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Medical Manager

February 26, 2015

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0 v EPHRAIM D. LIVINGSTON PO Box 2661 850-***-**** (c 4***

h Land O Lakes, Florida 34638 813-***-**** (h)**P Experienced, manager, trainer and motivator of licensed professionals, para-professionals and administrative assistants; and licensed health care risk manager 5 i ***1 U Health Law● Administrative Law● Litigation● Government ●Regulation● Risk Management● E The Joint Commission● HIPPA ●Medical Staff Bylaws● NPDB● OPPE● FPPE●

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE p Largo Medical Center Director- Medical Staff Office**耀**!耀* 2010-2014 Provided management, leadership and guidance for the assessment, organization and coordination of credentialing information; ensuring the medical staff of over six hundred, adhered to current Medical Staff Bylaws, state and federal regulations, and complied with national accrediting agencies standards. My duties included, but were not limited to Served as a liaison ensuring Medical Staff applications, appointments, privileges, credentialing, and administrative support services for the medical staff, and appropriate health professionals were coordinated in a thorough, accurate and timely manner. **s 怀***Evaluated and identified requirements of the medical staff and potential medical staff members were in compliance with statutes, rules, procedures and bylaws. Ensured compliance with regulatory and accrediting agencies and bodies G Ensured the confidentiality of the medical staff committee records, were maintained at all times (i.e., credentials files, meeting minutes). Responsible for administrative schedules, medical staff meetings, assisted medical staff officers in complying with provisions of the Medical Staff Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. Ensured Medical Staff Office and credentialing program were in compliance with Medical Staff standards, The Joint Commission, legal and all regulatory and accrediting agency standards Z Maintained systems to identify (and disseminate to others) medical staff members and their clinical privileges, prepared and maintained other related records and reports. **r ڀ Developed and maintained policies regarding management, access and distribution of credentialing, privileging, and peer review information in accordance with record retention and confidentiality requirements. q Coordinated with quality department to ensure facilitation of ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE). **E Developed, managed and monitored projects as needed, periodically reporting progress and completion to stakeholders and senior management Coordinated medical staff disciplinary actions (i.e., ad hoc investigations). Facilitated due process and fair hearings in accordance with appeals policy, legal and regulatory requirements. ***R Planned, coordinated, managed, marketed, advertised and was responsible for all continuing medical education courses and programs for the organized medical staff. Assisted Senior leadership conducting annual Code of Conduct training for the entire facility G Department of Health Prosecution Services Unit **耀**!耀* **È***È** È* 2002-2010**耀***耀** 耀* ***8 _ *** ** * **È***È** È***耀**!耀* 2009-2010**耀***耀** 耀* ***Ҁ Negotiated and drafted legal documents and agreements on behalf of the department. Reviewed legal documents for compliance and consistency. Maintained confidential information. Drafted discovery and motions for the Division of Administrative Hearings; participated in expert and lay depositions, negotiated settlements and presented licensure discipline cases to the Florida Board of Medicine for final order action. Ü***Ü** Ü ** *** ** ***耀**!耀 耀*Section Manager-Medical Section**耀***耀** 耀* 2007- 2009**耀**!耀***ƀ Managed eighteen attorneys and twenty four staff members. Maintained a full individual litigation caseload and consistently met individual and section productivity goals. Trained and developed attorneys to become successful leaders and managers, while regulating licensed physicians and performing all phases of litigation before the Division of Administrative Hearings and the Board of Medicine T Ü***Ü** Ü* ** *** ** Litigation Team Leader **耀***耀** 耀***耀**!耀* 2003-2007**耀**!耀* Provided management, leadership, training and support for litigation attorneys and staff responsible for litigation of all health care providers licensed by the Department of Health 8*** f Chief Medical Board Prosecutor **È***È** È* 2002-2003**耀***耀** 耀 Presented all disciplinary cases to the Board of Medicine, a professional board appointed by the governor, while successfully working with the Attorney General’s Office, Board Staff and it’s executive director, as well as attorneys representing licensed medical professionals. **9 r EDUCATION AND LICENSURE***B Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University B. S. Political Science**耀***耀**!耀**"耀* 1993 **L Agency for Health Care Administration Licensed Health Care Risk Manager **耀***耀**!耀**"耀**#耀**$耀* 2014***O***

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