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Reliabity and Maintenance Engineer with E&I background

Katy, Texas, United States
October 25, 2016

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Wolman Cardenas


Bachelor of Sciences in electrical engineering, certified CMRP and PMP, MSc in Maintenance and Reliability Engineering, with strong analytical, motivational and organizational skills in the management of personnel to obtain the highest levels of performance, service and production. Extensive domestic and international experience in the maintenance and reliability themes, high degree of technical experience in different industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemical and cement.



Maintenance Management System Project Manager

Managed the WG ODL Maintenance Management Systems department. Major projects and accomplishments:

Leading the Maintenance Management product line. Manager of 10 different projects including preventive/predictive maintenance identification and optimization based on RCM principles, equipment hierarchization, spares parts identification and optimization based on Reliability Centered Spares (RCS) Parts, criticality assessments, CMMS population (SAP, Maximo® and JD Edwards), RAM analysis and maintenance assessments. $ 6 MM USD of revenues in 2 years.

Coordinate the efficient and timely implementation of all work assigned with full satisfaction of ODL Inc. Projects were delivered on time and below the budget. 10 maintenance projects managed on track and on budget.

Increased the Maintenance Management portfolio of services. New services such as spare parts optimization, Safety Critical Equipment definition and Maintenance Assessments were created and sold to different clients. Clients obtained more than USD 500.000 in benefits.

Implemented the multiskilling resources with different product lines to improve the manpower efficiency.


Consultancy and Technical Services Manager

Established the new Consultancy and Technical Services (CTS) business unit in the oil and gas industries, both onshore and offshore operations and supporting different countries, such as Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, Peru, Indonesia and the UK. Lead the Consultancy and Technical Function in a range of technical projects, including reliability studies, such as RCM, RAM analysis, plant improvement plans, maintainability condition monitoring, and others.

Lead the Consultancy and Technical Services business unit and implement the strategy to obtain revenues above 40 MUSD.

Lead the technical projects underway that support the growth agenda (both innovation and renovation) for the operations and maintenance contracts for Wood Group in Colombia. 25 new Asset management sharp edge services were developed. Revenues in new services of 10 MUSD.

Represented the reliability and maintenance organization on the site Leadership Team. Support to WG Colombia implementing the reliability process in different operations and maintenance contracts with companies, such as Abocol, Dow Chemical, Roman Hass, biodiesel and Ecopetrol.

Accountable for driving and promoting a world-class safety culture throughout the reliability and maintenance organization. As a result of this, WG Colombia awarded maintenance contracts with different companies above USD 80 MM.

Accountable for promoting and driving a world-class Maintenance Excellence Program throughout the Reliability and Maintenance organization and for the succession planning of the Reliability and Maintenance Department. 10 Colombian engineers were transferred to support different WG companies worldwide.


Maintenance and Reliability Team Leader

Leadership of 85 people to perform the maintenance and reliability activities for Cusiana and Cupiagua Central Process Facilities.

All the reliability process such as RCM, CBM, RCA, RIM, RAM, and Planning and scheduling were implemented. BP saved more than US 5 MUSD in the first year implementing the reliability process.

Leadership of the operation and maintenance of a compression plant of 1260 MMSCFD. Maintenance Team Leader in charge of the maintenance and operation of a 125-MW electrical power plant. Compression and generation plant efficiencies above 99% were achieved.

Cost savings of 20% in a budget of US $10,000,000 for Operations and Maintenance activities, as well as reviewed all expenditures and operational activities.

Implemented a spare parts strategy to reduce the warehouse stock levels and achieved a recurring annual savings of USD $200,000.

Increased the plant efficiency from 98.9% in 2000 to 99.32% in 2002. More than US 5MUSD in oil losses savings.

Increased the Preventive Maintenance Program execution from 70% in 1998 to 92% in 2002.

Led the Instrument and Control Improvement Plan to increase plant reliability and reduce the plant spurious trips.

Reduced maintenance workload from 35 days in 1998 to 20 days in 2002.

Predictive maintenance analysis was implemented including, oil analysis, thermo graphics analysis, electrical motor current evaluation and monitoring batteries banks online. As a result of these strategies, the man-hours for preventative maintenance were reduced by 20,000 hours with savings of more than USD 500.000/year.


Electrical, Instrument and Control Maintenance Team Leader

Commissioned and started up of the Electrical System of two full lines cement plant, including limestone mine and packing cement according with schedule and without any electrical incident. Production rate increased from 100 tons/hour to 200 tons/hour.

Led the Control Systems/DC drive monitoring projects definition. As a result of this, the DC kiln drive availability increased from 94% to 97%, with losses savings of more than USD 10M.

Led the change of the AC Converters Project for the kiln fans in the Caracolito Plant.

Reduced Electrical Contractor’s costs savings by approximately US $25,000 in 1994.

Reduced manpower in electrical maintenance activities from 32 in 1995 to 18 in 1997 implementing condition monitoring and reliability centered maintenance best practices.

Increased the DC kiln drive availability from 94% to 97%, with savings in indirect cost of more than USD 10M.


University of Monash in Agreement with University of Tennessee. Master in Maintenance and Reliability Engineering.

University of Andes, Bogotá, Colombia,

Specialist in Industrial Process Automation.

Industrial University of Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia, Bachelor of Sciences in Electrical Engineering.


Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP).

Institute Asset Management membership.

Master in Reliability Engineering.

RCM, RCA, FMECAS, RAM and CBM knowledge.

Managed Field Services Operation.

Skilled in instruments, controls, electrical and process safety.

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