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Inspection Engineer, Plant Inspector, Api Inspector

Tenkasi, TN, India
March 16, 2015

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Govindan Sellakani

Inspection Engineer/ Plant Inspector

API 570/ API 510/ Cswip 3.1 Certified Inspector

Date of Birth : 13.05.1983

Pass port : L4155588

Nationality : Indian

Marital status : Married

Email :

Educational Qualification:

* Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Mechanical

Engineering (First Class) Anna University

Tamilnadu, India. Reg.No # 901******** Year of Pass-out


Technical Qualification:

* Approved by Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical company


* API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification Number # 45687

* API 570 Piping Inspector Certification Number# 45129

* CSWIP 3.1 Certified Welding Inspector, Cert. No # 66717

* Radiography testing (RT) level II Certificate# 008/RT-II/2008

* Ultrasonic testing (UT) level II Certificate# 006/UT-II/2008

* Magnetic particle testing (MPT) level II Certificate# 005/MT-II/2008

* Liquid penetrant testing (PT) level II Certificate# 006/PT-II/2008

* Won 1st prize in National Level Technical project

Competition on Quantitative Analysis of Cellular

Manufacturing system using Group technology.

Short course and Training Attended:

* HAZOP study and analysis

* Process safety and Integrity management

* H2S Training, Fire safety, First aid training

* Environment management system

Work Experience:

Around Nine ( 9 ) Years of Professional and Technical proficiency in the

sector of Oil &Gas field Refinery,Petrochemical plant, On stream Process

Plant, construction, Structural and fabrication work shop

asPiping/MechanicalInspection Engineer, API Inspector, Plant Inspector,

QA/QC Inspector - Welding/Piping Maintenance Shutdown specialist,

fabrication welding and NDT coordinator in various leading Industries in

India and Saudi Arabia.

Company : PETRO Rabigh Petrochemicals & Refinery, Saudi Arabia

Position : Inspection Engineer.

Section : Asset Integrity Management Dept

Duration : June-2013 to Dec-2014 ( 1 Years)

Job profile & Nature of Assignments

* Collection & study about historical data (review design data, MDR

manufacturer data record, operations & inspection history) and

Conducting turnaround inspection of static equipments, piping & PRV's

utilizing NDE inspection techniques such as visual, UT, DPT MPT & RT

* Internal inspection of all kinds of static equipments such as reactors,

heat exchangers, columns, drums, fired heaters, storage tanks, boilers

and piping during shutdown and assessment of equipments present

condition and recommendations for repair if any

* Preparation of shutdown inspection advice notes (IANs) and inspection

reports with all findings abnormalities and repair recommendations.

* Preparation of procedure and stage wise inspection for hot tapping in

running equipments and process plant pipelines for on line hot tapping

* Coordination with maintenance and operation management, share findings

and initiate corrective measures for safe continued operations and

monitoring of equipment / piping and propose recommendations

* Corrosion monitoring of process plant equipments such as heat

exchanger, column, fired heaters, storage tanks, boilers and piping by

thickness measurement in shutdown

* Correspondence with equipment vendors /Process licensors /Shell etc.

for reliability improvement

* Determination of failure mode and recommendations to run, repair and


Company : UNITED Petrochemical Company, SABIC Affiliate Al Jubail, Saudi


Position : Inspection Engineer, Asset Integrity section, Reliability


Duration : Aug-2011 to May-2013 ( ~ 2 Years )

Job profile & Nature of Assignments

* Perform inspection tasks and schedule monitoring programs to assure the

mechanical integrity of the equipment

* Perform internal inspection of vessels in accordance to the inspection

plan (Equipment Inspection Plan - EIS)

* Preparation & Updating of inspection checklist- Both External and

Internal inspection of equipments and PSV's.

* Corrosion rates and remaining life assessment for next inspection

interval determination

* Coating and insulation condition monitoring for equipments and


* Maintain inspection records includes Thickness measurements, corrosion

rate and inspection interval

* Determine the types of inspection required, e.g. internal, external, on-

stream, etc.

* Verify that all new materials used during repairs or alterations are

consistent with the specifications

* Assure that the minimum preheat and post weld heat treatments are

performed in accordance with the qualified welding procedures

* Authorize any repair or alteration work before the work is started, and

designate the hold points that are required

* Assess preferential weld corrosion of in-service welds and joints

* Preparation of inspection reports/certificates with all findings,

abnormalities and recommendations applying RBI and updating through

Meridium database.

* Review and update the inspection and NDE techniques required for each

equipment, including the extent and locations of inspection and NDE

* Ensure all NDE results are evaluated and determined to be accepted or

rejected, with recommendations to resolve all deficiencies

* Review and update the surface cleaning requirements needed for

inspection and examinations

* Determine the pressure test requirements for pressure vessels after

alterations or major repairs, i.e., type of test, test medium, test

pressure, test gauges, duration, regulatory requirements and forms

* Identify and document any required repairs, including ensuring all

regulatory rules are followed and completing regulatory forms

* Specify any special equipment access requirements, including all safety

conditions and permissions.

Company : IBN Zahr, Saudi European Petrochemical Company Al Jubail, Saudi


Position : Inspection Engineer, Asset Integrity Management,

Reliability Dept

Duration : Jan 2010 to July 2011 ( 1 Year & 7 Month)

Job profile & Nature of Assignments

* External & On-stream Inspection of static equipment like Pressure

vessels, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Towers, Fired Heaters, Boilers,

Tanks & Process Piping and preparation of reports calculate remaining

life and recommendations.

* Carrying out visual inspection complemented with NDT examination for

the static equipments and piping circuits- Assessment on minimum

required thickness, cracks, pits, thinning and any other pattern of

erosion, corrosion and other interior failures

* Supervision and provision of necessary technical guidance to

contractors regarding Inspection, NDE, welding, fabrication activities.

* Pre-cleaning visual inspection of heat exchangers & coolers eddy

current testing and recommendations of tube plugging and expanding,

witnessing of hydrostatic testing and box-up during shutdowns.

* Upon failures of equipment, inspect material verification program

record and root cause assessments prepare failure mode analysis report

and issue recommendations

* Routine Thickness Survey and Visual inspection of all static

equipments and piping circuits selection of TML points and measurement

of UT thickness

* Development of inspection plans/frequencies.

* Liaise with maintenance department supervisors in all aspects of


* Implements inspection recommendation and raise repair Orders by

notifications issuing through SAP and then tracking the progress till

completion of work. Issuing of purchasing requisitions for material

requisition through SAP work order.

* Inspect any completed repairs, modifications and/or replacement.

* Inspection of leaks and repair, testing of DPT,MPT and RT if required

* Inspection and Hydro testing of heat exchangers, valves and pipe spools

at in-plant and vendor end

* reviewing Inspection Test Plans, WPS & PQR and stage wise inspections

for project fabrication jobs

* Review of QMS Procedure, Inspection test plan, Work Instructions,

Project quality requirements, Scope of work and Comment

* Conducting On-stream, turnaround inspection of static equipments like

Columns, Heat Exchangers, Fired Heaters, Vessels, Storage Tanks etc

* Risk Based Inspection (RBI) using Meridium software

* Fabrication, Erection and Inspection of site & shop fabricated Piping

* External Inspection of in-service equipments like Columns, Heat

Exchangers, Fired Heaters, Vessels, Storage Tanks

Company : Shaw Stone & Webster Arabia Co. Ltd

Project : Sharq 3rd Expansion Ethylene Project

Client : SHARQ Eastern Petrochemical Company, Al Jubail, Saudi


Position : QA/QC Inspector Welding/Piping

Duration : Nov 2008 to Nov 2009 ( 1 Year)

Job profile & Nature of Assignments

* Reviving & approving WPS according to ASME Sec IX, Witnessing PQR,

welding performance test as per WPS, Witnessing Destructive test and

hardness, Macro test for procedure qualification. Approving PQR as per


* Checking and monitoring minimum preheat & Max inter-pass temperature

PWHT according to company specifications.

* Verify that all PMI of material has been performed per project


* Incoming material inspection at Lay-down Yard, spools dimensional

inspection, material traceability, stamp transferring clearance,

preparation of NCR, surveillance report, if found any non-conformance

* Verification & checking of Site Instruction, RFI, PSI, ESR and Valve

orientation status

* Verification of internal cleanliness of pipe spools prior to erection.

* Verification of orientation of taps and internal flush grinding of

orifice flanges during installation

* Preparation for all steam lines for steam flowing

* Monitoring of air blowing and Dry out of systems activities includes

preparation of lines, blow down and Restoration.

* Handling & supervision the skilled manpower executive the Flange Joint

Inspection activities as per requirements

* Review of Hydro test packages, Line checking and Punch listing

* Inspection of Gaskets, Valve installations and final Bolt torquing of

the completed piping line.

* Carrying Out Repairs of Joints after NDT.

* Review NDT reports from subcontractors and compile them for preparing

test packs

* Maintaining of safety and quality aspects.

* Inspection of Sand Blasting, Painting, As Per Approved Procedure &


* Assure all technical documents relative to site quality control are at

current status

* Prepare detailed records and reports of inspections conducted at the

site and maintain in the server of ICM ( Inspection control &


Company : RRB Energy Ltd, India

Customers: Reliance Industries limited-Vadodara

Vam Polymer, Gayath Industries, L&T, Bharat Forge,

Cethar vessels

Position : QA/QC Inspector

Duration : June 2006 to Oct 2008 ( 2 Years)

Job profile & Nature of Assignments

* Reviving the approved quality plans, manuals and scope of work to

perform the required inspection.

* Stage-wise inspection and fabrication of piping, structures and

installation of equipment.

* Preparation of hydro test packages as per P&ID, Isometric drawings,

hydrostatic drawings and all related documents.

* Quality check on the materials and installation as per the quality

specifications/ client quality standards and requirements.

* Material Inspection of high tensile, mild steel plates and angles as

per EN 10025:S355JO, IS 2062 Grade B respectively.

* Ultrasonic Testing (UT) of plates and angles for Lamination checking.

Mechanical and Charpy test witnessing, test result interpretation and


* Progressing Quality control Activities in machined, fabricated and

Casted items.

* Machining item Inspection: Main shaft, Yaw finger, Claw beam, Support


* Fabrication items: Tower materials Inspection

* Casted items: Yaw tops, Main bearing housing and blade hubs.

* Preparing and implementing inspection schedule as per requirement of

project offered by various vendors throughout India.

Codes & Standards Used While Inspection:

* ASME 31.3



* API 510, API 570

* ANSI Codes

* ASME B 16.5


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