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Java Developer Service

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
July 14, 2015

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JAVA Developer


Education: Master’s in Computers Engineering

Professional Summary:

oOver 6 years of IT experience in design, development, implementation, integration and testing of medium to large-sized projects.

oProficiency in configuring, deploying and managing application servers; Websphere Application Server 5.0 (WAS), Apache Geronimo Server 5.2.1, Apache Tomcat.

oExperience in developing J2EE applications using Eclipse, WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.0 (WSAD), AST, and RAD.

oDemonstrated ability in establishing and maintaining effective relationships with customers and coworkers, gaining the trust and respect of others. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a team environment. Ability to build rapport with others, work collaboratively and actively listen to the concerns or opinions of others.

oKnowledge of industry-standard application architectures, design patterns, technology standards and best practices. Ability to easily adapt to new technologies and manage expectations in a given timeline.

oGood understanding and implementation of Object Oriented concepts. Extensive experience in object software design patterns/frameworks like Spring, Jakarta Struts, Hibernate and MVC architecture.

oExpertise in Front-End technologies like HTML, JSP, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and JSTL.

oExperience in various methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, SCRUM and Test Driven Development.

oExperience in application development involving various communication protocols/technologies viz. SIP, HTTP and TCP/IP.

oGood experience in various source code control tools like CVS, CMVC and Sub Version.

oExperience with the open-source Apache Harmony Development.

oExperience in defect tracking and root cause analysis of the defects in Technical Integration, System Test and Production environments.

oWorking experience in various Business Domains like Telecom, Banking, Finance, Insurance and Power Construction.

oGood at documentation on user requirements and system specifications.

oResponsible for mentoring resources and knowledge transfer to junior analysts, developers and testers.


Operating System

MSDOS, SCO UNIX Release, Sun Solaris HP UNIX, Windows server, Windows XP/Vista


JAVA, C++, C, XML, XSL, XSLT, HTML4.0, JavaScript, PL/SQL

Scripting Languages


Data Bases

Oracle, SQL Server,DB2 and MS Access

Web Technologies

EJB, JSP, JDBC, Servlets, JNDI, RMI, Java Beans, Applets, SOAP,SOA Swing, AWT, Hibernate3.1,HTML, DHTML, VB Script, JavaScript, Web Services

Enterprise Application Servers

Web logic, Web Sphere, JBoss, Tomcat, IPlanet, Java Web Server


RAD, MY Eclipse, Eclipse, CVS, WSAD and Net Beans

Portal Servers

Web sphere Portal server, web logic portal server, BEA Plumtree (ALUI), PLUTO, JSR 168 Portlets, JetSpeed2, JBOSS portal server

Work History:

Java Developer

The Cooperator Regina


Project: Claims Management Mar 2014 - Present

Description: Project Description: Claims Improvement is a migration project from an old claim system named as CSC Point-in system to new claim system named as C4 Claim system. C4 system has additional functionality to get CID data files build and maintain the SQL database.

Environment:Eclipse Juno, Java 7.0, JSP, HTML, Gradle 1.5, XSL, XSLT, XML, XPATH, XSD, JAXB, Subversion, Glassfish Server 3.2.1, JBoss Drools Engine, SOAP Web Services, Hibernate, SQL Server, Jenkins, JUnit, JIRA, BizTalk, XMLSpy and Agile Methodology.


oWorked on the migration of CSC point in Claim systems to C4 Claim System.

oWorked on parsing of the CID data, getting the XML produced and storing the data in the database.

oParsed the CID file into xml files on basis of policy no and record no of particular record using JDOM parsers.

oImplemented code for creating multiple xml files from cidrecord xml files on basis of different records.

oAnalyze and Gather requirements for different modules.

oCreated xml files for different cid records files according to different line of business such as crime, garage, property, General Liability, Inland Marine, Farm Dwelling, Farm Structure, Commercial fire and Commercial Auto.

oWorked on XML Parser JDOM to manipulate various xml documents.

oImplemented XSL files for various LOB to convert XML files into XML files.

oUsed Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) for converting Object to XML and XML to Object.

oDeveloped user interfaces modules using JSP, HTML and CSS.

oWrote rules in JBoss drools for Limits and Deductibles Coverage's for various LOB.

oDeveloped a code for Web services using XML, SOAP and used SOAP UI tool for testing the services

oWrote test cases in JUnit for rules written in Drools rules engine.

oBuild, test and deploy the project using Jerkins.

oUsed Hibernate annotations for mapping objects to database tables.

oExtensively involved in developing core persistence classes using Hibernate framework, writing HQL queries and DB schema.

oImplemented the sql's, stored procedures and functions in database.

oWorked on unit testing of various modules.

oResponsible and active in the analysis, definition, design, implementation and deployment of full software development life-cycle (SDLC) of the project.Performed SCM tasks like branching, merging and tagging the source code in Subversion.

oUnderstanding business requirement by mapping it with system requirement and functional testing efforts for all test scenarios.

oExtensively involved in writing the SQL queries as per the business requirements.

oFine tuning of the applications, SQL queries and application servers during the production support.

oDeveloped and implemented several test cases using JUNIT framework and Integration testing in staging environment.

oReported bugs and documented the steps involved in testing.

oUsed JIRA for issue tracking.

oAttend regular Status Update Meeting and convey all important status updates timely.

Java Developer


Toronto, ON Nov 2012 - Feb 2014

Description:Involved in java development of Securities include GNMA, FNMA, CMO, asset-back securities, domestic & foreign equities, and ADRs. Worked in conjunction with bank personnel to implement procedural changes for the trust division of the bank. Heavy exposure to P&I and Dividends. Also included all types of product testing (all equities, all fixed income products, futures, mutual funds, options, derivatives, and swaps).

Environment:JAVA, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, DOJO,SenchaExtJS, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, Html5, DB2, CRUD, PL/ SQL, JDBC, APACHE CXF, Soap, Web Services, Eclipse, WebSphere Portal, Subversion (SVN), JUnit, Scrum, UML, JSP, Java server Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL), SERVLET, MAVEN, Xml, ITEXT, Oracle Enterprise Content Management (Oracle ECM ), GWT (Google Web Toolkit), JIRA, Jasper Report, ILOG, Jrules, Web 2.0, SOA, JMS, Apachi Tomcat, Linux, PHP, Xpath, Xslt, Sql, MySQL, ELB, EBS, Ec2, Aws, Node.Js, Test Driven Development, API, Apache, Unix, oracle, LDAP, HTML, ANT, git, jive, weblogic


oWorked on the Spring framework like Spring IOC and Spring DAO.

o Implemented Object-relation mapping in the persistence layer using hibernate frame work in conjunction with Spring Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) functionality.

o Implemented functionality using Servlet, JSP, HTML and Struts Framework., Hibernate, Spring, Java Scripts and Weblogic

oDeveloped Web pages using JSF.

oDeveloped forms using HTML and performing client side validations using Java Script.

oCreated frontend using EXTJS framework.

oImplemented JavaScript and Swing based functionality in front end designing and rich using SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and XML.

oDesigned the UML diagrams based on the OOAD principles

oDeveloped re-usable front-end components using custom tags and JSP.

oDeveloped Servlets and Worked extensively on Sql.

oDeveloped JSPs using EL language and JSTL tags.

oDeveloped application code using Eclipse-Galaxo IDE and configured with Maven and JBoss.

oDeveloped XSD for validation of XML request coming in from Web Service.

oImplemented a prototype to integrate PDF documents into a web application using iText PDF library

oDesigned and implemented interface elements using Google Web Toolkit.

oWorked on tickets from service-now and Jira on daily basis.

oDeveloped order receipt report with bar code using lowageiText and jasper report.

oWorked in SOA architecture WebSphere Message broker for integration with Pega and ILog

oWorked with Technical Leads to design and implement rules using JRULES.

oDeveloped automation test cases using Java and selenium on Eclipse for web 2.0 Ajax application.

oDesign, develop and test of SOA services using SOA / Web Service / Oracle Fusion Middleware.

oDeveloped a registration module, which will import all the valid users from excel file and send notification to all the valid registered users using JMS.

oResolved production performance issues on application servers in WAS6.0 and Weblogic.

oDeveloped Oracle Stored Procedures to update records on a daily basis and it will invoke

oImplemented a Node.js server to manage authentication.

oPerformed unit testing using JUnit, integration and deployment of applications done using tools ANT and Maven & debugging through Log4J.

oMentored developers on pair programming, design patterns, refactoring, and test driven development.

oUsed Java Collections API extensively such as Lists, Sets and Maps.

oUsing Apache framework for getting remote information.

oCreated the domains, application servers and load balancers using Weblogic.

Java Developer

McGraw Hill Financials

Toronto, Ontario Sep 2010 - Oct 2012

Description: Trade ordering system- TOS is a single sing on applications used by client portals at McGraw-Hill. This application integrates with online trade interactions and internal and external applications. It implements a portal delivery mechanism for a trade matching and resolution application.

Environment:JAVA 6.0, JDK 1.6, Eclipse Modeling Framework(EMF), XML Metadata Interchange (XMI), Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Google Guice, SiriusForce Framework, Oracle 11g, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Spring 2.0, Struts 2.0, Hibernate 3.0, XML, SQL Developer, JBoss Application Server 5.0, Tortoise SVN 1.5.0, Maven 2.2.1, WebBuilder, JIRA, Eclipse 3.5, JUnit, TestNG and Agile Methodology


oInteracted with Business users and Business Analyst to gather requirements.

oInvolved in the analysis & design of the application using UML with Rational Rose.

oUsed Struts Framework in the application, which is based on MVC design pattern.

oExtensive use of HTML, JSTL, JSP and JQuery for the presentation layer along with Java script for client side validation.

oDeveloped Custom Tag Libraries for the use in web pages by using JSTL packages for the development of the Web Pages.

oDeveloped Application controllers, Business and Data service modules for the web applications.

oImplemented Restful web services (JAX-RS).

oInvolved in Defect fixing and supporting QA and Production environments.

oWorked Extensively in architecting, designing and developing Portal Applications, Portlets and deploying them to WebSphere Portal Server

oWorked on SOA/Web Services and created request and response WSDLs

o Used Design Patterns like Factory, Singleton, Value Object and DAO pattern.

oAssisted Database Developers using PL/SQL for managing data associated with the tables.

oUsed JSON to load data into JQUERY data grid.

o Used JSON as response type in REST services.

o Involved In Performance and SQL Query Optimization.

o Involved in writing customer portal applications in Groovy and Grails.

oUsed Maven for dependencies and configuration management.

oPerformed database synchronization on production and test systems to monitor data flow and fix bugs.

oDebugging and troubleshooting any technical issues while implementing the applications.

oMerging the code to appropriate branch when testing completes.

oMonitored the error logs using Log4J and fixed the problems.

oDeveloped Maven scripts for the build and deployment of J2EE components in application server

oInvolved in designing test plans, test cases and overall Unit testing of the system.

o Used CVS for version control

Java Developer

Cadence Designs Inc

Ottawa, Ontario

Project: Order fulfillment system Jun 2008 – Aug 2010

Description:Cadence enables global electronic-design innovation and plays an essential role in the creation of today's integrated circuits and electronics. Customers use Cadence software and hardware, methodologies, and services to design and verify advanced semiconductors, printed-circuit boards and systems used in consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer systems. Cadence uses a web based application to fulfill customer orders. The application is designed to manage customers, sales orders, contracts, install base and licensing. The current project is to upload critical customer info and install base from legacy system into the new web based Order Fulfillment system.

Environment: Core Java, Struts Framework, WSAD 5.1, Various Design Patterns, EJB, JSP, HTML, Oracle 9i, Web Logic 7.1, CVS, JUNIT on Windows XP.


oProgrammer Analyst responsible for development, support and enhancement of Order Fulfillment system.

oDesigned and developed JSP pages for Agent login, Products display, My Account and Order Confirmation pages.

oImplemented struts Validator framework for validating the input forms at both client side and server side.

oUsed struts validation framework to perform Server side validations.

oInvolved in writing Struts actions classes, Action forms and configuration files i.e. Struts-config.xml

oImplemented Tiles framework in Struts

oDeveloped Spring service classes for Initial applications and Maintenance module to implement business logic requirements

oUsed Crucible/Jira to track issues and to improve code architecture

oInvolved in generating Hibernate Configurations files, Hibernate mapping files and Hibernate data Objects to communicate data in persistence layer

oImplemented GUI interface using tiles, JSP's and struts custom tags.

oAnalyzed and identified components for the Presentation, Business, Integration, Resource and Service Layers

oCreated Service Locator component to conceal the complexity of J2EE/JNDI APIs.

oDeveloped Business Interfaces for EJBs.

oInvolved in the Web Sphere Server configuration, packaging and deployment of EAR file.

oDesigned Data Access Objects, to encapsulate data access code.

oCreated the message resource file to display application information and error messages.

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