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Sql Server Project

San Francisco, CA
February 27, 2015

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Swarna Karthik




. Over 8+ years of extensive experience in the IT industry, Involved in

all Phases of Project life Cycle (SDLC) -Analysis, Design, Development,

Testing, Documentation and Maintenance of Web Applications with the

extensive knowledge of project life cycle and related process. Certified

Microsoft Professional in Web applications using C# and SQL server.

. Good experience in developing Web based application using Microsoft.NET

technologies including Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, C#, VB.Net, ADO.NET,

Entity Framework, Linq, XML, Web Services, WCF, IIS7.0/6.0.

. Have experience working in MVVM and MVC pattern.

. Experience with working on applications using Multi-Tiered Architecture,

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

. Experience in Web Technologies like XML, XSLT, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3,

JavaScript, JQuery, JSON and AJAX.

. Have knowledge in JavaScript frameworks like JQuery, Angular.js

. Experienced in using Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005/2003 Technologies.

. Designed dynamic web applications and websites using HTML, CSS and

ASP.NET (UI pages, Web Services, Data binding to Business Logic Layers

and Data Access Layers, Master Pages and Themes)

. Experience in implementing WCF services/Web services.

. Experience in writing Stored Procedures using both TSQL for Microsoft

SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 and also PL/SQL for Oracle 9i.

. Have experience in working with Ajax Control Toolkit.

. Knowledge of unit testing, NUnit testing.

. Used Version Controlling tools such as Visual Source Safe (VSS) and Team

Foundation Server (TFS).

. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


. B.Tech Information Technology from SRM Eswari Engg College.


. MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) in Web applications C#.Net.

. MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) in SQL Server 2000.


Programming Languages C#.NET 3.0/ 2.0, VB.Net, C, C++, SQL

Microsoft Technologies NET Framework 4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.x,

ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight 3.0, XAML,

ADO.NET, Web Services, WCF,LINQ,

Web Technologies HTML/HTML5, XML, CSS/CSS3, Java Script,

JQuery, JQuery UI, JSON, AJAX

Web Servers IIS 7.0/6.0

Databases SQL Server 2008/2005/2000,Oracle 9i,

Microsoft Access

Version Control Team Foundation Server 2010/2008/2005,

Visual Source Safe(VSS), SVN

Tools Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008/2005, SQL

Server Management Studio, SQL Server

Reporting Services(SSRS), Crystal Report,

Entity Framework, Fiddler, Reflector,

Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Office

2007/2003/2000, Quality Centre, JMeter,



Wells Fargo, Fremont,


May 2014 - Till Date

Project: Moody's Risk Analyst

Role: Programmer Analyst

Moody's Risk Analyst (MRA) is a web-based, vendor-supplied, spreading and

analysis tool used to generate reports showing the historical and projected

financial performance of a business. The information consists of calculated

financial results in the form of a balance sheet, profit and loss

statement, ratios, cash flow and other financial reports used in credit

risk analysis. Also involved in creating MRA Interfaces for retrieving the

list of MRA files using service calls.


. Worked on MRA vendor package to fix issues raised in JIRA using


. Worked on POC creating MRA Interfaces using ASP.Net MVC framework,

JQuery, Angular.

. Experience working on WCF services for fetching MRA Files.

. Worked on the MRA templates changes using RAFTA.

. Worked on SQL queries, Views, Functions and Stored procedures.

. Used JMeter for Web Service performance testing.

. Used TFS server for version controlling of developed source code.

Environment: ASP.Net, C#.NET, .Net 4.0, JIRA, WCF, Web services, MVC,

HTML, CSS, JSON, JQuery, Angular JS, SQL Server, RiskAnalyst 6.2, Oracle

11g, RiskAnalyst Financial Template Authoring language (RAFTA), JMeter,

RoboHelp, DynaTrace, Splunk, SVN, TFS

PG&E, California CA

Dec 2012 - Mar 2013

Project: SmartView

Role: .Net Developer

SmartView is a Web based exception handling tool for PG&E's SmartMeter

application which used to capture PG&E customer's Electric and Gas related

exceptions. Smart meter is an electrical meter that records consumption of

electric energy in intervals of an hour or less and communicates that

information at least daily back to the utility for monitoring and billing



. Developed core functionality with the ASP.NET MVC Framework

. Created Model classes which act as data container to hold data from /

to Database.

. Created DAL (Data Access Layers) to establish database connectivity

and data manipulation.

. Implemented LINQ for querying, sorting, filtering the complex objects.

. Created ASP.Net MVC Controller and action to handle the incoming


. Created Views which represent the SmartView UI.

. Implemented JQuery for client side sorting and validations.

. Experience implementing AJAX calls to retrieve JSON data.

. Created Queries and stored procedures for the System using SQL Server.

. Involved in testing and debugging and performed thorough unit testing.

. Used Team Foundation server for version controlling of developed

source code.

Environment: ASP.Net MVC, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, AJAX, WCF, C#,

JSON, SQL Server, SSRS, Team Foundation Server

Target Corporations, Minneapolis MN Dec 2010

- Dec 2011

Project: Field Assessment Tool (FAS-T)

Role: .Net Developer

The Field Assessment Tool (FAS-T), is an application used for the online

and offline collection of task-related data from Target Team Members. Used

primarily overseas by Target Sourcing Services (TSS), Target Compliance and

Production Services (TCPS) and Assets Protection (AP), FAS-T consists of

Activity Management (the way people know what work needs to be done), Forms

(the mechanism for collecting specific data related to a task), and a back

end process for processing data (Submission Processor).


. Interacted with the business Analyst to analyze their requirements and

demonstrate the developed application.

. Developed web application using MVC pattern.

. Created Master Page and styles to maintain uniformity throughout the


. Client side validations are done using JQuery.

. Created Queries and stored procedures for the System using SQL Server.

. Involved in testing and debugging and performed thorough unit testing.

. Used Team Foundation server for version controlling of developed

source code.

Environment: ASP.Net MVC, JQuery, AJAX, WCF, C#, JSON, SQL Server, SSRS,

SharePoint, Team Foundation Server

Wolters Kluwer, New York, NY April

2009 - Nov 2010

Project: CCH-LIS hCue Refresh

Role: .Net Developer

hCue is an existing corporate records management and board solutions

provider system. As a central repository for corporate records, CT's hCue

allows to store all necessary files in a host of file formats, in a secure

environment. It also gives document management capabilities to maintain

greater control of corporate documents, and its collaborative workspace

helps groups of stakeholders (e.g., members of the Board, senior

management, etc.) to collaborate and sign-off on documents.

Also it is the only Web-based records management tool with electronic SEC

reporting and filing. The aim of the project is re-designing the corporate

governance application to provide better user experience, to provide both

front-end and back-end changes (e.g. data model, security model), advanced

security features and Performance Improvement through the new technologies.


. Design and Development of UI and related client logic using MVVM

pattern in C#.

. Involved in Waterfall software development methodology

. Responsible for the analysis of the requirements of the business and

Prepared Use case and wireframes for each requirement.

. Involved in analyzing the legacy application and preparing Technical

documents for major functionalities.

. Created UI controls, panels, layouts and Data Binding using XAML .

. Created C# library to hold business entities and data repository

classes used to access database for the developed module.

. Created WCF service application to expose business entities to

Silverlight application.

. Created Tables, Views and stored procedures using Sql Server.

. Used Linq to Objects for easier data manipulation from collection.

. Performed unit testing using Nunit scripts.

. Interacted with the Onsite lead for requirement

gathering/clarifications and status meeting.

. Monitored the Quality centre for defects and worked closely with the

Testers to resolve the same.

Environment: - Silver light, XAML, WCF, LINQ,, C#, .Net Framework,

SQL SERVER, Visio, Telerik Controls, Oracle, Quality Centre, Nunit

Wolters Kluwer, New York, NY Aug

2007 - Mar 2009

Project: CCH-LIS hCue Production Support

Role: Software Engineer

hCue is a Web-based corporate governance system with an integrated SEC e-

filing module. It's a holistic system that collects all the corporate

records into a single source, helping the user to retrieve and analyze

data, and create reports. It helps the user to manage all vital information

for entities, management and ownership structure with hCue's Corporate

Record Management tools. Discover new efficiencies for creating reports and

distributing consistent, accurate information to users across the

Corporation and the Private Companies. Once the company records are entered

into hCue, user can store, revise, share, and retrieve corporate

information with ease. It is the front end for capturing the Company

Records from the customers.


. Supported and enhanced the existing business applications to ensure

application requirements and business needs are met.

. Reviewed production problems, identifies issues and works to resolve


. Escalated work if cannot solve them independently

. Collaborates within team to discuss issues and resolutions.

. Provided Status report for the production Issues

. Writes moderate to highly complex code, based on the translations of

functional requirements and unit tests code to ensure proper

functionality for business use

. Developed User controls using ASP.Net and C# and used them dynamically

in the web pages.

. Used CSS, HTML and JavaScript for UI development.

. Experience working with Infragistics control library for DataGrid


. Worked with Script Manager and Update Panel in AJAX Server Control to

develop the GUI.

. Extensively used ADO.NET with XML to get advantage of disconnected

data programming using Technologies (Dataset, Data Adapter, Data

Reader and Data Table).

. Created the Views and Stored Procedures using Oracle.

. Involved in Defect fixing.

. Provided Production Support to resolve the real time customer issues.

. Handled production issues involving real-time application problems.

. Involved actively with Business people to get the issues for the end-

user and fixed.

Environment: - C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, .Net Framework & Oracle,

Infragistics controls

Wolters Kluwer, New York, NY Jan

2006 - Jul 2007

Project: CaseVault

Role: Software Engineer

CT Summation CaseVault is a subscription-based hosting service that lets

you collaborate securely and successfully on a reliable, neutral Web site.

This project allows you to efficiently organize, Review and analyze case

information, and create production sets for use online or offline. It also

allows searching, editing, retrieving and collaborating on Scanned/imaged

discoverable documents, eDocuments and email, OCR, Production sets,

Transcripts, Notes, Work product.


. Analyzing the functional requirements of the system with regard to

changes required in the existing application and preparing design

documents for the enhancements.

. Involved in defect fixing for the requirements using and sql.

. Tracked the production defects using Quality Center.

. Co-ordinate with the Testing Team to resolve the defect fix.

. Created VB.Net component for exporting case data into dii format.

. Experience working with Telerik RadTree control for selecting the case

for exporting.

. Involved actively with Business people to get the issues for the end-

user and fixed.

Environment: - C#.NET, VB.Net, ASP, ASP.NET and Sql Server

US Merchant Systems, Chennai, India Jun 2005

- Dec 2005

Project: MSP in a Box - Enrolment

Role: Software Engineer

The objective of this project is to convert a lead(Customer) into a

merchant by processing the merchant application. This process involves with

six major stages. Those are Data Entry, Pre Quality Assurance, Pre

Underwriting, Underwriting, Account Activation, and Quality Assurance. Data

access policy has been implemented for viewing and modifying the merchant

application. Pre Underwriting and Underwriting stages are playing a vital

role in this project because in this stage only applications can be

approved, rejected, shopped out or Shadow underwrite. In Account Activation

stage the merchant account will be activated. Reports has been generated

for Deals at different stages, to see the pending deals, Shopped out and

Rejected deals, Deals that met the Service Level Agreement, Stage wise

average time taken for deals and Deals submitted and Closed. The enrollment

process module includes USMS to merchant inventory transactions, Merchant

Application Creation, Pre Q.A, Pre Underwriting, Underwriting, Account

Activation, Stip Creation, Stip Update, Stip Close and Post Q.A


. Extensive use of ASP.NET for front end UI development.

. Involved in database design, writing Store Procedures, Functions.

. Project developed using 3 tier architecture Presentation Layer,

Business Layer and Data Access Layer.

. Wrote code for database connectivity and execution of stored

procedures in SQL Server.

. Javascript was used for client side validations.

. Involved in Unit Testing and Bug Fixing.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, .Net Framework, JavaScrip, Sql Server

Net Vision Pvt Ltd, Chennai Nov 2003 -

May 2005

Project: Human Resources Management System

Role: Software Engineer

The Human Resources Management System computerizes the information

processing of the Human Resource Management process that is done within Net

Vision Pvt Ltd, Chennai. It encompasses all the stages starting from the

job orders, recruiting personnel, managing human resource and lead till

completion of project. It makes the work of HR department easier by

maintaining details of both the candidates and employees in a company. The

training and development for the employees is enhanced by keeping track of

each and every employee.


. Developing flowcharts and data flow diagrams of the system's


. Implemented business methods

. Designing and implementing business functionalities.

. Created several user controls in ASP.Net and code behind with C#.

. Created UML diagrams like activity diagrams, Sequence diagrams, Use

case diagrams etc.

. JavaScript was used for client side validations.

. Supported enhancements in VB.Net components.

. Involved in designing Web forms using server controls, validation,

user controls using asp.Net

. Involved in Unit Testing and bug fixing.

Environment: C#, ASP, VB.Net, ASP.NET, .Net Framework, JavaScript, Crystal

reports & Sql Server

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