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Training Project

Keystone Heights, FL, 32656
March 30, 2015

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K YLE R . K NIGHT **** Immokalee Road Keystone Heights, FL 32656

E-mail: Website:

Phone: 314-***-****




3D Modeling; Illustration; Charcoal/Pastels; Sculpting; Wood Carving; Texture Mapping, Sound Mixing



3D Studio Max 2011, Adobe Photoshop CS6, HeroEngine, ZBrush 4R3, Unity 3D, Crazy Bump,

xNormal, Adobe Illustrator 10, SpeedTree 4, Adobe After Effects, MS Word & Excel


The Art Institute of Dallas Associate of Applied Arts

Computer Animation March 1998

US Army Signal Corps Fort Gordon, GA

Tactical Microwave Communications Technician October 1979



3D Artist Zenimax Online Studios Hunt Valley, MD

Jan 2011 – Sep 2014

§ Produced natural assets for Elder Scrolls Online MMO, animated the trees and waterfalls for the terrain team.

§ Helped create assets for expansion zones integrating new rock making processes – taking all prototype pieces and

turning them into full working rock sets

§ Maintain “on-time” schedules and meet all production deadlines.

Lead 3D Artist Red Dust Studios Las Vegas, NV

May 2009 – Jul 2010

§ Created the 3D Low-Poly environmental models from conceptual art for a fantasy online game in production. This

included structures, interior and exterior, props and landscaping using 3D Studio Max 2010, Photoshop CS3, and


§ Supervised a team of three 3D artists; scheduled their assignments and tracked their work through completion.

§ Worked closely with the art director and other team leaders to develop an artistic style and a cohesive look and feel

to game in development.

§ Imported and managed all modeled elements in repository browser.

Senior 3D Environmental Artist Simutronics Corp St. Charles, MO

Apr 2002 – Feb 2009

§ Worked closely with developers in the production of HeroEngine by constructing Low-Poly models, from

conceptual drawings for Hero’s Journey using 3D Studio Max 2009 and Photoshop 7 and CS3 paying close

attention to all technical aspects of texturing, naming conventions, and directory structures.

§ Built and textured multiple world building assets.

§ Helped manage the repository browser and asset library.

§ Sculpted and textured extensive natural-looking terrain using height maps. Developed and used dynamic detail in

production of all aspects for world building.

§ Created high quality diffused, normal, specular, and displacement texture maps.

§ Contributed to the creative and technical process.







Senior 3D Artist Boeing Aerospace Training and Support St. Louis, MO

Aug 2000 to Nov 2001

§ Modeling and animation of V-22 Osprey training program materials for US military (Marines) using 3D Studio

Max 3.1, Photoshop 5.5 and Flash 4.

§ Created and animated detailed interior and exterior models of V-22 Osprey aircraft and multiple environmental

situations for use in developing virtual learning simulators.

§ Generated animations that showed operation and assembly of various components of the aircraft.

§ Led team of five artists, worked directly with director, producer, and Marine liaisons, met military deadlines.

§ Rendered out photo realistic stills and animations for use in Flash.

3D Artist Bell Helicopter/Training Division Hurst, TX

Aug 1999 to Aug 2000

§ Modeling and animation of V-22 Osprey training program materials for US military (Marines) using 3D Studio

Max 3.0, Photoshop 5.5 and Flash 4

§ Used manufacturer’s technical drawings and photos to generate detailed models of V-22 Osprey aircraft.

§ Worked directly with art director and Marine liaisons, met military deadlines.

3D Artist Flight Safety International Hurst, TX

Apr 1998 to Aug 1999

§ Animated Systems Team Leader

§ Modeling and animation of various airplane cockpits, engines, landing gear, gauges and other parts for flight

simulation and pilot training.

§ Supervised the production of American Eagle EMB-145 “Self Learning Systems” and ordered and coordinated all

narrations for “Self Learning Systems”.


§ Completed continued training from VisMasters Online in Architectural Visualization

§ Pride @Boeing Certificates of Recognition, May 2001 and June 2001

§ Cumulative GPA 3.8, President’s and Dean’s Lists at The Art Institute of Dallas






§ Modeled AW 119 Helicopter Engine Housing in 3D for AvstarMedia

§ 5.11 Tactical Gear – various graphics for advertising, web presentations, and concept models for fabrication.

§ InstantAction – 3D models and textures for game in progress (Storax project) includes buildings and all

environmental props.

§ Developed 3D fly-through of new Red Dust Studios office build-out to present to investors

§ St. Louis Design Alliance, Inc. - 3D Illustration renderings for billboards for new Salvation Army complex in

Jacksonville and Tyler Senior Residence

§ 3D model and fly-by of proposed Twin Rivers Worship Center project, Fenton, MO

§ 3D model and fly-through of Showcase Home, Sage Homebuilders, St. Louis, MO

§ Lockheed Martin – Patriot Missile 3D demonstration

§ 3D model and fly-through of reconstructed Club LA after being destroyed by fire for forensic demonstration.

§ Verimetrix, St. Louis MO - Technical illustrations of medical equipment for training material

§ Technical illustrations in 2D and 3D in travel gear catalogs for TRG Accessories & Cerf Bros. Bags.

§ 3D Animation Simulation of Offshore Pipeline Rigging Transfer for Oil States, Arlington, TX

§ US Army Reserves, served as Illustrator for Headquarters Post at Fort Vancouver, WA

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