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Plant Office

Shrewsbury, MA
February 27, 2015

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Prince Adubofour Sarpong

** ****** **., *** *

W orcester, MA 01607



B ili ngu a l C h e m is t r y/Bi o l og y S tud e nt

with excellent chemistry and biology lab skills with fluency in Twi (Ghana)

Labo rato ry an d Compu ter S kills

• • •

Atom ic Spectroscop y Gel electrophoresis Chem ical Kinetics

• Measurem ents

Isolation and anal ysis

CCD cam era im age

• Distillation

acquisition Optical instrum entation

• •

Cytoplasm ic RNA extraction Multi-step s ynthesis

Pure height anal yzers

• •

DNA extraction Good Laborator y Practices

Recom binant DNA technology

• •

Dissecting scope IR

Sim ple and differential

• •

Dissection of plant and Light Microscop y


• •

anim als TLC Sim ple Inorganic and Organic

• •

Crystallization Synthes is


• •

Melting point Microsoft Office

UV/VIS Spectrophotom etry

• •

Electron m icroscop y Bacterial Testing Curves

• •

GC Bacterial Testing of W ater

Laboratory Exp eri ence

Bio log y D ep a rt men t, W estf ield St at e Un ive rsit y, W estfield, MA J anu ar y 2 01 3 t o December,2014

L a b A ss i s tan t

• Adhere to OSHA guidelines for protective work place safety and health standards

• Maintain clean laborator y work space and sterilize glassware

• Properly c ollect and handle specim ens; Perform bacteria testing of sam ples to ens ure purit y of sam ple prior to

classroom use

• Im plem ent s ystem of organization for slide collection, sam ples and lab supplies to provide ease of access for future

us e

• Monitor aquaria water levels and rem ove harmful bacteria to m aintain ecos ystem

• Perform greenhouse m aintenance activities including watering plants, rem oving trash and tending to the plants

• Assist with adm inistrative duties including delivering m aterials to departm ents

E mpl o y m en t

T o l l Co ll e c t or, M ass . D epar t me n t o f T ra n spo r t a t io n, Wes tb or o u gh, M A M a y 2 01 3 t o P resent

O ff ic e A s s is t ant, T Ri O D ep a rtm en t, W es t f iel d S t a te U n iv er si t y, W estfield, MA J an . 2 01 1 t o J anu ar y 2 012

Shipp ing and Rec eiv ing, T JM axx ( Dist ribut ion C en ter), W orc es ter, MA J u l y 2 0 1 1 t o A ug us t 20 11

Sa nit at io n W ork er, S ain t Vin c en t Ho spit al, W orc ester, MA Marc h 200 8 to J un e 2 0 10

Edu cati on

W estf ield St at e Unive rsi ty, W estfield, MA May 2015

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies, Conc. in Chem istry, Math and Histor y

Minor in General Science

CPR/AED Certification February 2015 to February 2017


Member of Westfield State Men Soccer Team, 2012 – 2013

Member of Christian Fellowship Group 2013-Present

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