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Chief Technology Officer, Computer, Software & Electronics Engineer

Farmersville, TX, 75442
February 28, 2015

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Douglas E Shelton

Summary of Qualifications

**** ** ***, ************, ** 75442

Cell: 214-***-****, (Home) 214-***-****


Professional Objectives:

I have been involved with semiconductor memory product development in

discrete and embedded applications with a focus on test over the past 25

years. In that time I have developed a rich set of peripheral skills far

beyond the narrow focus my experience would suggest. Most all of these

were developed out of a need to solve serious and consequential problems

facing the companies I have served to great effect and success. I want to

broaden my career by applying some or all of these skills to advance

cutting edge technologies in computer applications, network infrastructure

or firmware development; even if it is cutting edge using trailing edge

products. I love to develop IP, the thrill of discovery and the drive to

make good products better motivate me, but it is the ability to explore a

problem space and develop a practical solution that is my most defining

trait. Admittedly, most of my accomplishments have been at the individual

level but it was those few I had as a contributor that brought the most

satisfaction and it is this desire to be a part of something special that I

most crave.

Professional Summary:

. 7 years of experience in Military Memory product engineering including

device test, product specification reviews and reliability screening

for sub-5 DPPM in DRAM, EEPROM, VRAM and SRAM.

. 16 years of experience in automotive Flash test engineering and HIREL

(High Reliability) screening for sub-5 DPPM testing.

. 24 years of experience in ACAD drafting and product load board

development for HIREL test at Ultra High Frequencies including 'B-C-B'

double strip line load boards.

. 15 years developing Windows and LINUX applications. Proficiency with

GCC and Microsoft Visual Studio VC6 through VC2012 using the Windows

SDK and MFC, Intel assembly language, C and Visual C++ Window

Manager design. Authored the Trellis API Framework under COM+, C to

C++ OOP game conversion, professional UI and UX application and test

development programming with some Java .

. Combined 24 years combined experience using Teradyne F750, J973, J937,

Genesis II and III, Maverick, and Magnum and TI M16C memory ATE

running Unix (SunOS), LINUX, Windows XP and HPUX.

. 2 years of experience in advanced Complex Programmable Logic Device

system design for automated tester subsystems and BOT (Bolt On Test)

Engine design for SOC (System On Chip). ATE external resource

development and integration.

. Network VPN server construction and deployment to 10 clients on two


. Developed, constructed and deployed a hands-free LINUX PXE disaster

recover server for 3 Windows clients embedded on a network across 2

network nodes.

. Web site development using HTML, XML, CSS3, PHP5 and JavaScript. Can

be viewed at

. Member Group Technical Staff with Texas Instruments, Inc.

. Two patents granted and one pending with TI, 3 new disclosures outside

of TI.

. Published one white paper and one technical paper to date.

Computer Skills: Accomplished Windows and X11 Application Developer.

Languages: Basic, Assembler, C/C++, Microsoft Visual C++ (SDK, MFC),

Java, HTML. XML, PHP5, CSS3, JavaScript, PERL, PASCAL, OpenGL,


Platforms: UNIX, LINUX (RHEL, Debian and BSD), DOS, All WINDOWS

platforms, Servers, VMWare Multi OS platform management, computer


Test Platforms: TI M16C, some VLCT; Teradyne j937, j973, Flash750; Megatest

Genesis II, Genesis III, Pegasus; Nextest Maverick 1, Maverick 2,

and Magnum; HP 82000, HP 83000

Work Experience:

Unified Test & Development, Inc. - Founder and Chief Tech Officer (Aug 2013

- Present).

- Created Embedded LINUX PXE disaster recovery system.

- Maverick ATE upgrades from Windows XP / Visual C++ 6 to Windows 7 /

Visual Studio 2012. Rewrote all PERL startup scripts and performed

all MFC test program project migration to the newer compiler version.

- Created Trellis multi OS API framework under the Windows SDK with

some MFC COM+ servers plus Motif for LINUX and Unix COM+ servers.

- Created ImmIX , worlds first Automated Test Equipment cross platform

User Interface for program compilation and Web access including mobile


- Building company website using HTML, CSS3, PHP5, MySQL and JavaScript.

- Firmware development to convert static contact boards to active test

appliances to extend Automated Test Equipment functional performance.

- Authored 2 papers for submission to the TestVision 2020 conference for

presentation at SEMICON West in San Francisco mid July 2015 (chops


- Handle all technical and strategic planning for the company's products

and services.

Texas Instruments, Inc. - Development Test Engineer (Sept 1997 - Dec 2012).

- Worked all front end Flash test development for automotive from 180nm

through 65nm. Responsible for developing <5 DPPM DRL qualification


- Worked some 120nm and 90nm SRAM issues pointing to design bugs that

required correction when previous attempts to uncover were


- Developed Accumulation Bitmap application for analog memory


- Wrote all C/Visual C++ engineering test programs and support


Stacktec, Austin TX - Memory Product Engineer (Jan 1997 - Sept 1997)

- Worked all memory product lines for stacked memories including SSRAM,

SDRAM, SRAM, TAG RAMS and DRAMS. Wrote all test programs.

- Performed system management for all testers required to test these


- Performed lot accept/reject test development and disposition of


Teradyne, Inc. San Jose CA - Applications Test Engineer (Jan 1996 - Aug


- Worked as an Applications Test Engineer using Megatest Testers for

various customers including Austin Semi, Intel and ST Micro


- Development and Maintenance of Test programs.

Austin Semiconductor, Inc. - HIREL Product Engineer (Jun 1994 - Jan 1996)

- Worked to up-screen and release new products to military memory


- Develop memory product solutions for sockets that required obsolete

memory technology (A Leader of Trailing Edge HIREL Technology).

- Performed all reliability screening, lot accept test development, QA

screening and package testing of all memory SRAMS, VRAMS, EEPROMS and


Texas Instruments, Inc. - HIREL Memory Test Technician (Sept 1989 - Jun


- Worked to up-screen and release new products to military memory


- Performed all reliability screening, lot accept test development, QA

screening and package testing of 256K, 1Meg and 4Meg memory VRAMS and



High School Diploma, Lakeview High School, Decatur, Il. - 1979

Some college for Electronic Engineering at Cleveland Institute of

Electronics - 1984

REFERENCES: Upon Request.

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