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3D Modeler, Animation, Character, Vehicle, Environment, Asset design

Belmont, CA
February 27, 2015

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Jeff Rianda



To show that I am an Artist who can achieve results beyond what you hope for. Most of all I want to be able to really contribute and be a valued member of a project again. To have my work on a project be invaluable to it’s success. I’m anxious to get back to that on a regular basis, hoping you can see benefit that m y desire c ould be to the work I could be doing for you.


Contract Artist ( Since 2009 )

Working for various companies, N amco Networks, Iwin, I nnovative Leisure,and some others. Assistance with conceptual work, 3-D modeling or animation. Casual Gaming work that needed help to be completed well and on time. Creating

characters that add to a games quality. Using new tools such as Unity as well as brief exposure to other tools to complete a project has been a benefit.

Namco Hometek ( American Development division for Japanese Game company. 3 + years. 2 games, and 9 months exploratory work )

Lead in game level design and development of an entire environments. Concerns of these environments were polygon counts and texturing using Lightwave, Softimage, Photoshop and various proprietary tools. Platforms involved were PS l and then PS ll. Started working with PS III, conceptually. Vehicle design, creation and animation of action characters during game proposal phases using Maya .

PressStart, Inc. ( Small company, 1 and 1/2 years. 1 game for EA and 4 or 5 months of product proposal work. )

Three dimensional modeling and animation of continuous skin models. Model hierarchy optimization, facial animation/expressions, texture mapping. Keyframed animation and editing of motion capture data using Alias-Wavefront. Cinematic creation.

Universal Digital Arts ( New start up company for Universal Studios. 1 and years . A lot of start up work. 1 game . )

Game level concept development and implementation. Design and creation of high detailed, three dimensional, pre-rendered backgrounds using 3-D Max and Lightwave, with Photoshop. Creation and animation of low-poly characters that

interact in a high detailed, three dimensional, p re-rendered background.

Accolade Inc . ( Medium size game publisher. 7 + years . 6 games, most of which I was the main artist. As well as assisting other teams to complete their games )

Artistic design and production of entertainment software. Two and three dimensional modeling and animation for real-time poly-driven games, side-scroller games, etc. Explored new technologies and tools for the company. An evolution of in-house proprietary tools were used. 3-D Studio 4, Max, Softimage, Alias, Photoshop and were some of the other standard packages used at the time. Created cinematic for game proposals. Illustration and design work for publication. Most of my work was in three dimensional modeling and keyframe animation.

Abilities and Tools:

-Photo-Realistic Illustration.

-Experience in the design and creation of various Characters, Creatures, Vehicles and Environments.

-A long history of three dimensional modeling and texturing at various levels of detail.

-Preparing Characters for animation and then animating them using key frames, IK or motion-capture.

-Learning, Re-learning, interpreting and mixing various software tools to achieve the goal of getting out

quality art work for whatever was needed to finish the game.

The following are what I’ve used and still use when and if I need to.

Lightwave 11.5, 3-D Studio Max 2010, Maya 2010

Years of Photoshop, Premier Elements, Premier Pro, Encore,

Softimage, Alias / Wavefront, Autodesk Mudbox, Illustrator, Flash CS5 Unity

Various in-house proprietary tools over the years

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