 / 1990

Among others; successful results

Mexico. I participate since the beginning in the creation and market development with PepsiCo International of the candy brand "Sonric's" Import / Export candies to Mexico and Latin America for PepsiCo today a 2.5 Billion dollars a year. Work with HEB supermarkets to opened the first HEB store in Monterrey, Mexico. I had been corporate consultant for Import / Export from amd to China products and develop market private label brands for Winn Dixie supermarkets. Farley Candy company. Sam's Club. Sunnyland Brands, Ben.E Keith Food service. Sysco Food Service. Southwest Brokerage. Co. among otheres.

I was the corporate Communication Director for "The Texas Chef Association" Member of " The International Rotaries" Page 6

Professional and Personal Resume

Investor in San Antonio, Texas.

*** Residence. San Antonio, Texas . I had a 25 % percent participation in the company "Capitol Cold storage Co." A three million pounds facility for storage frozen food products. I was the Associate Director for market develop and consultant of the company from to 1990 / 1999

Owner . San Antonio, Texas

*** In 1999 I bought the 100 percent of the company. from "Capitol Cold Storage Co" I changed to "Alliance Refrigeration L.L.C." Under my sole direction the company in 18 months of operations grow up an average of 200% percent. For 2001 "Alliance Refrigeration" maintain storage and rotate frozen food products for clients close to six million pounds a month.In 2008 for financial reasons in the United States. Banks closed all credits and support of any kind. At the same time the company storage and sales went down a 40% percent and all clients operations cut to half.

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Professional and Personal Resume

Consultant for Private Companies and Government in Mexico and the USA

*** From November 2008 to June 2015.

Among others; successful results:

In Mexico. Last of my activities have been from its original to create and build a join venture with filmmakers from Spain and Mexico a completely new Film Producer company under the name

The company is moving this September, 2015 to Spain for management reasons of the owners.

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Personal Data

Conee Megonnell. Wife.

Married, Dauphin, Pennsylvania. USA

1976 / divorced; Phoenix, Arizona 2008

Remy de la Mora . Son

Berklee College of Music. Composer and Editor

Boston, Massachusetts

Graduated 1996 / 2000

Alan de la Mora. Son

Emerson College. Virtual Arts and Edition.

Boston, Massachusetts

Graduated 2001 / 2005

Thank you.

David Guillermo de La Mora.


August, 2015.

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