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Electrical Equipment

February 27, 2015

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**** ***** ******* ***. ****# 352-***-****

Inverness Fla. 34452


Interview for open position


April 2013- Present Bedrock Resources Ocala Fla.


Electrical Manager

Install and maintain substations medium voltage 12470/7200 three phase

Determine and install proper ground fault protection for 7200v power cable

to dragline in accordance with local code and MSHA CFR 30 for drag cable

Use high voltage(15000 volt) pot to determine if power cable has suitable


See that proper high voltage PPE is used at all times when handling high

voltage equipment

Help in locating dangerous cracks in floors that could endanger the drag

line operation

See that proper tag out and lock out procedure are followed

See that all safety guards are in place before equipment is operated

Have operated drag line for repair purposes

Have operated track hoes for the removal of material to install high voltage


Inspect equipment for proper guarding

Make sure the overload protection short circuit protection and wire are of

correct sizes for the equipment being powered

Trouble shoot 480v systems including motors, water pumps, crushers,

Diagnose problems and repair in a safe and timely manner

Using muiti. meters, meggers, various other diagnosing equipment

Trouble shoot and repair Dragline components including DC/AC

Controls, gen set motors, synchronize motors, 7200v systems

Wireless remote system Remtron,Tele radio ect.

Immediate supervisor:

Curtis Peters- 352-***-****

March 1995– April 2013 HANSON AGGREGATES Louisville Ky.

Electrician technical services

Responsible for trouble shooting and repair of electrical

Equipment for southern In. Ky. and south Ohio approx.23

Mining operation sites. These include two under ground operations.


Manage and schedule electrical contractors for various projects

Insure contractors have proper training and documentation that meet MSHA

requirements according to 30 CFR

Assist in the design of various electrical projects including proper equipment to

be used

Make sure that proper wire sizing over load protection short circuit protection

are in accordance with local codes and jurisdiction and are met by MSHA

regulations according to the 30 CFR Subpart K Electricity surface and


Design and draw one line diagram for electrical installations new installs and

old installations

Bring old installations up to current standards as describe by MSHA and local

codes including National Electric Code and NFPA

Equipment ordering with follow up to insure on time delivery dates are met

Trouble shoot 480v and 120v controls including electronic starting equipment,Variable Frequency Drives, ultra sonic level control, metal detectors, DC

controllers, belt scales, electromagnetic feed rate co ntrollers, install and

maintain automatic vehicle detection devices

Conduct investigations for failed safety devices on equipment that caused

bodily injury and equipment damage:


A maintenance mechanic was doing a shoe change on a vertical impactor

crusher the mechanic said he had locked the equipment out the day before the

mechanic went to the impactor crusher on the second day and was standing on

the flat rotating surface of crusher preparing to install new shoes when the plant

operator started the automatic start sequence for the plant the impactor crusher

started and the mechanic was tossed off hitting the ground and broke his leg I

was called in to see why the crusher had started it was determined that the lid

had a safety device in place to open the control circuit when the lid was opened

But further investigation determine that as long as the lid was opened and not

turned the safety device worked but the lid was turned to one side and let back

down this motion caused the safety device to go back to run mode it was also

determined if the mechanic would have followed the lock out tag out procedure

he would have seen his lock was not in place

Have experience in using man lifts for overhead electrical installations

Use front end loaders to move material in mining area for purpose of clearing


Operated haul units in mine area to haul a way over burden from mining

operation to make way for power poles to be installed

Have experience using high pot voltage meggers to determine condition of

power cables and motor windings

Make sure all electrical work is performed with proper personnel protection

equipment that conforms to NEC and NFPA rules and regulations

Hold tool box meetings at different locations for the proper use of tag out and

log out procedures and proper PPE to be used for different tasks

Conduct PM at various locations and document repairs made to equipment to

ensure proper function of equipment

Inspect electrical installs at various locations make repairs as needed and

document said repairs

Assist roof bolter in underground limestone mine to install hangers for electrical

power cable

Assist in the locating of underground ventilation fans for underground lime

stone mine

Install proper wiring sizes and over current protection and short circuit

protection for underground ventilation fans in accordance with MSHA

underground lime stone mining operation

Make sure that all guarding is in place on all equipment before operating

Assist in the hanging of ventilation curtains for lime stone underground mine to

properly move air in accordance with MSHA regulations

Conduct pre shift inspections on mobile equipment that will be used by me

Have class A CDL licenses can use welder and torch

Immediate supervisor:

Dave Morgan-937-***-****

Reason for leaving:

Health issues with my wife.

1986 Industrial Electric Versailles Vocational


1997 Allen Bradley intro. to PLC

1998 Benshaw training VFD, electronic soft starts(this is ongoing from time to


1999 Nec grounding

2006 2007 Hanson management training contact Lyle Hicks

2007 Metso Minerals crusher operation and maintenance

2007 Safepro Mine Safety and Health Institute

2008 NEC grounding and bonding, Arc flash training

Enjoy motorcycling, scuba diving, spending time with my wife


Retired Reserve Deputy Sheriff. First responder/ extrication team volunteer.

Other achievements

Contact Information:

Cell# 352-***-****


3321 south college ave

Inverness Fla. 34452








Bob Cheatham 704-***-****

Mike Stratton 812-***-****

Bill Davidson 941-***-****

Cover letter

My wife and I are from Ripley county Indiana we

moved to Florida on the advice of her doctor due to

health issues we got the health issues resolved and

wanting to move closer to Ripley County and I am

seeking employment in your area.

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