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Project Engineer

Maryland Heights, MO
February 28, 2015

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Mohan K. Sanodia

****, ******** **** **, ********** Apt,109,

Maryland Heights, M) 63043

E-mail ID: -

Mobile : +1-31-475*****, +1-425-***-****


Total 10+ Year of Experience in Video Surveillance Domain.

Two Year of Overseas Experience Working in Korea.

Expertise in End to End Surveillance Product Development & Delivery on time to market.

Good team Player, Mentor, Communicator and Leader.

Six Sigma Certified-Green Belt

Expertise included:

Requirement Analysis,HLD & LLD design Doc as per VOC.

Good Knowledge of SDLC life Cycle & Various Phase Involved in development.

Extensive Experience on Streaming Protocols for Audio/Video Streaming.

Platform/Middleware development.

Linux OS customization, Linux Kernel & device driver’s development.

Linux boot customization –initrd/initramfs.

Linux scripting and Boot scripts customization.

Board Bring Up.

Good Knowledge of Audio & Video Codec.


O Good in System Integration-End to End Product Development.

Recording & Playback Module.

Technical Skills

Languages : C, C++, Cradle DSE Assembly coding.


Scripting Languages - Bash Shell Programming, makefiles, TCL & Perl/TK.

Video Codec - H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG. (Also, Have Exposure to Audio & Speech Codec).

Version system: CVS, SVN.

OS: GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, fedora), windows.

Tools: Stream Analyzer, Ethereal, Hex-Editor, DOORs, HP-QC,CIC,Protext.

Hardware: PowerCP-8356,TI-DM6467,Cradle MDSP Chip(3400 & 3616),

TI8127, Amberalla S2 .

Performance/Memory leak Tool: Oprofiler, Valgrind & Kmemleak.

Exposure : LTE, L2/L3 layer Protocol.


Master of Engineering in Electronics with computer as Specialization from Government College of

engineering, Pune, in year 2004.

Bachelor in Engineering from Shri Guru Gobind Singji College of engineering, Nanded.

Professional Experience (IT Experience)

Chief Engineer in Samsung Research India, Bangalore from 9th of April 2012 to till Date.

Senior R&D Engineer for Samsung Techwin, South Korea, from 9th Feb-2010 to 29th Feb-2012.

Lead Engineer for Video-COE, GE-Security Team, Hyderabad, from 9th Oct 2006 to 30th Jan 2010.

Software Engineer in Cradle Technologies, Pune, from July–2004 to September.

Job Responsibilities in SAMSUNG RESEARCH INDIA-Bangalore:

Project 1: 5MP Fisheye Surveillance Camera Software development on

TI8127/Ambarella S2



Role : Architect,Designer,Coder.

SRS,HLD & LLD development & getting approved from HQ.

Job include board bring Up activities, ISP algorithm, Software Platform porting. In platform, include

support for 5MP. In addition, Includes Porting of kernel image & root file system. Device Drivers


Support for various standard & proprietary protocols for Streaming.

Also WebViewer development for the project. Supports various view modes like

Panorama,Rectangle,fisheye etc. Also Integration & Optimization of Vision library.

Develop Input Core layer, which interact, with DSP McFW. Developed the framework. Also Sensor

Configuration for fps modification.

The Board bring up included Pin Muxing, Memory Configuration for Linux and also developed event &

Alarm derivers for network & SD Card detection.

Added Support for 5MP Mjpeg streaming by upgrading RTP Protocol.

Unicast & Multicast Streaming Support.VPTZ implementation for Various Supported Views Mode.

Developed Firmware Upgrade tool & EVT Driver.

Defect Management & Fixing & reporting to TOP Management.

Handled the Record & Playback Module efficiently.

CGI1.0/CGI2.0 Support added for Compatibility with Various devices.

Exposure to Onvif 2.0 using Milestone & Mirasys Software.

Good In debugging & analyzing the crash issues using gdb.

Weekly Meeting with Counterpart & Releases on time.

Project 2: AVI recording Implementation for IP Camera

Language: C++

Platform: Linux

Role : Architect,Designer,Coder.

These projects include the support for AVI recording in IP camera, which can be played by all generic

players. The Responsibilities include here is developing an SRS,design doc(HLD,LLD) & its

implementation & Coding. Also, checking the feasibility & study of existing recording module. This

recording happens in SD card.The last Phase was Unit Testing.

Also, Integrating & Porting the Support in existing fi rmware.

Project 3: RTSP client Implementation in Web browser for IP camera.

Language: C++

Platform: Windows

Role : Mentor,Lead

The role includes mentoring the team of 2 people for its implementation. The features supported

include RTCP, TCP, UDP & https for streaming. Also 2 way audio communication over RTSP

(proprietary).Plus event exchange, metadata etc.

Job Responsibilities in SAMSUNG Techwin-Korea:

Project Title: RTSP Receiver implementation & Integration in NVR(Network Video


Language: C++, STL.

Platform: Linux.

Role: Designer,Coder.

Responsible for implementation of RTSP/RTP streaming using Live555 & integration with the NVR.

Also to provide a framework to support legacy devices & proprietary protocols for streaming the

video from various supported codec cameras to NVR for triplex operation (Live, Recording &

Playback). Also, developed middleware modules for NVR. Worked on static & dynamic library linkage.

Integration of network module to the system. Stream Parsing for various codec header for

data/information, required for system (maki ng PES header).

Use of POSIX thread library, & STL for coding.

NAL unit implementation for H264-ES for streaming using RTSP/RTP at transmitter end.

Integrated Axis Camera to NVR.

Implemented streaming of Mpeg4, MJPEG & H264 over RTP to NVR.

Implemented & integrated RTSP transmitter (server) in DVR for Streaming of Video/Audio to

iPhone over wireless network.

Oprofiler.Tool used to check for CPU idle 0 in NVR.

Valgrind, Memory Tested for NVR.

TRAC,Defect management tool.

Project Title: Memory leak detection for the NVR firmware.

-Download & Cross-compiled the valgrind for freescale PowerPC-8536.

-Run the Valgrind on target firmware on the device & did memory leak test.

Project Title: XFS file system Integration.

-Integrated the XFS file system for storage of real time video data in NVR. Integrated the new kernel from

montavista & did system level modifications.

Project Title: Kernel, BSP & Device Driver.

Worked on kernel version 2.6.30 & 2.6.32 used in DVR & NVR respectively. The responsibilities include

building the kernel image (with new patch) & upgrading it on board. Involved in debugging of device drivers

for issue reported from customer.

ATA drivers, PCI & SCSI drivers.

Familiar with smartctl & hdparm,hdd tools.

Device Drivers for hardware info, buzzer, alarm,eeprom(at24c256),Fan Module & its Integration.

Job Responsibilities in GE,IIC Hyderabad:

Leaded a team of three people, responsible for Development of Network Protocol (i.e. SymProtocol)

& the development of firmware code.

Project Details:

1. Title: Development of Proprietary Protocol for Communication used in DVRs

Responsilities include development of SymProtocol for Live/Recorded stream to client application &

its control.

Responsibilities also include development of logic for backward password verification, watermarking

etc for Live/Recorded video data & integration it with firmware.

In addition, coding for fragmentation & packetisation of encoded A/V stream for streaming over

IP.Packetisation header includes pack, system & program map header. Moreover, then streaming

using RTP as per MTU size. In addition, Addition of start & end chunk header to the stream.

The video compression used is MPEG4 (Simple & ASP) & for audio is, G.711 & G723 (speech-codec)

and the resolution supported are CIF, 2CIF, D1 for NTSC/PAL.

Developed a Utility which separate Audio & video data from IP program stream. In addition, it

analyses video data for profile, resolution, bit rate, metadata & loss of frames. For audi o, it tests for

sampling rate, frame & bit rate.

Responsibilities also include measurement of video for Blockiness, Jitter, latency, ghost & artifacts.

2. Title: Exposure

1. Mpeg4 bit stream syntax.

2. Program Stream & TS stream analysis.

3. Thread programming (POSIX Thread).

Job Responsibilities in Cradle Technologies, Pune:

1. Title: Involved in Implementation of Scalable Rate Control for H.264

Team Size: Two

Operating System: Windows

Language: C

Role: Coder & Individual Contributor.


This Project Implement Scalable Rate controls for H264 Encoder.

Each Encoded Frame of Video generates variable number of Bits. In order to transmit Variable bit rate on

CBR Channel buffering provided at both Encoder & Decoder end. The rate control module takes care such

that there should not be an Overflow and underflow at decoder & tries to achieve uniform quality by

dynamically adjusting Quantization step. The scalable rate control and frame level lookup table based

algorithms implemented.

The various phases were to implement rate control algorithm In reply to modified JM reference C code.

Later implementing in C code. The final phase was coding, integration & testing.

In addition, I carried out testing for different video sequences of different resolution fo r Variable Bit rate &

determination of tradeoffs between bit rate & video quality.

2. Title: Implementation of PMVFAST motion algorithm for H.264 codec.

This algorithm implemented for prediction of Motion estimation & then compensation of macro block to

achieve compression i.e. exploitation of temporal redundancy. The algorithm involved the LDS & SDS logic

based on the SAD computed. Implemented for the modes (16x16, 16x8, 8x16, and 8x8) & for full pel


Achievement :

Best Employee Award for 5MP Fisheye Camera Project.

Received Numerous client appreciation Mail.

Resolved many Technical issues during Execution Phase


Mohan k.Sanodia

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